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ScottsdaleBizz is a custom software, web and mobile development company in Scottsdale, Az. We're specialist in areas such as website design, web development, mobile application development (iPhone & Android), Custom Wordpress design, eCommerce development, logo design, digital marketing, search engine optimization, website consulting services, digital marketing, online advertising and more for all types of market industries and of all sizes, from start-ups and medium-sized businesses to large firms. We deliver data-driven marketing, high-quality development packages designed to minimize your cost and maximize your profits.

eCommerce Web Design Company in Scottsdale, USA. Top Scottsdale SEO Agency. Scottsdalebizz is an SEO service provider agency in Scottsdale.

Top Scottsdale SEO Agency

When you want to be ranked on Page 1 of the Google search results, call us. Given the state of the small business marketplace, and in particular the marketplace in 2020 and 2021, it’s even more critical today than ever before to use SEO services to rank your company. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on two goals. The first is helping your company’s website place into a high-ranking position on Google search results. The second is increasing the number of calls and inquires your business needs to both sustain and grow.

According to a Statista in and April 2020 report, over 86% of all search web traffic comes from Google. Source: STATISTA: Scottsdale Web Design Company. A website is a reflection not only of your company but of you, your brand, and what you believe.

Scottsdale Web Design Company

It’s the handshake you have with potential customers when they meet you through their first visit to your site. Software Development Company Scottsdale, USA. Software Application Development Technology is shrinking.

Software Development Company Scottsdale, USA

Calculations that used to take an aircraft hanger full of servers to perform are now performed on smartphones in your pocket. Using Cross-Platform Development Tools to Save Money on Mobile App Development. August 6, 2020 Better, faster, cheaper.

Using Cross-Platform Development Tools to Save Money on Mobile App Development

That is the mantra of today’s digital world, and for good reason, especially when it comes to mobile app development. There is a lot of what is referred to as cross-development tools coming into the marketplace, all of them with the same general claim of “we can do it better, faster and cheaper” than their competitor, but what is cross-platform functionality and why does it even exist? If you need a mobile app for Android or an app for Apple, why not just build one for each? The short answer is the economies of scale.

It does not make sense to build an app on Android, then build the exact same app on the Apple platform. Which Development Platform You Should Choose For Your Company’s Next Mobile App. Jan 25 Deciding Which Development Platform You Should Choose For Your Company’s Next Mobile App One of the biggest myths in the small business community is that once you build source code for your smart-phone app, the same source code will work on other platforms.

Which Development Platform You Should Choose For Your Company’s Next Mobile App

Bad news – that assumption is wrong. Currently, there are three dominant mobile app platforms; iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Within these platforms are numerous sub-platforms. Why is SEO a must for businesses to grow in 2020 ? Today every business needs an online presence, the world is now going online.

Why is SEO a must for businesses to grow in 2020 ?

If your business is not online then you are losing a lot of customers. People are now searching online for their needs rather than visiting the store physically. Local SEO Service Scottsdale, AZ. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was technically born alongside the emergence of the Internet, but in the early years, it was the website domain name that dominated how people used the Internet.

Local SEO Service Scottsdale, AZ

Today, Google accounts for nearly 80% of all initial search traffic, and it’s this reliability on search engines by consumers that has produced an ever increasing demand for SEO. One important element of SEO is making your web page understandable and uncomplicated for both the user and search engine spiders and robots. Although search engines have grown into an extremely complex set of algorithms and processes, they still lack the ability to interpret websites the way people do. Software Development Company Scottsdale - Software Development Scottsdale, AZ. With today’s highly competitive landscape, custom software development has become integral to the small business enterprise.

Software Development Company Scottsdale - Software Development Scottsdale, AZ

Mobile App Development Company Scottsdale, AZ. The advancement of mobile technology has greatly changed the way we live our daily lives, and with the continuous advancement of smart technologies, people have begun using smartphones to improve their daily routines and access information anywhere at anytime.

Mobile App Development Company Scottsdale, AZ

Enterprise mobility has also become essential to business success. Mobility solutions must be carefully planned, well designed, and developed specifically to meet an organization’s operational productivity goals, maintain worker engagement, and improve system procedures. Mobile development has also unlocked us from the wired world. Portable apps give employees the ability to take action from anywhere using Wi-Fi or the carrier’s wireless signal, expanding a company’s capacity to work from virtually anywhere. Managing tailored customer content is made easy with apps such as iBeacon, and Estimote. Website Design trends for business in 2020. When was the last time you updated your website?

Website Design trends for business in 2020

2020 is running quickly, it already completed 2 months and the new trends are emerging. Its time to rejuvenate your website. With the new changes in the look of the website, the flow of traffic could be increased with an eye-catchy look. There are plenty of ways where you can revitalize your website's look. Maybe this is the time for a change! Website design is an important factor in deciding whether the visitors stays or not. Dark mode Option In 2019 the world was introduced with the dark mode feature.

Dark mode background highlights design elements, by using certain colors and designs. Voice User Interface Design In recent years, Voice User Interfaces have increased rapidly. It would take less effort for users as they have to communicate with the website through voice commands. Animation & Motion Effects. Custom Software Development Company Scottsdale.