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Scroll Mantra is a leading digital and social agency based in New Delhi, India, We are providing seo, social media, sem and traditional pr services

PR agency in Delhi NCR, Top PR Agency in Gurgaon, Best PR Company. Social media marketing can be defined as the technique of gaining visibility and traffic through social media websites and apps.

PR agency in Delhi NCR, Top PR Agency in Gurgaon, Best PR Company

It can be used in tandem with other forms of marketing as well, and that is precisely the reason why it has gained immense popularity and importance in the digital sphere. Social media marketing goes hand-in-hand with content marketing. It provides the makers of content with endless inventory to post their content on. Social Media consists of a plethora of websites in its entirety. The likes of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ have opened up a limitless vault for marketers and brands alike. Tips To Get Your Business in Top-Tier Publications - Scroll Mantra. Almost every entrepreneur hopes to get their business in press and for most of them PR is a mystery.

Tips To Get Your Business in Top-Tier Publications - Scroll Mantra

They see their competitors in press and fight hard to figure out the magic formula. It’s something that every business wishes for but finds it difficult and elusive to achieve. Generally, client’s longings for Tier 1 media coverage are misguided. Public Relations is a valuable process and good press coverage in Tier 1 media outlet can open doors but one should know how to make use of the gained publicity. Public Relations basically is a strategy based communication process that aims to build mutually beneficial relations between the organization and their public.

Here are a few step by step frameworks that will earn you those shiny features for your landing page. Accepting only features and profile pieces in major media outlets severely diminishes your chances of getting covered. As most journalist, reporters or bloggers take their own time to do things. 5 Ways to Customer Retention with Social Media - Scroll Mantra. Nowadays, social media marketing has become a powerful weapon to communicate with customers.

5 Ways to Customer Retention with Social Media - Scroll Mantra

Getting feedback/reviews on your products or services is a must for brands or businesses to evolve and learn more about their consumer behaviour. Social Media helps you to engage with your customers and to keep them informed about your products/services and deepen your connection via posting interesting or engaging content. Here we discover five ways to increase customer retention via social media. Personal and Genuine Interactions. Retain More Clients- Strategies to Strengthen Your Business.

The easiest way to grow your business is to not lose your current clients.

Retain More Clients- Strategies to Strengthen Your Business

On an average, a business loses 19% of its clients annually by not being able to deliver customer relationships. For a lot of companies, meeting their clients’ demands is an arduous task. This is one of the major reasons for them to collaborate with PR agencies that help them build a positive image in the market fostering to client satisfaction. According to a survey, acquiring new clients can cost you five or seven times more than simply retaining your current customers. Tips for App Store Optimization - Scrollmantra. Development of Information technology and constant innovation in the fields of hardware, software, and networking has pushed the limits of how the IT ecosystem can integrate with our social and personal lives.

Tips for App Store Optimization - Scrollmantra

If we look back a decade ago, managing our daily chores with the help of apps did not sound possible; it’s actually fascinating how this has become a steady part of our lives. This trend has created a well organized B2C system of App development entities and App users. App development has become a viable opportunity for a business with steady cash flows and the huge scope of expansion. Developers face many challenges in this business, such as need of constant innovation, exploration of consumer needs, advertising, software developing and facing fierce competition; one of the major hurdles are “app store optimization”. This term signifies the activities taken up by developer entities in order to make their app more preferable and easy to find on the App store/Play store.

How to Gain Media Attention for Your Brand - Scroll Mantra. We all know how critical it is to have a solid marketing plan to successfully launch the brand you are promoting- a product, book or even your own personal brand for that matter.

How to Gain Media Attention for Your Brand - Scroll Mantra

Having a blended marketing approach is important, although, media alone plays a vital role in a campaign. With zillion of products hanging in the market vying for some kind of media attention, how do you feel yours is any different? Or may be how can you make it sound different? How to Gain Media Attention for Your Brand - Scroll Mantra. Graphic Design Trends For 2017 - Scroll Mantra. As we enter 2017- crazy, we know- it is a good idea to start looking in the world of design to see which graphic design trends are coming our way this year.

