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The "One Penny" Touch Probe. History It all started about six months ago when some CNC tinkering friends and I were Skyping away late one night and came up with the idea to collaborate on a touch probe project. As is often the case, this resulted in MrBean doing 95% of the work and 6 months later he sent me his working prototype, based on Graham Stabler's Renishaw probe copy here (indoor flyer). The details of MrBean's project and plans for it can be found on this cnczone thread. The main problem with the homemade Renishaw ‘ball type’ probe which both MrBean and I banged our heads against, was their propensity to stick in the open state. The principle of these probes is to have 3 radially placed conductive pins resting in the nooks of 3 pairs of ball bearings, the pin forming a contact between each ball pair.

The probe fires when any of the pins breaks contact. The problem is, you have 6 ball bearings and 3 pins that you need to get in pretty sensitive alignment. New Design CamBam mini tutorial. 1. Electronics Result! Wildhorse Innovations - The DRO-350 Store. - Super-PID Closed-loop Router Speed Controller.

Closed-loop router speed controller Super-PID is a closed loop speed controller that allows low-cost 1/4" and 1/2" routers to be used as speed-regulated spindles. Super-PID bridges the gap between expensive VFD spindles and low cost unregulated routers that have very poor low speed performance. The addition of a Super-PID to your router setup allows the use of lower cutting RPM, quiet operation, exact regulated speeds and gives massive power improvements when operating 1/4" and 1/2" routers at low speeds. Super-PID uses a reflective optical infra-red sensor that is simply pointed at the router output shaft and detects a spot of white paint on the shaft.

You are no longer limited to burning wood and melting plastic at 20000 RPM - now you can cut QUIETLY with usable power as low as 5000 RPM! Power Supplies, Power Supply, Bench Supplies, Transformers. Online Metal Store | Small Quantity Metal Orders | Metal Cutting. Ponoko – Make, sell & buy almost anything. FORMUFIT PVC Fittings.