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Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath? Real-Life Prep School Scandals So Crazy They Sound Like Fiction. Today marks the release of Jennifer Miller’s stellar debut novel The Year of the Gadfly, a tale of prep school scandal and secret societies starring a very precocious young lady named Iris Dupont, whose best and only friend is the chain-smoking ghost of famed broadcast journalist Edward R.

Real-Life Prep School Scandals So Crazy They Sound Like Fiction

Murrow. If it sounds weirdly wonderful, it is – Iris would kill us for using a cliché here, but we can’t help but call the novel compulsively readable, and it feels a little something like a cross between The Secret History and Gossip Girl, although with significantly more masturbation scenes than the former and more dusty tomes than the latter.

To celebrate her book’s release, Miller, an accomplished journalist herself (her non-fiction book Inheriting the Holy Land: An American’s Search for Hope in the Middle East came out in 2005), has obliged us by putting together a list of some of the craziest real-life prep school scandals in recent memory, so weird they almost seem like fiction themselves. Elva Zona Heaster: The Ghost Who Helped Solve Her Own Murder. Image credit: One January afternoon in 1897, Erasmus (aka Edward) Shue, a blacksmith, sent his neighbor’s young boy to see if Elva, Shue's wife of three months, needed anything from the market. When the neighbor boy walked through the front door of the Shues’ rural Greenbrier County, West Virginia, log house, he found Elva’s lifeless body at the foot of the stairs.

The boy stood for a moment looking at the woman, not knowing what to make of the scene. Her body was stretched out straight with her legs together. Theodore Roosevelt's Life-Saving Speech. Dartmouth Sorority Girl Goes Public With Her Hazing Nightmare. SeanaSteve. Pinpuff - Your Influence Score on Pinterest and Your Pin Worth - Pin Clout - Advertise on Pinterest. Archipelago Cinema, A Floating Auditorium in a Thai Lagoon. Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy: Inside Dartmouth's Hazing Abuses. By Janet Reitman | Andrew Lohse visits the Dartmouth campus where he has come forward to report on the significant hazing practices taking place at fraternities.

Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy: Inside Dartmouth's Hazing Abuses

(Photo: Antonio Bolfo) Long before Andrew Lohse became a pariah at Dartmouth College, he was just another scarily accomplished teenager with lofty ambitions. Five feet 10 with large blue eyes and the kind of sweet-faced demeanor that always earned him a pass, he grew up in the not-quite-rural, not-quite-suburban, decidedly middle-class town of Branchburg, New Jersey, and attended a public school where he made mostly A's, scored 2190 on his SATs and compiled an exhaustive list of extracurricular activities that included varsity lacrosse, model U.N. (he was president), National Honor Society, band, orchestra, Spanish club, debate and – on weekends – a special pre-college program at the Manhattan School of Music, where he received a degree in jazz bass. This did not go over well. Languages - Homepage: All you need to start learning a foreign language.

Hunger Games Wedding Inspiration. 33 Ways To Stay Creative. The Colour Clock. Comic-Con to open with 136-mile Olympics-style lightsaber relay. Feb. 09, 2012 | 9:10 a.m.

Comic-Con to open with 136-mile Olympics-style lightsaber relay

Chris Hardwick, front, and Peter Levin pose with Nerdist audience members. (Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times) The costume party that is Comic-Con International just got a major new photo op — fans and celebrities will participate in a 136-mile Olympics-style torch run in the days leading up to massive San Diego pop-culture expo but, of course, instead of torches they’ll be holding aloft their lightsabers. * Vintage Bicycle Adverts: 1900 – 1920 « Once again, your internet connection’s broadband speed will determine how fast these photos load.

* Vintage Bicycle Adverts: 1900 – 1920 «

The 1890s was a very interesting time in advertising and, with the boom in bicycle manufacture and sales, there was plenty of money to spend on glorious posters and advertisements, particularly in America. By 1900 the bicycle boom was over in the USA, but advertising was still dominant, this time because of a more competitive market. American ads of the period had a unique style, with catchy marketing ideas. By now, the British cycle manufacturers had obviously observed the brash American sales techniques; as well as the artistic French poster designs. But British bicycles sales were, in this period, decidedly upmarket, and that meant a more conservative ‘gentlemanly’ approach. 1900 Chaine Simpson L.B. The 7 Stupidest Things That Make People Proud. #3.

The 7 Stupidest Things That Make People Proud

Being Part of a Mob As for this one, I just don't understand when going along with peer pressure turned into something to be proud of. Take the Ocean Marketing fiasco. Some idiot PR person responded to a customer with a series of emails alternating between exaggerating his own self-importance and belittling the customer, which is the sort of thing you should only do in a rap. The customer forwarded the emails to Penny Arcade, which published them, causing the whole Internet to yell at the stupid PR guy. This Girl Snuck Into a Russian Military Rocket Factory.