Graphic Design Trends For 2017 - Scroll Mantra

Graphic designing companies say it is important to know how to incorporate these design trends as 2017 looks promising to take design to a fresher, bolder level. The design world has seen its changes and updates and we very well know that change is the only constant. What we seem to notice is that various trends and styles play out much more quickly than they used to earlier. The rise in interest towards EB-5 in 2015 - LCR Capital. Check out the data detailing the growth in the number of I-526 petition approvals in 2015 Created by the United States government in an effort to attract foreign investment and boost economic growth and creation of jobs in the 1990s, the EB-5 Visa Program only gained visibility and importance over the last few years.

The rise in interest towards EB-5 in 2015 - LCR Capital

The 2008 crisis has generated strong economic impact around the world, but the United States have been recovering from it. With the renewed stability of the U.S. markets and the strengthening of the U.S. Dollar against other currencies, the country has been attracting investments from investors around the globe, as was to be expected, and the “American Dream” came back with an even stronger appeal, especially for the millionaires in China. The country with the world’s largest population has the largest percentage of EB-5 visa applications, with 87% of the total 8,773 visas issued in FY 2015.

Best Social Media Campaigns Of 2016 - Scroll Mantra. So the year has almost come to an end and this has been quite a year for social media campaigns.

Best Social Media Campaigns Of 2016 - Scroll Mantra

So far, we have seen some very interesting campaigns and unique use of social media. The social media marketing agencies are to gain a lot of appreciation in this case. So without any further ado, let’s have a quick look at some of the most influential social media campaigns for the year 2016. EB-5, EB 5 Lawyers, EB 5 Visa India, Immigration Law Firms. PR Trends to Watch Out For In 2017 - Scroll Mantra. Time for setting the budgets is almost here, 2017 is fast approaching and with it there are major shifts one has to look for in PR department.

PR Trends to Watch Out For In 2017 - Scroll Mantra

As said that before, PR has drastically evolved over the past few years and has become more than just gaining exposure and awareness about the brand. With advent of content and influencer marketing, hence widening the scope in Public relations, our PR professionals say, it is becoming extremely important for PR to continuously adapt. And the evolution of Social and Digital media has allowed ‘Word of Mouth’ to run at a very rapid pace, leading to digitally savvy consumers to debunk the traditional advertising methods and rather seek opinions of friends, celebrities and industry experts. To get set for 2017, here are the top trends your PR team must keep on radar to have an impactful journey.

Public relations professionals know it is very valuable for its brands to create high quality content. So there you have it. What are direct and indirect EB-5 investments? - LCR Capital. For many, the United States is one of the first destinations which come to mind when thinking about moving out of India. Despite many types of visas available that could grant American residency, the EB-5 investor visa is the most sought after. One of the reasons for this is that, it is one of the few visas which also grants residency to the immediate family of the investor. (This includes the investor’s spouse as well as his/her children who are 21 years of age or younger.) How do I prepare myself for an EB-5 investment and living in the US? - LCR Capital.

When thinking about moving from India to the United States permanently, many things must be taken into consideration. Things such as which visa is best for your economic and familial situation, how much will the process cost, is the process secure, where will you live, and more. After choosing to obtain the EB-5 investor visa as your ideal option and once you have the necessary capital (USD 500,000), you should start thinking about how you will make the EB-5 investment and about making the transition to the United States.

Choosing a safe venture is the first step. There are many possible investments, but it is necessary that you are sure that 10 new job positions for American citizens or permanent residents will be created within the 2 years span. Choose a place to live in the United States - LCR Capital. If you compare the EB-5 visa with other immigrant visas, you will see that it has the most advantages. One main advantage is the total independence the investor has. First, it is important to understand that there are two ways to apply for the EB-5 investor visa. It is possible to make a direct investment where the minimum amount is $1 million and the investor must run the business he/she invested in.

Obtaining a US citizenship by investing in the EB-5 program. Did you know that you can invest in the US to get an American citizenship? This is one of the benefits of the EB-5 program, which grants permanent residence visas to people who invest in a business in the country, under certain conditions. After 5 years of living in the country with a green card, you can apply for the citizenship. Being an American citizen is, without a doubt, the best way to live in the United States. The possibility of lifetime residence in the country, without limitation of days out of the country is definitely a benefit. Before achieving citizenship, however, you must live in the country legally and the ways to get residence visas are not always simple.

