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Strategic Concepts (India) Pvt. Ltd

SCIPL is a leading sales training ,sales growth consulting company Nagpur, India offers corporate sales training programs for direct sales, channel sales, cold calls, lead generation, sales negotiation skills, ACY sales management, key account management. Help to manage, grow and optimize sales operations and distribution channels. Strategic Concepts (India) Pvt. Ltd. 1st Floor, Above Indian Coffee House, W.H.C. Road, Dharampeth, Nagpur - 440010 Landline: 0712-2544708 Mobile: +919970506000 Office Mobile - 9766901232 Email: URL :

Business, Management and Consulting (inc. Economist) AV for Orange City JC. "No" is the Best Answer in Sales. - sales consultant | sales management training. Proud to be a Salesman - sales consultant | sales training programs. Sales Training Programs | Sales Performance Management - Risk vs Price. Need Analysis of a Customer - sales training | sales growth | sales strategy. Are you looking for a Sales Evangelist? Intro AV to Junior Chamber, Nagpur. Sales Consultant | Sales Growth - Concept of RFM in Customer Relationship Management.

Recruitment, Retention & Results from Sales Teams - Sales Performance Management. Sales Management | Sales Management Training | Consult4Sales - By Sanjay Singh Growth Catalyst (SME) Sales Intelligence is about asking right questions. Sales Intelligence is about asking right questions. Objection Handling in Sales Code - Sales Consulting | Sales Strategy. Customer raises 4 basic Objections to Salespersons. Do you measure "Stickiness" of your customers? Customer Lapsation in your business. Amit Badiyani. Looking for a Sales Consultant ? - The Religion of Sales - The Karmas of Sales. Lapsation of Customers. 10 Steps towards Sales Preparedness. 10 Quotations Salespersons must understand - Reference Selling. Cross Selling | Upselling and Cross selling | consult4sales. Salesman's Pride. Need Analysis of a Customer. Handling "No" from Customers.

What is the right price to sell? What is the right discount to give? Sales Negotiations with BATNA. Closing Ratio in Sales. Turbocharge sales with Reference Selling. Do you Cross- Sell? Upselling and Cross selling Techniques By Sanjay Singh Growth Catalyst for (SME) The Journey from Price to Value. Customer Centricity. Right Price to Sell a Product. No is the best answer in Sales. Balanced Diet for Salespersons. Handling Month End Pressure in Sales. Handling Irate Customers. Customer Service Recovery - Upselling and Cross selling.

Customer Service Recovery - Upselling and Cross selling. Sales Negotiation,Sales Training - By Mr.Sanjay Singh Sales Evangelist for (SME). No I do not want this Product - sales training | sales growth | sales strategy. ग्राहक हमेशा सही होता है Influencing the buyers decision. The Salesperson's Attitude - consult4sales. Welcome AV for You Tube Subscribers. Sales Metrics | Sales Strategy | Vision | Mission. Money can Grow on Trees - Business Growth & Strategic Planning. Sales Strategy & Methodology | Strategic Plans for Business Success. Channel Sales Management | Sales Learning. Sales Audit & Survey | Demand Forecasting Techniques. Many a times one is not able to see the obvious cobwebs just above one’s head primarily because that is not the normal line of sight.

A third and neutral eye is able to get above perceptual bias. To add to this if the auditor is also a subject matter expert, the wisdom gained in the domain of expertise helps the audit to bring out the facts as well as the reason for a particular finding. SCIPL conducts sales audit in the following areas: Demand ForecastingMarket Share AnalysisMarket BehaviorMarket SentimentsCompetition matrixPrice sensitivityGap AnalysisSales Effectiveness QuotientCustomer Satisfaction IndexSales Performance MetricsSales Penetration IndexSales Niche identificationSales Data Mining &Â many more. Sales Advisory Services | Sales Performance Management. Sales Advisory Services includes all those waters of Sales Management where our subject matter experts have learnt their swimming in the past by virtue of their hands on experience backed by academic research and study.

Our team of Knowledge Resource often interacts with leading academicians on the given subject matter across prestigious institutions like IIM, Kolkota, IMT, Ghaziabad and others. At SCIPL, we have a rich advisory board which constitutes of academicians and industry experts across the country. We make it a point that all our advisory services in Sales Management is backed up by evidenced data and not an emotional outburst of gut feeling based on personal experience. It is also important to note here that we take full guarantee of performance and go to the extent of linking our professional fees with the success of the advisory services given by us.

Sales Strategy & Methodology | Strategic Plans for Business Success. Sales Management Training | Sales Training Consultancy. Strategic Concepts (India) Pvt Ltd was founded in 1998 with a very clear focus to provide a single window solution to all aspects of Sales Management spread across various forms of selling like Direct Selling, Channel Sales, Key Account Management, Modern Retail Trade and Institutional Selling. Mr. Sanjay Singh, Founder, SCIPL has done his MBA in Business Management and BA (Sanskrit). In the past he has mentored brands like ICICI, Airtel, Tata Indicom, Nestle, Grindwell Master, Osborne Lippert, Bosch, SuKam, Godrej & Boyce, Cahors Group and many more. Sanjay is a visiting faculty at the prestigious IIM, Kolkota and has to his credit books like Beg, Borrow or Sell and The Grass is Always Green. Sanjay is an avid golfer, a keen theatre artist and loves to make front line sales calls with freshers who are trying to pick up the science behind the art of selling.

Sales Performance Management. Sales Management | Sales Management Training - Consult4Sales. Sales Training Programs | Upselling and Cross Selling Techniques. Learning, Unlearning and Relearning is a continuous exercise for development of a salesperson. The 5A approach starts with the customers “Aspiration” and ends with the incremental “achievement” of the customer.

We will conduct the “Assessment” through a structured Training and Need Analysis (TNA). Post TNA, the customer will acquire new knowledge and skills and “Apply” the same with a guarantee of incremental achievement. The function ofSales Training Programs is surely not about the ability to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo! If someone is able to glibly talk his way into selling a comb to a bald person we will never say that the comb has been sold. “Sales” is functions, which like other functions of management, follows a process. In a nutshell, there is a science behind the process ofSales Training Programs and there is an art which empowers a salesperson to skilfully deliver the science. Sales Growth | Growth Consulting | Sales Consulting - Consult4sales. Sales Training and Need Analysis | Consult4Sales. Sales Consultant | Business Sales Growth | Sales Training & Management Consultancy.