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StockJo | Awesome Free Stock Resource Collections. Se souvenir des balises Web quand on développe est souvent difficile surtout quand on ne pratique pas tout le temps certains langages de programmation. Ouf ! Il existe des fiches pour se simplifier la vie … et aussi pour découvrir des balises & expressions souvent méconnues. Voici quelques fiches sur l’HTML, CSS, PHP, Mod rewrite et SEO que vous pouvez enregistrer (image jpeg – clic droit sur l’image puis « enregistrer sous »), vous verrez c’est très pratique. Si vous aimez n’oublier pas de faire un like. Voir aussi le PDF : SEO_Web_Developer_Cheat_Sheet Share and Enjoy Publié par : npcmediaClassé sous :web developer3 réactions. §.

15 Best Parallax Scrolling Tutorials. Parallax scrolling is one of the simplest solutions that webmasters could rely on, especially if they demand for immediate impact on the site visit, faster loading time, and interesting effects that people could enjoy. Because of its benefit to webpages using Parallax plugins, there are now many online resources that offer Parallax tutorials in order for interested website owners to also experience the increasing number of visitors with such an amazing welcome page. There are many ways of creating websites that would catch the attention and interest of various visitors, right from the first visit. Some would consider using pictures with slides, while others think of integrating their graphics with powerful animation.

Though the intention is actually to invite people over to view more of the site, the purpose is sometimes defeated as such modes of media in a website slow the opening of the page, making the experience a bad event. Tutorial || Demo Tutorial || Demo Tutorial || Demo. Apprendre. Développement Web. Formation développement WEB. NounProject. Pense-bête html5 css3 | tutos, tuto, tutoriels pas à pas et illustrés sur le langage html5, html, css3, css, xhtml et jQuery.

Theme wordpress. Tuts+ Premium | The best way to learn creative and technical skills. Video Screencasts. #130: First Moments with Grunt There are all these tasks that we need to do as front end developers. Concatenate and compress our files. Run our preprocessors. Optimize images. Run tests. . #127: Basics of JavaScript Templating A template is a chunk of HTML that you need to inject onto the page. . #126: Using Modernizr Should Modernizr be part of every modern web project? #124: A Modern Web Designer’s Workflow This is a presentation I gave at conferences in late 2012 and early 2013.

It talks … #121: The Right CMS is a Customized One The perfect CMS to suite the needs of any non-trivial content-oriented website does not come out-of-the-box. . #119: Let’s Answer Forum Posts! In this screencast we live answer more forums posts with no planning whatsoever. . #117: Let’s Attempt To Do a “Pull Request” I’ve never in my life submitted a “Pull Request” on GitHub. . #115: Don’t Overthink It Grids Even if the layout of a site is simple as a main content area on the left and a sidebar on the right, that’s a grid. Wordpress.