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Bee-bot. Coding in the Early Years.

English Language and Grammar

Books. ICDL - International Children's Digital Library. Children's Stories Online - Free Children's Books for All Ages. Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics.

MightBook: Story books and games. Creating Books on the iPad. Book Creator for iPad: $7.49The simple way to create your own beautiful iBooks, right on the iPad.

Creating Books on the iPad

Read them in iBooks, send them to your friends, or submit them to the iBookstore. Ideal for children’s picture books, photo books, art books, cook books, manuals, textbooks, and the list goes on. eBook Creator: $4.49 ‘eBook Creator’ is a simple and easy ebook creation application. It's interface is designed for all ages and skill levels so that young kids are able to make ebooks using the app. Ebook Magic: $4.49 An easy way to make custom epub books. Demibooks: FREEDemibooks Composer is the first iPad-based authoring software for creating interactive books. StoryPatch: $2.99 Now you can help your child's creativity grow with Story Patch, a beautiful new application for the iPad that children can use to create their own picture books.

And thanks to Scott Meech for letting me know of another great App to include - Creative Book Builder. I want to control my computer or Interactive White Board from my iPad. ICT in the Early Years. ICT and the outdoor learning environment. - ICT in the Early Years. Technology is not best suited to all weather conditions and the management of equipment is necessarily different in a large open space.

ICT and the outdoor learning environment. - ICT in the Early Years

But technology can be used just as purposefully outside as it can in, with careful planning. ICT and the outdoor learning environment is a PowerPoint file that we use for training on ICT and the outdoor learning environment. ICT outdoors requires a different approach from using technology indoors. Look through this PowerPoint with colleagues when considering developing ICT outdoors. Outdoor Play is a document that supports the 'ICT in the outdoor learning environment' PowerPoint and will help you plan for your outdoor provision. Two main areas we have found support our own use of ICT outdoors are to develop role-play boxes so resources are at your hand according to children's play, and using defunct technology that has the advantage of being usable in all weathers! Children's early years preschool ICT. Technology is an integral part of our lives.

Children's early years preschool ICT

Machines at home continue to require higher levels of programming and engagement than ever before. The array of technological toys and tools for children and adults is vast. Children's settings have the opportunity to reflect the familiar environments that children experience at home and develop everyone's sense of belonging in providing valuable experiences through technoligies that offer cultural significance.

Children are naturally curious and will explore not only how technology works but also how it fits into the world they live in. Tinsley Nursery Infant School - Curriculum Booklets. Planning for ICT in the EYFS - ICT in the Early Years. At Homerton we have changed how we plan for children over the years.

Planning for ICT in the EYFS - ICT in the Early Years

This includes changes in how we plan for ICT. This Resources area reflects these changes. Our planning now comes directly from observations. Planning for ICT in the EYFS - ICT in the Early Years. ICT in the Early Years. I was asked the other day about what ICT work I do with reception children and just felt that it deserved a blog post writing about it.

ICT in the Early Years

During the year, my aim is to get the children familiar and enthusiastic about using a range of ICT hardware and software to support their learning. Rather than just putting them on a painting program or CBeebies game every week, I do like to try and give them variety in what they do to hopefully give them the broadest possible range of experiences. Each of my activities are about twenty minutes long and are designed for being carried out with a small group of about six children. In my yearly overview it's worth noting that I've carefully positioned activities across that year so that certain skills are re-visited to ensure that the children gain confidence in them (e.g. controlling the Bee-Bot or operating the digital camera) and that certain activities are placed to match in with seasonal events (e.g.

Bonfire Night or the arrival of Spring). Early-years-australia - 13 ICT for Littlies. Amazing ICT at St. Aloysius Infant School - Northern Grid for Learning. The judges said: At St Aloysius Infants, Hebburn, we met with network manager Myris Groom.

Amazing ICT at St. Aloysius Infant School - Northern Grid for Learning

Although Myris Groom is not a teacher she is a deeply impressive advocate for ICT and learning and is certainly worthy of an award in her own right.It was clear that the success with ICT that was in evidence at St Aloysius was a result of her instinctive and conscious acceptance of the importance of ICT for learning, and her persistent and applied promotion of its importance.We saw plenty of great uses of ICT across the school, particularly multimedia editing and animation and there has been a strong focus on e-safety.Myris’s contribution is outstanding and worthy of recognition.

She has not rested on her achievements and continues to bring new influences and stimulation – like LEGO for example – into the school via her productive relationship with the local CLC. More information about What Makes an Outstanding Teacher is available on Christine’s blog James, pupil. Other activities include: Top Tips. KS1 and KS2. KS1 and KS2. iPad Pedagogy. Whiteboard Resources. Early Childhood iPad Apps.

Early years ipad. ICT in the early years. EYFS websites. ICT and EYFS.