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50 Stunning Pixel Perfect PSD Freebies #3. Would You Eat That? The Secrets Of Successful Food Packaging Design. We all see it every day. That box, that wrapper, those bottles, jars, and cans. Food packaging is something that permeates our lives, and yet most people don’t ever stop to consider how it actually affects the decisions we make when we purchase our food. From the moment you make a selection in the store to the moment you get your groceries home and open them, food package designers have carefully engineered each step of your eating experience to make sure you make the choices that are right for you.

As designers, it’s always worth considering how others in different parts of the design industry tackle their own special problems and challenges. So today, we’ll be taking a “field trip” into the design process behind some of the industry’s most successful and effective food packaging designs. Confidence is Delicious Image Source Here’s a little experiment you can try the next time you’re shopping for food at the store: pick a packaged item. Smile For the Camera Image Source Image Source. iOS icon corner radii. When designing app icons for iOS it’s useful to know the corner radius for each size to preview it correctly – even though the exported png needs to have sharp corners.

This is why I include the radius size on the Icon Reference Chart and a mask layer on the OS Illustrator Template. These sizes are rounded up to the nearest pixel though, and when David Barnard of AppCubby consulted Louie Mantia (former Apple, Square, and Iconfactory designer) he found the true sizes: Apple starts with the 57px icon and a radius of 10 then scales up or down from there. Thus you can calculate the radius for any icon size using 10/57 x new size (for example 10/57 × 114 gives 20, which is the proper radius for a 114px icon). Here is a list of the most commonly used icons, proper naming conventions, pixel dimensions, and corner radii.

This means that the correct radius measurements are as follows: Compare the 2 corners in this image, and you can see that it is different. 26 Free Adobe Photoshop Similar and Alternative Software. EmailShare 22EmailShare Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful image editing programs around. However not everyone is willing to pay for it especially if all one need to do is basic image editing job.

That could be the reasons why you can see there are so many Photoshop similar programs out there for free download. These digital image softwares can perform most of the basic Photoshop jobs such as image manipulating, transforming, adding filters and effects as well as file formats converting. So, which is the best Photoshop alternative software? Gimp The GIMP is the GNU image manipulation program. Photo! is a free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows.

Photoplus With PhotoPlus, you can edit, enhance, and organise your entire image collection. Photoscape Photoscape is a fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos. Pixia Pixia is a popular Japanese painting and retouching software. Share. Photoshop App for iPad How to Use Instruction. Let’s continue getting acquainted with Adobe Photoshop Touch app for iPad. Don’t forget to read the two previous parts: Photoshop for iPad: How to Use Application Guide and Photoshop for iPad: How to Use Application Guide. Part 2. How to Edit Images Photoshop for iPad is a nice application designed to edit images.

We’ll start with a cropping tool. Curves and Levels let users improve the photo’s exposure. Photoshop for iPad has tools for colors, shadows, highlights and saturation manipulations. How to Add Text and Draw Adobe Photoshop Touch app for iPad features tools to work with text and drawing. We can’t compare them with tools offered by full desktop Photoshop though. When users want to add and position text, they can select any of 29 fonts, various colors and scaling. How to Share Your Work Photoshop for iPad let’s people share their pictures and drawings via Facebook and email. Airprint option is available as well. Conclusion The $9.99 iPad app looks cool and is truly intuitive. 25+ Fabulous Photoshop Tutorials For Brilliant Photo Effects. Now days the process of learning Photoshop tutorial has become very easy way on the web. With Photoshop Photo effects you can change your normal image to professional and interesting photo artwork.

Whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer or web designer, professional or not, if you’re looking for Photoshop tutorials that are enjoyable and simple, and most prominently, if you’re looking for tutorials that actually teach you Photoshop, not just hand you recipes for effects or a bunch of steps and filter settings to memorize, you’ll find them below. Here we have rounded up “25+ Fabulous Photoshop Tutorials For Brilliant Photo Effects” you can create your own simple image into masterpiece even today, hope you will enjoy! Humdrum Photos Into Cinematic Portraits Dance Photo Manipulation Vector Composite Effect Beautiful Lady Effect Flaming Photo Manipulation Sparkling Fantasy Photo Rays Of Light To A Photo Dead Zone Blur Streaks Effect Mapping A Texture To A Face In Photoshop Selective Sepia.

25 Detailed Web Layout PSD Templates. Adobe Photoshop is an essential tool for all web designers. It gives you all of the features and freedom you need for designing beautiful, responsive web layouts. As well as being able to create your own designs, you can also download free, pre-designed web design PSD (Photoshop format) templates. And these are a great starting point for businesses or designers that are in a hurry or are operating on a small budget, or a fantastic method and opportunity for a novice web developer to learn new web design techniques. Covering all of the most popular web layout types and styles, in this collection we have collated 50 free, fully-layered and well-organized web design Photoshop PSD templates that have not only been designed with the latest web design trends in mind but are also so detailed and professional you just won’t believe they are free to download.

