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Exotic Animal breeders/ information

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Lost River Game Farm. My web Site was updated 8-6-2014 I have a litter of Britany pups for sale.

Lost River Game Farm

Born 3rd week of July. Out of Penny and Louie, both guide dogs for us. Parents are registered, we are not going to register the pups. Asking $200 each.Be ready Early September. I have a couple of baby Sugar Gliders for sale $150 each We have fennec fox kits for sale $1800. There are NO fox kits available this time of year. I am having trouble downloading pictures on my computer. If you are wanting to get a new pet the first thing you need to do is call your local Fish and Wildlife Office and see if it is Legal.

Every day I receive some emails that I do not answer. The gray fox and the skunk make the best (wild)house pets. Below are a pair of red fox we use in some of our animal display. A pair of Fennec Fox relaxing. Above is is an Arctic Male Fox Above is a Pair of Arctic Marbles(red fox with white hair) If you are looking for really neat pet, and you have small children buy a baby goat or lamb that is on the bottle. Fox. Roxy's playtime- * Note this make take several minutes to load A pet fox can be a intriguing and rewarding companion.


Regardless of what type of fox you adopt, you will need a good veterinarian who is comfortable with your pet. We recommend to have your fox spayed or neutered. Your goal should be to encourage their natural behaviors while establishing a strong bond with them. Interactions with your fox are important to maintain their socialization and ensure their happiness. *NOTE THAT WHEN YOU PURCHASE A FOX FROM US A MORE DETAILED CARE PLAN WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU . WE ALSO SELL: Food for your exotic animal, Cages, and other supplies. Step 1. Keystone Exotics Bobcats Raccoons Skunks Foxes Woodchucks Porcupines. Falcons – Simon Thomsett. Lanner Falcon rescue. 15th May 2008.

Falcons – Simon Thomsett

I have not been able to access the blog for some months now, and apologise to those that have been kind enough to read it. I have been advised to keep my blogs short, but that won’t happen. Daily snippets are boring, but put end to end they end up make up a story. On Friday the 28th March 2008 I went to the Animal orphanage at Kenya Wildlife Service to talk to the Veterinary Department regarding the issues of Furudan poisoning, dichlofenec use in wildlife, Newcastle’s disease in doves, rehabbing cheetah and if they had any raptors brought in for veterinary care. As I exited the Dept I bumped into Matuku who works at the adjacent Animal Orphanage and he surprised me by saying he had what he thought was a Peregrine Falcon. In December 2007 I had visited the orphanage and saw a few Black Kites and an Augur Buzzard sharing the same cage.

It was probably best that she did die immediately, for if she hadn’t she would have slowly battered herself to death. Schreiner Farms: Exotic Animals from A to Z. State law Summary. Legislative Information The Feline Conservation Federation is the nation’s leading organization for the private conservationist.

State law Summary

Whether you wish to exhibit felid species in a zoo, purchase felines for educational outreach, start a feline breeding center, open a sanctuary, or purchase an exotic cat for personal reasons, there are laws and regulations in place that govern these activities. Legislation varies from state-to-state, so you must research before you act. For large felines (tiger, lion, leopard, jaguar, cheetah, snow leopard, cougar) the Captive Wildlife Safety Act amendment to the Lacey Act requires proper permits for any interstate transport. For all endangered species and sub-species of felines, the Endangered Species Act administered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service requires proper permits for interstate commerce of these felines.

Additionally there may be city or county regulations that also govern possession of wild and exotic felines. Resources. Laws and RegulationsOwning a living thing is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.


Part of that responsibility is to LEGALLY own your exotic pet and not give the animal rights activists a reason to take this privilege away. Thoroughly researching your county, municipality, parish, and state regulations for your desired exotic pet it the MOST IMPORTANT first step you will make towards exotic animal ownership. Please do not contact this breeder or any other before doing your due diligence and finding out ALL the regulations you are subject to. Many state laws allow for exotic animals while county, zoning, parish, or other municipalities will not allow for them. Ignorance on your part can get your new baby taken away from you. Contacting this breeder or any other before THOROUGHLY researching your regulations disrespects and wastes your breeder's very valuable time. The link below is simply a starting point towards your state's laws and regulations.

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