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Teaching film. Why film?

Teaching film

Film, le septième art, has long held a high status within French culture. It is worth incorporating in an A-level course for several reasons. First, it is one way of becoming more closely acquainted with French-speaking culture. Second, films are an excellent source of authentic listening material. Thirdly, students who are going on to study modern languages at university will feel better prepared for the study of film at that level. Which films? A number of factors should be kept in mind when selecting films or directors to watch. Is the language of an appropriate level of challenge? Here are some examples of films and directors which have been successfully studied in recent years: Berri: Jean de Florette, Manon des sources, Germinal, Lucie Aubrac Truffaut: Les 400 coups, Jules et Jim, Le dernier métro, La nuit américaine Barratier: Les choristes Malle: Au revoir les enfants Jeunet: Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, Un long dimanche de fiançailles Kassovitz: La haine.

15 ideas for using Film in the MFL classroom. 15 ideas for using Film in the MFL classroom Today’s post will be about using Film in the MFL classroom and sharing some of the tips and advice I learned from a CILT A Level conference in 2010 run by Tyneside Cinema on using short film in MFL and a recent workshop run by Adalgisa Serio and the Manchester Association for Language Learning on the same topic.

15 ideas for using Film in the MFL classroom

From both workshops I picked up a whole load of resources and ideas, far too many to mention here so I’d like to just include the ones that stood out for me. Firstly Adalgisa introduced the idea that “film is one of the closest mediums to a real life” – (setting, dialogues, interaction, regional accents and time periods). I really liked this idea and how the students when watching a film/clip take a lot of these things in unconsciously especially if you have just one focus. Arte.

Culturebox - France Télévisions. Cropping YouTube Videos to Create Activities. Using YouTube videos with students can be really great, but finding a video with the exact language you want and at a suitable length with too many other distractions around can be really difficult.

Cropping YouTube Videos to Create Activities

That's why SafeShare.TV is so useful. SafeShare.TV is a tool that has two primary functions. The first is to enable you to share YouTube videos using a direct URL that frames the video without the advertising and other distracting features that might cause students to wander off into less suitable materials.The second and perhaps even more useful function of SafeShare.TV is that it enable you to crop the video clip so that only a particular part is shown.

This is particularly useful when you want to build activities or tasks around clips that focus students on particular linguistic features.How to use SafeShare.TVFirst find a YouTube clip that has a section that you would like to use. Youtube subtitles Cours et Formations Gratuits en Vidéo. · Le professeur Un professeur sur est une personne qui maitrise son domaine de compétence et souhaite partager son savoir.

Cours et Formations Gratuits en Vidéo

Pour diffuser des cours sur, vous devez avoir 16 ans ou plus et proposer des cours dont vous êtes l'auteur. · La rémunération est un site gratuit financé par de la publicité. Chaîne de imagiers. Audio Video Blog FLE. Tchr vdo ressoures. Fransk Sprog est un site créé pour faciliter l’accès aux ressources pédagogiques françaises des professeurs de français danois.

tchr vdo ressoures

Il s’agit de répertorier des formations pour professeurs, des sites internet intéressants, des fiches pédagogiques adaptées, en lien avec l’actualité et les nouvelles technologies pour rendre le français plus attractif et plus vivant. Les thématiques sont choisies en fonction de l’intérêt des professeurs et des élèves du collège (Folkeskolen) et du lycée (Gymnasium). Nous nous efforçons de répondre à la demande en créant et proposant des matériaux pédagogiques facilement adaptables en classe. Ces ressources sont gratuites et nous vous invitons à partager vos idées et vos remarques avec nous pour faire de ce site un lieu d’échanges. Un site adapté aux élèves danois. Étudiez le français avec des quiz vidéo de FLE amusants et gratuits. Featured Videos.

Best of French Animation. France is widely known for its innovative filmmaking with greats like Lumiere, Truffaut, Godard, Gondry, and Noé.

Best of French Animation

But if you’ve been caught up in the excitement around Noé, you might have missed France’s lesser known but arguably more influential revolution to forever change animated storytelling. This insurgence has been ignited largely by the ambition of two schools, Gobelins and Supinfocom, both of which harbor an unnatural talent to produce award-winning animated films year after year. Though credit must go to the students who clearly pour blood, sweat, and tears into their masterpieces.

They bring a beautiful watercolor painting to life in Un Tour de Manege and have us rooting for an unlikely hero in Oktapodi. The level of visual polish and devotion to storyline put these films much closer to Pixar than student work. France’s professional world has also done well. Sit back, grab a baguette, and enjoy. Duration: 65 min Comedy about Love in 3D Animation Fantasy about Growth in Animation.

The Happy Movie.