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Dennis Johnson, DVM Unexpectedly Closes Clinic

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NC Practice Act

The Daily Reflector. Several clients of a Greenville veterinarian, upset that he closed his practice last week apparently without advance warning, are taking their pets to other local vets who are pitching in to provide care.

The Daily Reflector

Pet owners who take their animals to the Greenville Veterinary Hospital at 1523 E. 14th St., will see a printed, unsigned notice on the locked door that affixes blame for the clinic’s closure to “economic conditions of the country’s leadership.” People who need their pets’ medical records are directed in the message to call 361-5986 and “leave a message.” Those with a pet emergency are directed to call 265-9920. The note apparently informs clients that Johnson’s mother died the same week he closed his practice, requiring him to give priority to handling her affairs. For the complete article, please pick up a copy of The Daily Reflector. NC-Cumberland County Planning & Addressing - FAMPO. OPIS. All users of OPIS are subject to the TERMS OF USE OPIS has been updated with several NEW features, some of which are listed below.


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Bill Search. All Pets Hospital for Animals - Staff. Dr.

All Pets Hospital for Animals - Staff

Dennis Johnson DVM Dr. Dennis Johnson was born and raised on a farm in Nokomis, Illinois. During his childhood taking care of the cows, pigs, and horses he had a strong desire to become a veterinarian. He graduated from the University of Illinois with his degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1966. Dennis Johnson Dvm, Owner, manager, lead veterinarian at Greenville veterinary hospital and all pets hospital for animals.

Dennis Johnson Greenville NC 27858. Dennis Johnson, DVM, is owner, Manager, and lead Veterinarian of Greenville Veterinary Hospital in Greenville, North Carolina, and All Pets Hospital for Animals in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Dennis Johnson Greenville NC 27858

Dr. Johnson has more than 40 years of experience working in veterinary care and has served communities in North Carolina for the past 6 years. As owner of two veterinary hospitals, Dennis Johnson understands the bond between humans and their pets; his Greenville and Fayetteville veterinary hospitals offer a range of services provided by a knowledgeable and friendly staff of fellow animals lovers.

Among the services Dr. Johnson provides are internal medicine, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, lab diagnostics, dentistry, radiography, ultrasonography, echo-cardiology, and critical care. Throughout his long career as a veterinarian, Dennis Johnson has worked in a variety of settings. Dennis Johnson - Owner. Veterinarian - Health & Fitness. Dennis Johnson, DVM (@DennisJohnsonNC)