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Water Fluoridation

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FLUORIDE: What's The Problem? The Hidden Agenda Behind Fluoride [Dr. Stanley Monteith] West Midlands campaigners vow to stop fluoridation of Birmingham drinking water. Dr Robert Verkerk briefs Truth Juice campaigners Governments who support fluoridation always seem surprised when they find the public are not happy having a waste product of the fertilizer industry put into their drinking water.

West Midlands campaigners vow to stop fluoridation of Birmingham drinking water

Especially when they know that governments who sanction this ‘public health measure’ know full well that it harms young children, the very group it’s intended to help. At the Truth Juice meeting in Birmingham earlier this week, to which Rob Verkerk (ANH-Intl’s executive and scientific director) was asked to present, a fired-up audience discovered a fact that was hard to swallow. The European Commission was informed by one of its own committees, that drinking water fluoridation would likely cause any child under 6 who consumed over a litre of water to exceed the EU’s safe level if they also used fluoridated toothpaste. Rob Verkerk’s short video commentary Anti-fluoridation petitions defended successfully in the European Parliament Irish campaign pressure continues. Chemist declares fluoride to be 'one of the greatest public health threats of modern times'

(NaturalNews) Ingesting artificial fluoride chemicals does not prevent tooth decay, but rather destroys your insides and leads to the development of cancer and other illnesses.

Chemist declares fluoride to be 'one of the greatest public health threats of modern times'

These are the disturbing findings of an assessment recently compiled by award-winning chemist, author, and founder of, Shane Ellison. Frustrating more than 50 years of bad science that has claimed the exact opposite, Ellison's appraisal of fluoride's negative effects on the body shows once again why removing fluoride from public water supplies is crucial to public health. And health freedom advocates must step up to be the educational catalyst for bringing about this change nationwide. "Once ingested, fluoride compounds attack the structural integrity of our insides," says Ellison.

"Collagen, a web-like network connecting our skeletal system to muscles, is torn apart by fluoride. So why does artificial water fluoridation continue to persist in many towns and cities across America today? Fluoride Action Network. IQ Study from Iran Reveals the Effects of Fluoride Exposure. As of September 2016, a total of 57 studies have investigated the relationship between fluoride and human intelligence, and over 40 studies have investigated the relationship fluoride and learning/memory in animals.

IQ Study from Iran Reveals the Effects of Fluoride Exposure

Of these investigations, 50 of the 57 human studies have found that elevated fluoride exposure is associated with reduced IQ, while 45 animal studies have found that fluoride exposure impairs the learning and/or memory capacity of animals. The human studies, which are based on IQ examinations of over 12,000 children, provide compelling evidence that fluoride exposure during the early years of life can damage a child’s developing brain.

After reviewing 27 of the human IQ studies, a team of Harvard scientists concluded that fluoride’s effect on the young brain should now be a “high research priority.” (Choi, et al 2012). Quick Facts About the 50 Studies: Methodological Limitations. 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation. 1) Fluoride is the only chemical added to water for the purpose of medical treatment.

50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies fluoride as a drug when used to prevent or mitigate disease (FDA 2000). As a matter of basic logic, adding fluoride to water for the sole purpose of preventing tooth decay (a non-waterborne disease) is a form of medical treatment. All other water treatment chemicals are added to improve the water’s quality or safety, which fluoride does not do. 2) Fluoridation is unethical.

Put another way: Does a voter have the right to require that their neighbor ingest a certain medication (even if it is against that neighbor’s will)? 3) The dose cannot be controlled. 4) The fluoride goes to everyone regardless of age, health or vulnerability. 5) People now receive fluoride from many other sources besides water. 6) Fluoride is not an essential nutrient. 7) The level in mothers’ milk is very low. 8 ) Fluoride accumulates in the body. 23) Fluoride may lower IQ. P. Albuquerque, NM Ends Water Fluoridation!   Fluoride is no longer being added to Albuquerque’s drinking water.

Albuquerque, NM Ends Water Fluoridation!  

City officials argued supplemental fluoride is not necessary to meet current standards, but a local dentist said they should think twice. “It is virtually indisputable that fluoride reduces, drastically reduces, the incidents of tooth decay in the general population,” Dr. Paul Dunn said. In the past few decades, Dunn said the number of patients he sees with dental problems, from tooth aches to cavities, has dramatically decreased.

“A lot of this is due to municipal water fluoridation,” Dunn said. Dollar for dollar, Dunn said supplemental water fluoridation is the single most cost-effective public health measure to reduce dental disease, but it is something Albuquerque residents will no longer be receiving when taking a sip of water from the tap. “We’re going to err on the side of caution,” said David Morris, with the Water Authority. But some residents are worried about the potential health impact. Source: