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Computer Science

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The Most Important Algorithms (Survey) After a long discussion with some of my RISC colleagues about what the 5 most important algorithms on the world are, we couldn't reach a consensus on this question.

The Most Important Algorithms (Survey)

So I suggested to perform a little survey. The criterion for suggestions was that these algorithms should be widely used. Further we restrict ourselves to the fields of computer science and mathematics. As I expected the number of different suggestions is close to 5 * (no. of participants) Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes.

Web Design & Programming

Hacking. SCOPE - Augmented Reality Toys.v3. Coding. Linux on board: This old box: Home automation using X10. Understanding X10 The X10 protocol is a fairly primitive tool for transmitting data over power lines.

Linux on board: This old box: Home automation using X10

Perhaps because it is fairly primitive, it's also fairly robust, although a good line filter or surge suppressor can probably defeat it.