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The 18th Century Robe à la Polonaise: Research Summary – Démodé. Polonoise vue par derriere..., Gallerie des Modes et Costumes Français, 1780.

The 18th Century Robe à la Polonaise: Research Summary – Démodé

Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 44.1494: By Kendra Van Cleave Over the past few years, Brooke Welborn and I have been intensively researching the robe à la polonaise. Late 18th Century Skirt Supports: Bums, Rumps, & Culs – Démodé. By Kendra Van Cleave Originally published on Foundations Revealed: The Corset Maker’s Companion (May 2011).

Late 18th Century Skirt Supports: Bums, Rumps, & Culs – Démodé

Throughout the 18th century, fashionable women wore supports under their petticoats in order to create the desired silhouette. Hoops (called “paniers” in French) were rounded early in the century, but soon flattened into an oval shape that extended over the hips. Larger hoops were more popular in the mid-century, as well as for formal wear. However, by the mid- to late-1770s, changing dress styles included a new silhouette for women’s lower half. 18th century: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry. Introduction to 18th-Century Fashion. Formal ensemble, about 1765.

Introduction to 18th-Century Fashion

Museum no. T.137 to B.1932. EKDuncan - My Fanciful Muse: Late 18th Century French Fashions - Stockings. I adore vintage fashions and am especially intrigued by those items not usually seen in old fashion plates such as undergarments.

EKDuncan - My Fanciful Muse: Late 18th Century French Fashions - Stockings

I was thrilled to come across an interesting fashion plate from the 1770 - 1780's showing quite a bit of the ladies stocking and the ribbon garter she is about to use to anchor her legwear back in place. Naturally I wanted to have a bit of fun with the image, so I created this fun scene showing her trying to entice her escort in a peek. Women’s Hairstyles & Cosmetics of the 18th Century: France & England, 1750-1790 – Démodé. Just as fashions change, so too do styles in hairstyles and cosmetics.

Women’s Hairstyles & Cosmetics of the 18th Century: France & England, 1750-1790 – Démodé

The second half of the 18th century is an era particularly identified with hair and makeup, as these became such potent symbols of aristocracy during the Enlightenment and French Revolution. France and (to a lesser degree) England were the fashion leaders of this era, and it is to these countries that this article looks to identify the changing trends in hair and makeup. In addition to a review of secondary sources (published books and research articles) on the history of fashion in the 18th century, this article draws on paintings and fashion plates as primary sources to examine the fashionable look in beauty. While it is important to note that these sources probably idealized the subject, this is actually very useful for our purpose of determining the desired beauty ideal. Hair styling and cosmetics application had a particularly important function in France. When Fashion Becomes a Form of Protest. The Incroyables were born out of that crucible.

When Fashion Becomes a Form of Protest

They willfully flouted the rules, even going so far as to affect a form of speech where the letter “r,” being too reminiscent of the revolution, was omitted. The thus­ pronounced “Inc’oyables” had a healthy gallows humor. The Peasants - 18th Century Society. 18th Century Overview This website covers a wide variety of subjects relating to daily life in the 18th century.

The Peasants - 18th Century Society

These subjects include towns, agriculture, homes, clothing, leisure, transportation, religion, medicine, art, science and education. Each subject has various links relating to other similar topics. The website has very specific information for each category but only a modest amount for each. It explains the industrial revolution of Europe (mainly Britain). French fashion.

France is a leading country in the fashion design industry, along with Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States.

French fashion

Fashion is an important part of the country's cultural life and society, and the French are well known for their good taste in fashion. Haute couture and theee prêt-à-porter, among other fashion styles, remain part of French traditional life. France has many famous designers. French design became prominent during the 15th century through today. Eighteenth-Century French Fashion Plates in Full Color: 64 Engravings from the "Galerie des Modes, " 1778-1787: Stella Blum: 9780486243313: Books -

Paris in the 18th century. View of Paris from the Pont Neuf (1763) View of Place Louis XV (now Place de la Concorde) from the Left Bank, attributed to Alexandre-Jean Noël (about 1780) Paris at the end of the reign of Louis XIV[edit]

Paris in the 18th century