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All Conversations. Rachel Swirsky’s Short Story Recommendations, 2012. I read approximately 540 pieces of short fiction this year.

Rachel Swirsky’s Short Story Recommendations, 2012

I didn’t separate those into short story, novelette, and novella until after I had selected which pieces I wanted to recommend. I used some of my normal techniques for finding stories, including recommendations and picking up stories by specific authors. I didn’t spend as much time looking for reccs this year, though, because I decided to spend my time reading whole magazines. Afterlife by Sarah Langan. Mary Hogan wrote the word Afterlife in red chalk while the children whispered.

Afterlife by Sarah Langan

There was an urgency to their words, like spoken prayers. “Now, now. Pay attention.” Mary’s prim voice bounced against the dusty attic walls. Armless Maidens of the American West. There’s an armless maiden in the woods beyond the house.

Armless Maidens of the American West

Wild Things by Alyx Dellamonica. Searching for Slave Leia by Sandra McDonald. Immersion by Aliette de Bodard. Mantis Wives by Kij Johnson. "As for the insects, their lives are sustained only by intricate processes of fantastic horror.

Mantis Wives by Kij Johnson

" —John Wyndham. Eventually, the mantis women discovered that killing their husbands was not inseparable from the getting of young. How to Stop Being Shy and Start Making Friends. If you don’t have a nice circle of friends, that are fun and who also encourage you to get ahead in life, then you’re either shy about meeting and making friends, or you’re not exactly sure about how to do it.

How to Stop Being Shy and Start Making Friends

On the other hand, perhaps you’re already trying to meet new people, but you’re getting the results you want, because you’re not using the best strategies that could easily bring great people into your life. In this article, I want to share with you how you can stop shyness from sabotaging your social life, and how to start meeting friends. How to Stop Being Shy – Competence over Confidence If you want to “beat” your shyness by learning to build confidence, it can take you a long time, because shyness is deeply wired into your emotions. 'Agent Garbo,' The Spy Who Lied About D-Day. Hide captionJuan Pujol Garcia in his uniform as a lieutenant in the Spanish Republican Army.

'Agent Garbo,' The Spy Who Lied About D-Day

Courtesy Tamara Kreisler Juan Pujol Garcia in his uniform as a lieutenant in the Spanish Republican Army. hide captionThe former spy's Venezuelan passport. The former spy's Venezuelan passport. Juan Pujol Garcia lived a lie that helped win World War II. 10 of the Weirdest Futurist Scenarios for the Evolution of Humanity. Curious to know which of these visions you feel is the most and least plausible.

10 of the Weirdest Futurist Scenarios for the Evolution of Humanity

I've got to hand it to you, Mr. Dvorsky. A lot of those ideas are pretty hair-brained, but you were able to weave an article from them anyhow. I would have given up at five, perhaps, although I'm glad you mentioned the likes of the VHEMT and others. How artificial intelligences will see us. Pocket : The Chernobyl that nobody wants. 6 Possible Secrets to Happiness, According to Science. As a scientist, let me add my 6 cents to the discussion: 1.

6 Possible Secrets to Happiness, According to Science

This may actually work. Where Memes Really Come From. Here is why dinosaurs with feathers were f**king scary. One physical phenomenon that orders our entire universe. Arsenal v Manchester City - as it happened! The geography of abortion access in the United States. Well...

The geography of abortion access in the United States

Sperm carries the potential for life. So everyone that has ever masturbated or had a wet dream snuffed out potential life. Therefore committing genocide. And every time a woman has her period or miscarries, she's snuffing out life. Damn... Or maybe life isn't just a bundle of non-sentient cells and we are not killing someone. The 36 Greatest Supervillain Musical Numbers of All Time. 10 Best Gonzo Science Fiction Movies in the Whole Crazy Universe.

Repo Man gave us this brilliant piece of dialogue. J. Frank Parnell: Ever been to Utah? Ra-di-a-tion. Yes, indeed. The Semi-Definitive Algorithm to Why Nerds Freak Out About Things. For me, personally, I'm not freaking out over the idea of Jimmy changing to Jenny because I already see the movie as a failure due to the changes to the more iconic elements. If the rumor/news of Jenny had come out before I saw the suit I may have been a little upset, though. But after the issue I have with the suit, for instance, I just don't give a shit about other changes. A detailed view of Betelgeuse on a collision course with a nearby wall of dust. The Liberals' War on Science.


The Disappeared - By Frank Dikötter. For decades, the Soviet Union hid its horrors behind the Iron Curtain. The worst of them was Joseph Stalin's man-made famine in Ukraine and southern Russia, the result of his program of forced rural collectivization that claimed the lives of 7 to 10 million people in 1932 and 1933. Land, property, livestock, even houses were requisitioned as farmers became state employees forced to deliver ever higher grain quotas. Shooting dead people. The Life of Pi, and Other Infinities. Amnesia and the Self That Remains When Memory Is Lost - Daniel Levitin. Clyde Hill kerfuffle: John Olerud's big view vs. the preacher’s pine tree. Tree-hugging and property rights converge, as a settlement is offered in vain and a legal showdown looms over Clyde Hill's constitutionally questionable view-protection law. Jerry Seinfeld Intends to Die Standing Up. Vianna Roman, Alleged Queen of L.A.’s Harpys Gang. A gift for the season that keeps on giving.

Even for an economist, it is the act of giving that matters, writes Tim Harford Merry Christmas! Death at Yosemite: The Story Behind Last Summer's Hantavirus Outbreak. Single-walled canvas tent cabins still standing at Yosemite National Park. Yours, Mine, but Not Ours. Why the politics of national security means that we’re all living in failed Hobbesian states. Political fear is universal, but its language is particular. Racism is one language of fear; risk assessment is another. How a Simple Smartphone Can Turn Your Car, Home, or Medical Device into a Deadly Weapon. Embodied Cognition: Our Inner Imaginings of the World Around Us Make Us Who We Are [Excerpt]