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Activist Post Activist Post Jefferey JaxenActivist Post Fukushima: oversights, over-budget, missed opportunities, under-managed, under-prepared. Well which is it?
Just in case you don’t know, Richard Dawkins doesn’t much care for the pope (via: The Atheist Rabbi ): I really liked how he made a point about the attack on atheists and secularist as being a willful act of distraction by the pope to get people to stop talking about the rampant sexual attacks on children by the employees of the church. Family Guy rips Pat Robertson One Fact Once more, with feeling Richard Dawkins on The Pope | Bligbi Richard Dawkins on The Pope | Bligbi
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9/11: Who Really Benefited? 9/11: Who Really Benefited? Global Research Editor’s Note We bring to the attention of our readers this provocative review of the strategic and corporate interests behind 9/11 including Wall Street, the Texas oil companies and the defense contractors. The statements in this article are corroborated by numerous studies, books, news articles and research reports published since September 2001.
Randy Pausch's Last Lecture
March 8, 2011 I've seen some pretty confusing things; things that made me scratch my head and wonder just what the hell a person could be thinking when they made that decision. Nothing I've ever seen confuses me more than watching otherwise intelligent, thoughtful people voting, time and time again, for Republicans. Your Garden Variety Republican | Illuminate Me Your Garden Variety Republican | Illuminate Me
Invisible friends for grown-ups.

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Political thinking

You Start the Girl Effect - Girl Effect
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Just-world hypothesis The hypothesis popularly appears in the English language in various figures of speech that imply guaranteed negative reprisal, such as: "You got what was coming to you", "What goes around comes around", and "You reap what you sow". This hypothesis has been widely studied by social psychologists since Melvin J. Lerner conducted seminal work on the belief in a just world in the early 1960s.[1] Research has continued since then, examining the predictive capacity of the hypothesis in various situations and across cultures, and clarifying and expanding the theoretical understandings of just-world beliefs.[2] Emergence[edit] Just-world hypothesis
How the Illusion of Being Observed Can Make You a Better Person How the Illusion of Being Observed Can Make You a Better Person Mind & Brain::Mind Matters::May 3, 2011:: ::Email::Print Even a poster with eyes on it changes how people behave By Sander van der Linden
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God is in The Neurons

Illuminate Me! Art | Politics | Religion | Humor and much more. David Price has spent two decades in the foothills of the Alps, in a tiny village where he indulged his passion for reading, painting, and working with hand tools. When he could no longer invent another renovation project on the old house, and when years of reading had finally broken down some of the most recalcitrant rigidities of his mind, he felt it was time to engage the world again. But coming back, he couldn’t help but notice satellites of a new culture growing in the midst of a dominating, but unsustainable America. This Web site is conceived as a way to fan the embers of new thought, new questions, and new solutions, as well as represent our diverse interests, from land use and food, to books, art, politics and spirituality. Illuminate Me! Art | Politics | Religion | Humor and much more.
This Remarkable Thing
The Sagan Series (part 1) - NASA The Frontier Is Everywhere‬‏
David Deutsch on our place in the cosmos