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Horizontal Slip Table supplier in Delhi. Horizontal Slip Table The axis of a shaker’s operation is Z axis.

Horizontal Slip Table supplier in Delhi

In order to achieve vibrations in X and Y axis, a Horizontal Slip Table (HST) is used. A Horizontal Slip Table is compactly constructed using a precisely machined magnesium alloy tool-plate, which rests on top of the flat granite block. Hydraulic bearings are placed at different locations based on the design of the HST to constrain its motion in the same axis as that of the shaker. A consistent oil film is generated on the granite block and in the bearing in order to remove friction, provide dynamic support, control crosstalk and restrain overturning moments. Major Sub Systems of the Horizontal Slip Table are: Trunnion Assembly An optimised gear based pivoting system to turn the shaker from its ideal vertical position to a horizontal position using mechanical or electrical means.

Shaker to HST Coupling Combo Base. Vibration controller supplier in Delhi. Vibration Controller Sdyn’s Vibration Controllers are tailored in 4/8/16 channel configuration to bring users the most advanced and complete range of vibration testing solutions.

Vibration controller supplier in Delhi

Our Vibration Controllers are compatible with any make of amplifier and shaker combination available worldwide. These controllers are perfectly suitable to perform vibration testing in all segments of the industry including defence, space, automobile, seismic, field equipment and consumer electronics. Coupled with analysis and documentation tools, our Vibration Controller makes the complete vibration system user friendly and an ideal means for checking the performance and reliability of your product against hazardous vibration environment to which your product would be exposed during usage.

Environmental testing chamber manufacturing in India. About Us Saraswati Dynamics Private Limited (Sdyn) is the pioneer and market leader of Environmental Testing in India.

Environmental testing chamber manufacturing in India

We manufacture the complete range of Electrodynamic Vibration Systems and Environmental Chambers to meet the testing requirements of industries across the globe. The company has its headquarters and R&D facility in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India. In an era of technical advancements, Sdyn has realised its design and translated it into products at par with any equipment of its kind, worldwide. Our products enable our clients to create real-life environments to test and validate the quality and reliability of their products. With offices in all metropolitan cities of India (Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad) and distributor network established throughout the world in both developed and developing economies, our products cater to a wide range of applications.

Vision To become a preferred and trusted long term supplier for Environmental Testing Systems, globally. Environmental Testing in India. Vibration Controller system in Delhi. High Thrust Series in india. High Thrust Series Sdyn’s High Thrust Series of Electrodynamic Vibration Systems comprises of our water cooled shakers and air cooled amplifiers.

High Thrust Series in india

These are designed for large and heavy specimens of irregular shapes and sizes. A customer chooses this range for its sheer power, very high payload capacity, and high reliability. Being a part of big projects, everything about these systems is as per the customer’s requirement. Standard features of High Thrust Series are: Electromagnetic Armature and Field CoilsMagnesium Alloy Casting based Armature StructureDual Field Coil based Magnetic CircuitClass D Full Bridge (H Bridge) Power Amplifier. Medium Thrust Series in Delhi.

Environmental Chambers. Low Thrust Series Sdyn’s Low Thrust Series of Electrodynamic Vibration Systems comprises of our air cooled shakers and air cooled amplifiers.

Environmental Chambers

These are designed for low payload capacity and for tests that require high resonance and frequency response. A customer chooses this range for its low price, small form factor, and high reliability. These systems are generally very specific to the customer’s testing requirements and offer very little scope for future up-gradation. Environmental Testing in India. Power Amplifier Sdyn’s Power Amplifiers use compact and extremely efficient power modules.

Environmental Testing in India

These help to amplify the small electrical signal from the Vibration Controller to a proportionally high voltage and high current output, that is ideal to drive the shaker. The design of the Power Amplifier ensures energy and space. DSA series Power Amplifier use solid-state power devices in a Class-D Full Bridge configuration. They are digitally modulated with a high frequency pulse width modulated signal with efficiency of over 92%.

Standalone Chamber Machine In India |SDYN

Electrodynamic shaker in India.