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Face the Summer Heats with these Amazing Fashion Picks - AFRK LIFE. Finally, the season has arrived when you get ready to flex that summer bod and dust off the accumulated dirt off your season wardrobe.

Face the Summer Heats with these Amazing Fashion Picks - AFRK LIFE

It is a time when you get to boost your fashion game as you need to sport a look that goes with the weather. Bring out clothes, that not only keep you cool but help others around you feel that summer vibe just by catching a glimpse of you. How do I do that, you ask? Well, here are some suggestions that we think can help you get started with summer fashion. Casual Tee and Knee Length Shorts: This is the basic of summer fashion requirement for men, and something that you can never go wrong with.

Denim Slit Skirt: Ok! Floral Dresses: Summer and florals are probably the best combinations. Menu - Mariya'z Kitchen. How Much Can You Resist These North Indian Desserts? Desserts are a thing that can be considered as the sweet goodbye kiss from one’s lover.

How Much Can You Resist These North Indian Desserts?

It completes the food journey and delivers a great ending to the person only if it’s served right. As delicate as it may look it’s also kinda hard to nail it down as the ending of overall food experience depends upon the texture itself. From all over the world chefs are trying hard to make a perfect dessert. Tiffin Box - Mariya'z Kitchen. 10 Best Healthy Living Tips. How healthy are you?

10 Best Healthy Living Tips

Do you have a healthy diet? Do you exercise regularly? Do you drink at least eight glasses of water a day? Do you get enough sleep every day? Do you live a healthy lifestyle? Our body is our temple and we need to take care of it. Here is a list of Best Healthy Living Tips - Drink more water, Get enough sleep, Meditate, Exercise, Work out different parts of your body, Have breakfast, Eat fruits, Eat vegetables, Eat small meals, Choose intact grains over refined grains, Cut down on sugary food/drinks, Cut down on deep-fried food, Purge negative people from your life, Purge negativity from yourself, Avoid smoking & alcohol, Avoid passive smoking, Try juicing/blending, Get regular checkups, Beware of vegetable oils, Follow food-combining principles. Good health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise — it’s also about having a positive attitude, a positive self-image, and a healthy lifestyle.

Daily news update. National News: Sap India goes into Sanitisation Mode: After two employees of SAP India got affected by the H1N1 virus and tested positive, the company immediately hit its emergency button.

Daily news update

All offices in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Gurgaon were shut down for sanitation and fumigation purposes. Employees were asked to work from home until further notice. Blogs - Mariya'z Kitchen. Smooth, rich and creamy, capable of adding flavour to any ordinary dish; butter is a universal favourite of any person who loves food.

Blogs - Mariya'z Kitchen

Even though considered a dairy product, the nutritional benefits of butter, have been the subject of debate for many years. Dieticians have always recommended people to avoid butter at all cost, even though it is a naturally derived product that has no artificial ingredients. So, some may ask, if milk is healthy then why not butter. 10 Tips  Ten Modern Rappers in India. Rap and hip hop have gained momentum over the years in the Indian pop music industry.

10 Tips  Ten Modern Rappers in India

From old school rappers and hip hop artists like Yo Yo Honey Singh and Baba Sehgal, the industry is ever-expanding. The genre draws in newer crowds and live shows all over the country. 10 Best Stand-Up Comedians From India. After a stressful week of work, there is no better way to relieve it by watching some of the best stand-up comedy shows.

10 Best Stand-Up Comedians From India

Stand-up Comedy is a style in which a comedian performs in front of a live audience. Their shows are humorous, satiric and entertaining. At the same time, these comedians raise awareness on the prevailing issues of the society which most people neglect to do so. 10 Most Inspiring Women of India I 10tips. Often, we grew up reading fairy tale books where the princess is depicted as a delicate character and needs to be saved by her prince to live ‘Happily Ever After’.

10 Most Inspiring Women of India I 10tips

However, the new book of children is slowly changing as the perspective of ‘Fairy Tale’ or what ‘happily ever after’ means do not remain the same as before. Today, in modern India, women are holding high positions. Some inspiring women in our country definitely do not need rescue of some prince. Ten Most Expensive Sneakers in the Indian Market. It is pretty common among people to get all caught up in the world of new footwear and apparel, with brands rolling out new products every once in a while.