But, do you know what, they all are! Creative Digital Agency Website Template (Photoshop PSD) Merkury Web Template (Photoshop PSD)


Icons. Illustrations | Vector Illustrations. Illustrations displayed on are the two dimensional representation of the compositions of design elements made by professional illustrators. These illustrations were created to provide all the visual excitement you want for an attractive, professional website. Illustration art is used often for commercial purposes and it can be conceptual, abstract or realistic in its style. Our Illustrations are also available in .ai format. A Vector Illustration is key for printing. Since the vector illustrations are made from a series of mathematical curves they will print very crisply even when resized.

You can enlarge a vector illustration to billboard size and keep the same crisp quality. All of our Illustrations have unique designs and meet high standards of quality. Note that to make any changes to an illustration you need to purchase the package which contains the source files of the illustration. Create an Animated 3D Bar Chart/Graph. The Truematter team was recently tasked with creating a fun, sexy web app that presents numerical data in an engaging way. After putting our heads together, we came up with a bar chart that responds interactively to user input without, heaven forbid, reloading any pages. We’re very pleased to be able to share that with the coding community. There are some CSS tricks involved, a dose of jQuery, and some graphic magic, but when we’re done with this tutorial, we’ll have a beautifully interactive chart that you can customize to your heart’s content. Prepping the Graphics The graphic elements and the way those elements are chopped up and compiled is what really gives this chart some wow-factor.

The chart itself is composed of three separate PNGs stacked on top of each other using CSS, two of which are stationary (the front and back “glassy” chart casing pieces), and one of which is animated using jQuery (the green bar piece in the middle). Graphic Element 1: Back of the Chart The HTML Okay!


Logos. 20 Brand New PSD Business Cards Templates For Free Download. A business card is not a standalone piece of advertising; it has a very distinctive context (meeting, conversation) and function. You can’t compare it with a flyer. Being a creative professional, you have the license to play with meaning and format to be original and remarkable. When talking to someone you give your business card, it should be quick to read and understand, and it can be a conversation starter, never an obstacle. Today we have decided to present “20 Brand New PSD Business Cards Templates For Free Download” that you can use for free. They are all usable and easy to edit and make good business cards. Business Card Templates 01 (Download) Business Card Template 02 (Download) Business Card Template 03 (Download) Business Card Template 04 (Download) Business Card Template 05 (Download) Business Card Template 06 (Download) Business Card Template 07 (Download) Business Card Template 08 (Download) Business Card Template 09 (Download) Business Card Template 10 (Download)

Fresh Multi color Logo Design Ideas For Designers. Logo design ideas are too much supportive for designers to create an inspiring and creative logo. Logo is the essential part of your business corporate identity. Designers are working too hard for fresh and creative ideas. Today we have compiled “30+ Fresh Multi color Logo Design Ideas For Designers” here you can discover lot of creative ideas and get an inspiration for your business logo design. This round-up will truly inspire you for your next logo design. Aquatic Life Triple X The Wish For Store The Jungle Box Securitex Savour LTD Robin Rarities Out Build Oudega.

Beyond The Healing Brush – Removing Objects From Photos. The healing brush and clone tool are fine for fixing blemishes or removing certain things in an open area, but get near a hard edge and these tools become less useful. To realistically remove a large object, it takes careful attention to detail, its just The Healing Brush and Clone tools are fine for fixing blemishes or removing certain things in an open area, but get near a hard edge and these tools become less useful. Realistically removing a large object takes careful attention to detail, and it's just something Photoshop can't quite automate. Here is the finished "Matrix" effect: And here is the starting photo, a really simple timer-shot of me leaning on a chair: If you can get past my overgrown grass and goofy look, there is a really awesome effect to be learned here.

Step 1 Open the file in Photoshop. Step 2 Making sure you have the copied layer selected, just erase the chair out. Step 3 Now we will try to cover up the chair with grass from other areas of the photo. Step 4 Step 5 Step : Make Everyone Jealous with Green Themes, Palettes and Artworks. Soon you’ll make everyone green with envy by showing off your newfound knowledge of this month’s colour! Read on for some interesting bits of trivia, tips, puns and finally, as always, a showcase with a little something for everybody. Enough beating around the bush, let’s get to it! Other color of the month you might enjoy: December - Colour Chronicles: Bold BrownJanuary - Colour Chronicles: Brilliant BlueFebruary - Set Your Website on Fire with Red Themes, Photos, and Palettes Basics Green is a complementary colour that results from the combination of yellow and blue, taking on many of the latter’s characteristics while still retaining its own features and symbology.

Characteristics Green is a tranquil and peaceful colour with soothing properties. Studies suggest that the colour improves the ability to concentrate and aids in reading comprehension. Although no longer accurate, the term “green room” comes from the fact that the waiting room was literally painted green. Symbolism Combinations. Princess Elisabeth Antarctica. Stock Photos and Royalty Free Image Subscription from 123RF Stock Photography.