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Scott Gram Antiques, We’ve been dealing in fine antiques. We specialize in art glass, jewelry, silver, antique dolls, bronze, etc...

What You Need to Know the Get the Most for Your Fine Jewelry? That diamond engagement ring your ex gave you some years back, the ruby necklace your aunt left you when she passed, the gold watch you used to wear but have retired to a forgotten jewelry box that sits on your dresser – there comes a time that you may be ready to let go of your treasures.

What You Need to Know the Get the Most for Your Fine Jewelry?

If that day comes, and you want to sell your fine jewelry, there are a few things you should know so you can get the most money possible. Fine Jewelry Buyers Fine jewelry buyers as well as antique jewelry buyers are certainly not all created equally. Some are professionals who take great pride in what they do. They are experts in the industry and operate with the utmost integrity, paying fair market value for fine and antique jewelry. Quick do’s and don’ts before you sell antique gold coins - Scott Gram Antiques. Whether you had it in your stars to inherit an impressive collection of coins from your grandparents or you have it as a hobby, there may come a time when you want to know it’s worth.

Quick do’s and don’ts before you sell antique gold coins - Scott Gram Antiques

After all, you gave it a whole lot of time even when you just stared and admired it for years. But, beware of the "sharks" that would love to take advantage of you before, you rush the collection to antique coin buyers. The good news is the majority of the market is filled with genuine coin dealers as they run their businesses with integrity and fairness.However, arming yourself with some knowledge further than finding the sign of ‘ we buy gold and silver bullion’ could keep you off the deception. Additionally, it saves you from the pitfalls of selling your collection below its market value. Top 5 ways to secure the best deal when selling antiques online. The heirloom silverware tray, tea set is a luxury your forefathers left you with and now, it is just a piece lying there just for you to admire while passing by.

Top 5 ways to secure the best deal when selling antiques online

But, what it really could offer you is some quick cash. Be it a spoon set, silverware or inherited jewelry, your antique piece could land you a great deal, if you know the right ways to go about it. Additionally, these antique pieces carry a certain worth with the memories that dates back to the person owning them. Scott Gram Antiques Buys Fine Art Oil Paintings. If you are looking for fine art buyers so you can sell your fine art oil paintings or need an antique oil painting buyer, be sure to check out Scott Gram Antiques.

Scott Gram Antiques Buys Fine Art Oil Paintings

We are experts in the industry and we buy fine art of all types. You’ll not find any fine art dealer who pays more than we do or who will treat you more fairly. 6 Amusing Facts About The Chinese Porcelain Your Own. If, you happen to drop by at Chinese porcelain buyers on your way back home, you would be surprised by the interesting facts they have to offer that may catch your attention.

6 Amusing Facts About The Chinese Porcelain Your Own

We buy antique porcelain thinking about the peculiarity it carries but, little do we actually know the back story. Not anymore as it is time to be informed about your assets, to have a backup plan when it is really needed. So, we give you a short tour to the Porcelain world of awesomeness with things you should keep in mind about the make of Chinese porcelain. Genuine Porcelain is glass-like and water-resistant: The original porcelain is Chinese porcelain manufactured in Jingdezhe. All genuine porcelain except Bone China is based on the recipe of a mixture of the materials kaolin and petuntse into a clay, which is then shaped and fired at around 1300°C and over. Porcelain should be both beautiful and practical. Source = Where to Sell My Antique: Finding Antique and Collectible Dealers Near Me. It can be exciting to speculate on the value of something that has been passed down in your family for a longtime.

Where to Sell My Antique: Finding Antique and Collectible Dealers Near Me

It might have a lot of sentimental value because you associate it with beloved grandparents or because your family take a lot of pride in a particular vase, statue, or other piece of artwork. It becomes part of the fabric of your family, but, is it actually valuable and where can you sell it? We Buy Gold and Silver Bullion: How Our Company Pans Out. Gold and silver bullion is one of the most lucrative liquid assets to sell…but, only if you do it right.

We Buy Gold and Silver Bullion: How Our Company Pans Out

We’ve provided some tips of the trade so you can sift out gold and silver bullion buyers and get the most return. The Best Ways to Sell Silver & Gold bullion First and foremost, the biggest mistake made when getting a gold and silver bullion appraisal is to assume that all bullion buyers are looking out for your best interest.

Many are not. It’s imperative that you only do business with gold and silver bullion buyers that are reputable and who have a great reputation. Antique & Collectibles Dealers Gilbert, Arizona - Scott Gram Antiques, Inc. Today, you can find so many antique collectors in the city, but what’s to be careful about is the pricing and their genuinity.

Antique & Collectibles Dealers Gilbert, Arizona - Scott Gram Antiques, Inc.

Remember that antiques are precious items, so buyers benefit heavily by investing into even a single piece. It can be an item that has to be sold quickly because you need cash and cannot maintain it any longer in the estate home. Whatever be the reason, opting for us – Scott Gram Antiques is the best option due to our expertise in the antique market. Trusted And Reliable Dealers in The Antique Market For Decades Scott Gram Antiques has been in the business of dealing with antiques since 1982. Due to the wide range of items that we buy and evaluate, we have vast experience in dealing with various types of antiques. Art Glass Archives - Scott Gram Antiques, Inc. Antique Buyers in Sun Lakes, Arizona - Scott Gram Antiques, Inc. Today, one market that’s really flourishing is antiques, due to the huge interest people have in items made carefully by hand centuries ago.