Ten Most Expensive Sneakers in the Indian Market

This has made it difficult for people to choose the correct sneakers to buy. With premium shoe brands like Nike, Adidas, Mizuno making waves in the market with their expensive but high-quality products, newcomers like Asolo and New Balance is all set to take the world by a storm. Meanwhile, there is an ever-expanding bracket of expensive and premium shoes available in the Indian market, which makes it difficult for the public to choose.

10Tips to make your love last. “Love,” the word itself holds a thousand meanings, some sweet, some tragic and some as pure as the first flower of spring.

10Tips to make your love last

The word is appreciated by some and misused by many, but it has such a huge impact on a person’s life that we dedicated a day to it. A day to celebrate the word love, a day known to all as Valentine’s Day. But what happens after that? What happens when your day of love is finally over? 10 Must-Try Italian Dishes. Italian dishes have garnered a lot of popularity in recent times in India. Must Try Italian Dishes. Nollywood is Here - AFRK LIFE World News Hollywood? Meet Nollywood! You’ve probably heard of “Lionheart” by now. The Nigerian Nollywood film, first from its country to be submitted for the best international feature film at the Academy Awards.

It is a tale of a strong woman who is ready to take over her father’s bus company. A tale of a strong feminist who is driving to rise above the patriarchy societal challenges and succeed. This film stirred up so much excitement, having starred and been directed by one of the country’s and even continent’s finest actresses Genevieve Nnaji. But after all that excitement and pride, the Academy Awards disqualified the film on the grounds that it was in English.

As you can imagine, this disqualification has caused so much disappointment amongst Nigerians and Africa as a whole. Benefits Of Food Trucks For Your Food Business. The food and restaurant industry is in boom. Many of us might have thought that the food truck business is a passing trend but with the boom in the fast food industry, the food trucks now have come up with more interesting, comprehensive and functional designs offering numerous and varied cuisines to satiate each and every individual’s taste buds. Foremost, what is a food truck? Though we are sure most of have come across a food truck in some or other form in their lifetime. And this might have happened on their way to the workplace, school or an evening stroll, when they were craving for a bite or two of their favorite snacks or fast food. Food Trucks are from the past and are well prepared to dominate the future in the fast food and health food industry.

So, when you are planning to set foot in this booming food industry, it is very important to discuss on some of the important benefits of Food Trucks with an industrial and business point of view. 10 Most Expensive Villas In Mumbai. Mumbai, the city of dreams! It’s quite a famous phrase as hundreds and thousands of people visit this city with a sparkle of hope in their eyes. This city is home to several successful people and in return, they have given the city a reward by adding to the beauty of the city.

Mumbai, a city that never sleeps. Richest Cricketers in the World. 10 Amazing Romantic Getaway For Couples. Sometimes it is essential to slip away from your daily schedule and take a romantic escape with your beloved. To make it a memorable affair for couples, most couple retreats in India are nothing short of being called “dreamlands”. A romantic getaway builds up the passion and reignites the flames of love. They offer a blend of wonderful settings, utmost privacy, and unrivaled solace. You will have a great time here! Couples won’t be baffled by the pack of activities that are facilitated here.

What does climate change mean for Africa? - AFRK LIFE. SEXIEST leather tote! Our signature tote: TOP 5 Compliments. Our Roots. Alkebulan Music Philosophy AMP. Four Seasons Throw - Picnic and Beach Blanket. Photo Tour of Ethiopia. Nigeria - What do you know about the giant of Africa? 10 Traditional South Indian Dishes to Try. Ten Most Expensive Sneakers in the Indian Market. 10 Must-Have Winter Wardrobes. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the Winter season. 10 Tips to Become Better in Playing Guitar - 10 Tips Guitar Guitar Playing. Introduction: From the moment we start learning the guitar, we always want to be a better player. 10 Best Yoga Poses.

10 Best Shopping Spots In Delhi. Delhi is the capital of India and I personally think of it as the shopping hub of our country as well. Best Metal Bands In India. 10 Low Fat Recipes. Low fat diet is your saviour if you’re trying to lose weight to fit into your old clothes. It has added health benefits. It lowers your cholesterol and makes your heart healthy. 10 Best Ways to Reduce Anger. What happens when you hear the word anger? Best Ways To Reduce Anger (1) Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide Hop On Hop Off Bus Map.

