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From common guidelines to vital functions, here’s all you need to know about HR Policy Development. Continuous Improvement – The role of Organizational Reviews Understanding The Structural Reviews and its Process In order to achieve organizational goals, organizations structure their business activities and allocate their human resources at a point in time.

From common guidelines to vital functions, here’s all you need to know about HR Policy Development

Often, this fundamental link between structure and strategy is not revisited in a holistic way for a long time. More often, minor ‘tweaks’ are made via mini structural reviews that might be driven by funding changes or other external factors. These ad hoc adjustments can mean that what was once a logical, efficient and effective organizational structure is now compromised. Organizational Review Process starts with gaining clarity around current organizational performance, the intended problems to be fixed or resourcing model to be applied, and then begin a careful structural review involving a ‘form follows function’ or ‘structure follows strategy’ style of approach. Essential Steps to Resolving Workplace Conflicts. Essential Steps to Resolving Workplace Conflicts When individuals, who often come from diverse backgrounds and work experiences, are placed into to a work environment, sometimes conflicts and disputes can result in the workplace through a variety of reasons.

Essential Steps to Resolving Workplace Conflicts

Workplace conflict has long been a major concern for businesses and companies across all industries. Not only does conflict in the workplace lead to employee stress (particularly if its but when overlooked or left unresolved for extended periods), the conflict also affects the overall business productivity and performance. As a simple reminder, the following points provide guidance to managers and supervisors confronted with employee conflicts at work. Do not ignore The very first thing you need to do as soon as you get aware of the presence of possible conflict in your workplace, is not to overlook the situation.

Investigate thoroughly Taking immediate action doesn’t mean reaching a conclusion instantly. Meet with both parties together. 3 Times When Only Hiring an HR Consultant Will Do For Your Organisation. 3 Times When Only Hiring an HR Consultant Will Do For Your Organisation Its usual for businesses in the ‘start-up’ phase to begin by looking after everything themselves as during the early days costs need to be tightly managed, staff numbers are often small and the scale of operations is usually limited. However, eventually every business grows and changes, and so does its needs and employment related risks. And this is the phase where it often becomes difficult for organisations to keep a proper focus on what’s happening ‘in’ the business at the same time as thinking about working ‘on’ the business.

Fraud, bribery and corruption. Fraud, bribery and corruption A critical management issue is addressing the risks associated with fraud, bribery and corruption.

Fraud, bribery and corruption

The financial and reputational consequences to your business of not doing enough to tackle these problems are increasing. Our team are experienced in forensic investigations, and risk management. The majority of our team hold Diplomas in Investigator Services and investigation licenses where required under local laws in the relevant jurisdications. Members of our team also hold an Australian Government Security clearance. Fraud, bribery and corruption. Facilitation. Facilitation Services HBA Consulting has extensive experience and expertise in the design and delivery of facilitation services to a broad and deep range of public and private sector clients.


Our previous facilitation assignments have included: planning and working party facilitations staff consultative forums stakeholder consultation groups organisational change workshops focus group sessions training programs As an example of how we approach the design and implementation of facilitated processes, the following table summarises the approach used by HBA Consulting when invited to conduct a series of more than 10 focus groups from staff from a large public sector organisation, in order to elicit an improved organisational understanding of specific poor recent results in the latest organisational staff survey.

HBA Consulting - Human Resources Training & Planning. For more information about how HBA Consulting can assist you with Human Resource Management related issues, please contact: Gary ChampionPrincipal HBA Consulting Tel : (02) 62474490Mobile : 0419401250 Human Resource Planning Human resource planning is the process that links the human resource needs of an organisation to its strategic plan.

HBA Consulting - Human Resources Training & Planning

The intent of this planning process is to ensure that the human resource structures, processes, policies, procedures and operations are aligned and resourced to support the achievement of the organisation's objectives. Human resource planning is increasingly becoming a recognised as a vital organisational element for maintaining a competitive advantage and reducing employee turnover, but has often been disconnected from business strategy. Using HBA Consulting's robust 9 element 'Human Resource practice areas framework, we can assist organisations to: Human resources training HR Practitioners Boot Camp. Strategic Human Resource Management Canberra, Staff Surveys Services. Strategic Human Resource Management HBA Consulting offers a dedicated Human Resource Management consulting service - HBA HR.

Strategic Human Resource Management Canberra, Staff Surveys Services

This complements the established industrial relations and workplace investigations services we provide to clients. HBA HR offers an extensive range of HR advisory services to organisations in both the public and private sectors. The service is underpinned by the broad and deep experience of all of our consultants, which enables us to bring to all of our assignment a high level of experience and professionalism, with a strong focus on delivering quality advice and assistance to our clients.