Integrating Digital Marketing with Public Relations. So no denying it, the world is shifting to the digital space, consuming all kind of information through digital means; mobile phones, laptops or desktops. While there are the ones who’ve grown up with smartphones and internet are very well embracing the new brave world of versatility and speed. Before we totally grab on the benefits of Digital Marketing for our business growth, you can’t ignore the fact that Public Relations is equally important for any business or organisation effectiveness.

How long will it take for me to obtain a Green Card through EB-5 visa? EB-5, EB 5 Lawyers, EB 5 Visa India, Immigration Law Firms. EB 5 Visa Program, EB-5 Regional Center, Immigrant Investor Program. PR Agency in Delhi. Scroll Mantra Digital and Social Media Company India. How can a PR agency help you with Crises Management? Indian startups that received Mammoth funding this year - The Indian startup community has truly taken off and made its mark by factors like huge funding, innovative ideas, evolving technology and booming domestic market. The numbers are telling—from 4000 new businesses in 2014 to a projection of more than 12,000 by 2020, this is certainly not a passing pattern. It’s an revolution. What’s more, is that it’s going to change the way the business sectors are working today in India.

In this story, we have listed the Top 10 Indian startups that received Mammoth funding this year: 1. This 8 year old e-commerce company has raised a total amount of $3.4 billion from global investors and is keen to capitalize on India’s growing e-commerce market and a rising middle class which has become more comfortable with the fact of online shopping. 2., India’s second largest e-commerce online portal has raised $500 mn in fresh funds. 3. The Most Amazing Things that Happened in India 2015 - The New Year is finally here and we welcome year 2016 with a hope that this year would be even better from that of 2015 in every terms. In 2015 India has experienced many good things, which does indicate that Indians masses are on their way to prosperity and well-being.

How to create a perfect PR plan for your brand. Drafting a PR plan is a quintessential part of overall marketing strategy for any consumer brand. 10 Clever Social Media Campaigns that Went Viral in 2015. 1. Ask Me Anything – #AskMeGetit. 10 Clever Social Media Campaigns that Went Viral in 2015. 1. Lenovo India – #VibeUpMyLife Problem With number of phones dispatching every other day, it’s truly difficult to make your phone emerge among a troupe of cell phones. How to optimize your video for search engines. When you land on a website, do you end up reading all of the text on the page? The chances are, you don’t. Everything You Need to Know About Google's Mobile Update. There is no doubt about it that Google is driving mobile revolution now. Considering the fact that Google is the world largest mobile platform provider with “Android”. The Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management. Understanding Online Reputation Management (ORM) The Internet and social media have made online reputation management a very real concern because there are so many online platforms are available today to publish positive or negative content to influence the overall marketing strategy of a brand.

Today if you have a business, you can’t afford to ignore the online conversation about you or your business. How to choose the right social media platform (Infographic) A data driven guide for marketing on Twitter in 2015. [sociallocker id=”3798″]OK, Let’s face it that we Indians are crazy about buying and browsing products online. According to an article published in Business Standard magazine on 6th February 2015, E-Commerce in India is spanning at phenomenal pace and is expected to grow from 2.9 bn to 100 bn by 2020. In the image below, you can clearly notice the co-relation and growth between E-commerce and social media in India. 10 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2015. 15 free resources every designer should use. Looking back at what Indians did on Twitter in 2014. 6 Google Chrome Extensions for Every Digital Marketer. The Psychology of Colors in Digital Marketing and Branding. 7 steps for digital advertising in India- Scroll Mantra. Choosing between a Facebook business page and Website.

Why being a “Communication Professional” a lucrative career. Scroll Mantra Most trusted internet marketing tools in 2014. 6 smart ways to pitch your brand story more effectively. Scroll Mantra How effectively are you using Social Media for your brand? Scroll Mantra 7 Most effective marketing ideas for Facebook with zero investment. Scroll Mantra 8 techniques to improve your social media efforts significantly! Scroll Mantra Digital and Social Media Company India.