Washington Travel Guide Hop On Hop Off Bus Map. Hop On Hop Off Bus Map NYC. 3305 Concession 8 Rd, (MLS® #: E4540300) - See this detached house for sale in Rural Clarington, Clarington. Beautiful Home At Clarington. Rangoli Designs For Diwali. 10 Diwali Rangoli Designs And Photos I Diwali 2019. The Diwali festivities begin on 25th October with Dhanteras. If you are like us and love to decorate on Diwali, chances are you might love to make Rangoli as well. No matter how big or small your home is, it is always possible to set the festive mood with the colorful rangolis. You can make it with colors, flowers, or even colored rice. Are short on Diwali Rangoli design ideas?

Use the 10 inspiring Diwali rangoli designs to wow everyone and make your home look as festive as possible. Party Places In Kolkata .pdf. 10 Best Party Places In Kolkata I 10 Tips. The nightlife in Kolkata can be rightfully described as lively, welcoming and diverse. Top Pool Parties Happening In Dubai This Week. Tips To Save The Earth & Environment. 10 Tips To Save The Earth & Environment. 10 Best Types Of Tea. Best Tea In Kolkata. Tokyo Hop On Hop Off Bus Map. Tokyo-hop-on-hop-off-bus-map. Real Estate Investing in Durham Region.

10 Interesting Facts about the Monsoon in India. 11 best beach clubs in Dubai (with photos) Water sports in Dubai - Here's 11 activities! 10 Best Attractions of Kolkata. Attractions Of Kolkata. WATER SPORTS. 2 Living Crt, (MLS® #: E4564645) - See this detached house for sale in Courtice, Clarington. 2 Living Crt , Clarington ......4 Bed 4 Bath. 10 Best Attractions of Kolkata. Chianti Half Day Afternoon Tour Deals 2019. Chianti Half Day Afternoon Tour Discount Prices. PlanOut Dubai. 10 Tips For Healthy Living I 10 Tips - 10 Tips. Best Healthy Living Tips. Affordable Property You Can Buy Right Now In Canada 1229 Pigeon Creek Rd, Kawartha Lakes. 1229 Pigeon Creek Rd, (MLS® #: X4521102) - See this detached house for sale in Janetville, Kawartha Lakes. Milan Duomo and Terraces Ticket Deals 2019. Best Kolkata Street Foods. 138 Columbus Rd, (MLS® #: E4567389) - See this detached house for sale in Columbus, Oshawa.

VIP Desert Safari with Private Pick-up AED 119. 10 Interesting Career Opportunities. Milan Da Vinci Painting Tickets & Deals. Vatican Museums Tours & Tickets: Your guide to Sistine Chapel, St Peter's Basilica 2019. 2 Living Crt, (MLS® #: E4564645) - See this detached house for sale in Courtice, Clarington. 10 Tips For Healthy Hair - 10 Tips. 11 best beach clubs in Dubai (with photos) Vatican Museum Tickets Attractions Guide.

Vatican Museums Tours & Tickets: Your guide to Sistine Chapel, St Peter's Basilica 2019. 10 Best New York Guided Walking Tours, Deals, Reviews - 2019. Best Properties To Buy In Ontario, Canada. 10 Tips For Healthy Hair. Best Paris Walking Tours. 11 Westlake St, (MLS® #: E4539095) - See this detached house for sale in Rural Clarington, Clarington. Diving. 10 Best Paris Guided Walking Tours, Deals, Reviews - 2019. 668 Fourth Line Rd S, (MLS® #: X4345623) - See this property for sale in Rural Douro-Dummer, Douro-Dummer. 20 Best Lisbon Walking Tours: Discover Lisbon By Foot. A Complete Guide To Lisbon Sighseeing, Themed, History & Food Tours. 10 Interesting Career Opportunities. Oshawa. Whitby. 10 Best London Guided Walking Tours, Deals, Reviews - 2019. Asfar Yachts Private 32ft Cruise For Up To 10 People.

PlanOut Dubai. Asfar Yachts Private 56ft Cruise For Up To 25 People. 10 Best Madrid Guided Walking Tours, Deals, Reviews - 2019.