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Parasite philosophy

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Mycelium Image Decay. A term being entered in the box below, images will be loaded from the Internet via Google, which then serve the mycelium for “food”.

Mycelium Image Decay

In its growth the mycelium follows the structures of the images and makes them fleetingly visible before they are decomposed and composted. The mycelium generates a continuous process which leaves our perception to alternate between abstract patterns, familiar signs, and iconic forms. Exhibition / Video Serpula lacrymans in nutrient solution (top left) and in petri dish, 2002 Incubation of spruce wood with Serpula lacrymans, 2002. Hypervirus: A Clinical Report Thierry Bardini And everybody knows that the Plague is coming Everybody knows that it's moving fast Everybody knows that the naked man and woman Are just a shining artifact of the past.[1] -- Leonard Cohen, "Everybody Knows.

" The high degree to which AIDS, terrorism, crack cocaine or computer viruses mobilize the popular imagination should tell us that they are more than anecdotal occurrences in an irrational world. Derrida announces he is a parasite. Derrida announces he is a parasite The deconstructionist “philosopher” Jacques Derrida tells the world that he is, indeed, exactly what he and people like him have always seemed to be: a deliberate sower of untruth and confusion, a destructive parasite, a non-living virus that takes over and kills its host—the host in this case being the living body of language and meaning: All I have done … is dominated by the thought of a virus, what could be called a parasitology, a virology, the virus being many things….

Derrida announces he is a parasite

The virus is in part a parasite that destroys, that introduces disorder into communication. Even from the biological standpoint, this is what happens with a virus; it derails a mechanism of the communicational type, its coding and decoding. On the other hand, it is something that is neither living nor non-living; the virus is not a microbe. Parasitic Speech Acts: Austin, Searle, Derrida - Kevin Halion. Jacques Derrida holds that we cannot distinguish between normal uses of language such as we get in asserting, promising, marrying, ordering, etc., and uses of language that are dependent, or ‘parasitic’, on such normal uses—such as utterances made by actors while acting roles in plays, and the utterances of novelists in their novels when they describe fictional situations, and the utterances of poets in their poems when they use metaphors.

Parasitic Speech Acts: Austin, Searle, Derrida - Kevin Halion

And he believes that we cannot even make a conceptual distinction between the normal and the parasitic. If he is right, then no theory that wishes to give an account of uses of language in terms of rules for the proper uses of certain linguistic devices is possible. Mongrel signatures: reflections on ... Theorie des Parasiten. Foreign Body Vol. 3: Diejenigen unter Ihnen, die den Mut haben, kommen Sie nach vorne, wenn keine Stühle mehr da sind...

Theorie des Parasiten

Wenn es nicht zu unbequem ist, können sich auf die Fensterbänke setzen. ... Die eigentliche Handlung der Vereinigung, von der Union. Eine Formel der Ehe: alle Vereinigungen finden statt mit einem definierten Ende, und das präzise Objekt ihrer Entfaltung bestimmt daher in seinem Verlauf ihre Handlungen. Eine körperliche Assimilation. Eine Frage von unserem letzten Treffen. Tee also für den Heiligen Geist. Doch auf der anderen Seite könnte 'mit' immer, in der selben schwebenden Bedeutung, eine Modalität des "den anderen essen" bedeuten. 'Sitos' kann zunächst Weizen sein, allgemeiner feste Nahrung, dann Nahrung schlechthin; der Parasit ist entweder der ergänzende Snack, der Salat mit dem Käse und der Beilage, et cetera - oder öfter noch und im aktiven Sinn, derjenige der 'mit'-ißt, oder der 'daneben' ißt. Mit der Grenze überschreitet der Parasit somit die Bedeutung. Michel Serres. Michel Serres (born 1 September 1930) is a French philosopher and author.

Michel Serres

Life and career[edit] The son of a barge man, Serres entered France's naval academy, the École Navale, in 1949 and the École Normale Supérieure ("rue d'Ulm") in 1952. M/C Reviews - Philosophy: The Parasite by Michel Serres. Posted on Tuesday, March 04 @ 00:00:00 EST by tim milfull Reviewed by Tim Roberts Philosophers can tend to be misanthropic sometimes (maybe its the prospect of marking another batch of student essays).

M/C Reviews - Philosophy: The Parasite by Michel Serres

Its not a good habit, and doesnt always make for easy reading. This, I think, is the major problem with Michel Cerres work. Michel Serres's Milieux. Science and Parasites: Michel Serres and the Unification of Human and Natural Sciences « Fractal Ontology. Theorem: the history of science obeys the law of diminishing returns.

Science and Parasites: Michel Serres and the Unification of Human and Natural Sciences « Fractal Ontology

The first attack on the narcissism of science… Second: if we examine the set made of the problem and of the actions that transform it, there is no doubt that it is, at the beginning, more complex than the thing itself or the process. Clearer perhaps, yet more complicated. Noises and Exceptions Pure Mediality in Serres and Agamben Stephen Crocker What is a Medium or, what do the means mean? Isn't it strange that our desire for newer and ever more dazzling media machines is equaled only by our wish to escape them? From mathematical perspective to the camera obscura, from photography to cinema -- television, the internet, virtual reality environments and all the more far-out sorts of artificial intelligence -- innovations in media have always been driven by the desire to overcome mediation.

Elemental literature about archeo- and caenoparasitology and philosophy. Works of Lucian, Vol. III: The Parasite, A Demonstration That Sponging Is A Profession. Sacred Texts Classics Lucian Fowler Index Index Previous Next Tychiades.

Works of Lucian, Vol. III: The Parasite, A Demonstration That Sponging Is A Profession

Simon Tyc. I am curious about you, Simon. Ordinary people, free and slaves alike, have some trade or profession that enables them to benefit themselves and others; you seem to be an exception. Si. Tyc. Si. Tyc. Si. Tyc. Tyc. Si. Tyc. P. 168 is more in your way; are you a carpenter or cobbler? Si. Tyc. Si. Tyc. Si. Tyc. Si. Tyc. Philosophy: the basics. Liberation from the Parasite State - Ralph Raico. [Liberty Magazine, January 1991] There is no need to emphasize for this audience the world-historical significance of the changes that are taking place today in east-central Europe and, especially, in the Soviet Union.

Liberation from the Parasite State - Ralph Raico

This great transformation has led many people to reconsider the merits of an ideology once thought to be obsolete — liberalism. Today I wish to deal with liberalism as it has been understood historically, and to consider its connection with a certain strand of Marxist thought — a strand that may well be much more important now than other elements of Marxism that have been emphasized in the past. The Wonder That Is Me. Is the human race "a parasite"?: Philosophy Forums. April 2008. The Jew as World Parasite (1944) Background: Nazi anti-Semitism intensified as the war went on. This is a partial translation of a pamphlet originally published by the Nazi Party in 1943, intended for use in the Nazi Party’s internal education program. and republished by the Wehrmacht for distribution among soldiers in 1944.