Antique Buyers in Sun Lakes, Arizona - Scott Gram Antiques, Inc.

Some of the most beautiful antiques works, which at one point of time were actually used everyday…… are now found in antique stores, which makes each one a prized possession. Selling antiques should be done carefully as otherwise you can be given a very low amount, that’s really unfair on the real worth of an item. Look into us – Scott Gram Antiques as we purchase such items giving more in return than any other store in the city.

Scott Gram Antiques To Get The Highest Price On Your Precious Antiques SWhen it comes to selling antiques, getting the best price can be time consuming and cumbersome. Scott Gram Antiques has been in the business of dealing with antiques since 1982. Over the years, we have built a reputation of being the best dealer in the antiques market. Tiffany Favrile glass - Scott Gram Antiques, Inc. Tips for Making the Most Money When Selling Antiques - Scott Gram Antiques, Inc. Today everyone is looking to make some extra money on the side.

Tips for Making the Most Money When Selling Antiques - Scott Gram Antiques, Inc.

We look for different sources of income. One of the most attractive options for making some money on the side can be selling antiques. When you inherit antique jewelry, furniture, artwork, place settings and similar items from a family member it can be a potential source of extra income. Many younger people today simply don’t want to keep the antiques they inherit, so those family heirlooms end up in the hands of local antique buyers. Look into Scott Gram Antiques To Sell Your Antique #ChinesePorcelain Items. Are you looking for an antique porcelain buyer? Perhaps you are trying to figure out what to do with the porcelain collection you just inherited. Or, maybe you’ve lost interest in your Chinese porcelain artifact and would like to sell it. You may even be wondering where to sell Asian porcelain.

We are a Leader among Antique Porcelain Buyers If you’re searching for a Chinese porcelain dealer, check us out. Where to sell Antique Silver? Before you rush out to sell your antique silver, there are a few things you should be aware of…Whether you have inherited the sterling flatware or antique silver & have just decided it is time to let go of your collection, taking the time to find the best antique buyer near me and dealing with an experienced antique silver dealer will certainly pay off in the long run. Where can I sell my Antique Silver? If you are thinking of selling it to a pawn shop or gold and silver exchange, scrap that idea. Know How to Test Gold, Platinum and Silver Purity? Instructions for Scratch Testing. When you inherit a fine piece of antique jewelry or purchase one it might not be in the best condition simply due to age. That might make determining the purity of the metal and even whether it is actually gold, platinum and silver a bit tricky.

Even when antique jewelry is a good condition the untrained eye (and sometime even the trained eye) might have some difficulty determining the purity of the metal. Even experienced antique jewelry buyers can sometimes have trouble with determining the purity of it. That is why there is, what is popularly referred to, as a scratch test to establish the purity of gold, platinum and silver. Scott Gram Antiques - Provide Highest Price, Expert Advice On Antiques. Managing antique items can be really difficult as they have to be cleaned and also polished meticulously, they generally require a level of maintenance & upkeep. Special care has to be taken for maintenance to ensure the item is in proper condition. However, when such maintenance becomes cumbersome, you may consider selling the antique to a reputable antique buyers Mesa store, where you can get the best price for it.

The experts here will give detailed information on the antique’s features, condition, handiwork etc, based on which you can decide to sell the item or not. Sell Your Precious Antiques To Us – Your Experts In Antique Dealership Scott Gram Antiques is a reliable, authorized, trusted & one of the leading dealers in antique items. We offer the highest value so rest assured when you come to us, the prices offered are the best. Top Dollar Prices Paid. Scott Gram Antiques – Reliable Antique Dealer Tempe Offering The Best Offer For Your Antiques. When inheriting an antique, what you will notice right away is its condition and quality. At time, you will be able to guess the age of the item but at other times when it is in a very dilapidated stage and needs some maintenance or cleaning work, it look nothing more than mere scrap, hence you are unable to tell it age or value.

Come to Scott Gram Antiques, reputed Antique Buyers Tempe to get the detailed information on your precious antique and sell it at the best price. Why Opt For Scott Gram Antiques? The antique market is huge, encompassing a wide range of ancient artifacts ranging from swords to silverware, oil paintings, porcelain items and much more. Every antique piece has a story behind it, a large history that makes it very interesting and also features that make it distinct, unique. Top Dollar Prices Paid. Reach Out Today to the Best Antique Buyers in Phoenix Metro Area. Looking to sell Art Glass? At Scott Gram Antiques, we buy art glass of all sizes, types, and origins. Glass is our passion. Whether you are looking for Tiffany art glass buyers, Steuben art glass buyers, or any other kind of glass dealers, contemporary or antique, you can count on us to pay the highest prices in the industry.

Looking for Antique Buyers in Paradise Valley? Look No Further. Finding the Best Antique Buyer in Phoenix Metro Area. Best Art Glass Buyers- Scott Gram Antiques. Best Customer Service in Antique and Fine Art Oil Painting Buying. Where to Sell My Antique Porcelain? How to Get the most Money When Selling Your Antique? Important thing you need to know before Selling Antique Jewelry. Where Can I Sell My Antique Bronze? Interesting Facts about Finding the Best Antique Silver Buyer. Sell your antiques to Best Antique Buyers - Scott Gram Antiques.