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The guide to implementing 2D platformers. Having previously been disappointed by the information available on the topic, this is my attempt at categorizing different ways to implement 2D platform games, list their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss some implementation details.

The guide to implementing 2D platformers

The long-term goal is to make this an exhaustive and comprehensible guide to the implementation of 2D platform games. If you have any sort of feedback, correction, request, or addition – please leave it in the comments! Disclaimer: some of the information presented here comes from reverse engineering the behavior of the game, not from its code or programmers. It’s possible that they are not ACTUALLY implemented in this way, and merely behave in an equivalent way.

Also note that tile sizes are for the game logic, graphical tiles might be of a different size. I can think of four major ways in which a platform game can be implemented. Type #1: Tile-based (pure) Character movement is limited to tiles, so you can never stand halfway between two tiles. Confaq42 - EDukeWiki. NOTE: All of the information on this page is from around 1999.

Confaq42 - EDukeWiki

Some of it is outdated, some of it is just plain incorrect -- this page exists merely to get you started with the very basics of CONs and does not cover any of the additional features introduced in EDuke and EDuke32. In the original DOS Duke 3D, the CON scripting language was relatively limited, and was mainly used to code simple AI routines for monsters and manipulate the player's inventory amounts. Most aspects of the game, such as weapon firing rates, camera positioning, and physics, could not be altered. Game Sprite Sheets. Quality Affordable Game Sprite Sheets.

Game Sprite Sheets

How to Create an Animated GIF Image with GIMP: 18 Steps. The 36 Plots. This article is descended from an article I wrote several years ago about plotted games, based on my interpretation of a book by Georges Polti called The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations.

The 36 Plots

There are several other improvisations on my article floating around the internet, and at least one independently written article similar to it. Parts of the Story Assuming a RPG is like a story, what are the different structural parts of the story and how do they work in the RPG? Plot. Basic form of the story, includes major incidents and encounters. Those who argue against storytelling within rpgs seem to say the GM's only jobs are setting and character (and maybe dialogue) and plot isn't important, much like slice of life writers argue with more traditional writers over the proper structure of short stories. ()The Mechanical Maniacs. 3D Flash Animator. FaceMaker by ~FoxRichards on deviantART. RPG RPG Revolution Forums > Sprite Creators.

Dungeon Theory. What dungeons are and why they exist.

Dungeon Theory

Dungeons are integral to a traditional RPG. Dungeons make up a large part of the gameplay, second only to actual combat. Because of this, any successful RPG must practice good dungeon design. Dungeons cannot be viewed as a perk, or a bonus, or the icing on the cake. Dungeons must be the focus, the star, and the cream-filled center. Home Brew & Independent Game Making Forums. Pixel Tutorials. These tutorials are still being written!

Pixel Tutorials

I try to add a new one whenever I have some free time to write. Sprite Sheet Maker - Make your sprite sheet in 20s. When starting to develop a game you need a big amount of image data.

Sprite Sheet Maker - Make your sprite sheet in 20s

For a 3d game this is the texture data that is projected on an object's surface - for a 2d game these are simply the objects and characters that bring your game to live. In both cases many images are required. While it is working at the beginning to use single images it has several disadvantages: Single files take a much more time to load When drawing the sprites on the screen the graphics processor must switch between the sprites which also consumes time Many files are hard to handle Many files consume much more memory. World/Starmap/Wilderness Map Creation Software. Art Assets for Game Developers « Let's Make Games. This page contains links to art assets for game developers.

Art Assets for Game Developers « Let's Make Games

If you have any suggestions (for new sites to list) or comments (on anything listed on this page already), please let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Free Resources General: Open Game Art: Free, legal art for open source game projects (includes models, sprites, textures, sounds, music).Free Game Arts: Promotes the use and development of free and “open source” game resources, including 3D models, sound effects, textures, games and development tools.WikiWorlds: The goal of this wiki is to create virtual worlds under a free content license.Psionic’s 3D Game Resources: Psionic’s “art website with free 3D models, textures, sound fx etc”.

Graphics (2D): The Big List Of Indie Game Marketing. Game Editor Tutorial. Making Games with Game Editor Game Editor is a multiplatform tool for 2D-games development based on events and actions.

Game Editor Tutorial

It is possible, with this tool, to create games in a quite intuitive way. Imagine that you have a large table at your disposition. Now, place on the table the objects that compose your game. On this table you can see all your game and have a good notion of the positioning of the objects. Some Basic Concepts Before beginning to use Game Editor, it's necessary to keep in mind some basic concepts. The Spriters Resource. Make Games! Inkscape. Draw Freely. "c+language+tutorial" - Pesquisa Google. Free Game Sprites, Medieval Sprite Packs, Game Characters and More. Download Free Sprite Maker - Create Sprites In Seconds. You are here: Home > Apps > SpriteMaker - free tool for creating spritesPublished: 19 Oct 2013by SpriteLand Use the free Sprite Maker tool to create your own sprites.

Download Free Sprite Maker - Create Sprites In Seconds

It is really easy to use and you can very quickly create a character with his own unique outfit. You will be creating your own sprites in seconds. When you have finished customising you can export out your sprite and use it in your sprite in a game or app. Download the latest version of SpriteMaker below: Tutorials: Creating a Walk Cycle, Designing Good Game Characters, and More. Moosader - Rachel J. Morris' projects, tutorials, and our game development community! Art asset resources - FreeGameDevWiki.