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Scientific Animations is a full-service Medical Animation and Integrated e-Learning Solutions company founded in 2004 by veteran Indian-American entrepreneurs Girish Khera and Ashish Khera. The company has handled over 200 projects from the big names in pharma and medical devices, spanning from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Delivering high-quality videos within time and budget has been the company’s forte. The services offered by the company include Medical Animation Videos, Marketing Visuals and Collaterals, Training Programs, Educational Platforms, Interactive Learning Solutions, App Development, Patient Education Videos, 3D Immersive Videos and Virtual Reality Visuals. To know more, click on

Is Your Vitamin E Up To The Mark? - Scientific Animations. Vitamin E denotes a collective group of fat-soluble compounds with distinctive antioxidant activities.

Is Your Vitamin E Up To The Mark? - Scientific Animations

It exists in 8 chemical forms in the nature, namely alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocopherol, and alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocotrienol. Alpha-tocopherol is the only form known to meet human requirements. For people over the age of 14, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin E is 15 mg. According to a recent review presented at the World Congress of Public Health Nutrition, more than 90 percent of Americans fail to reach the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin E.

What could be the reason? The study reveals that an estimated 35% of Americans have a cluster of health problems that add up to metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome prevents the effective absorption of vitamin E. Owing to the lipid-soluble property of this micronutrient, the digestive tract requires fat to absorb vitamin E. The Consequences... The best foods for boosting Vitamin E intake include: Medical Animation Showing Cesarean Section Surgery.

After our illustrative article explaining the stages of pregnancy and the vaginal process of childbirth, we bring you the next installment describing the procedure of cesarean, in cases where a normal delivery is not possible.

Medical Animation Showing Cesarean Section Surgery

But before we delve deep into that, here is a glimpse of some examples from the many Gynecology procedures we have animated to highlight some of the medical devices that are shaping the field. The cesarean section surgery rate is about a third of all births in the US. However, for a procedure so common, there’s astonishingly scant information about how and why cesarean sections are performed. A C-section is recommended mainly in the following situations: Labor isn't progressing- Stalled labor can either be due to the limited opening of the cervix or the baby’s head being too big to pass through the birth canal. The procedure takes an average of 45 to 60 minutes. Conditions Associated With Diabetes - Scientific Animations.

Having diabetes raises the chance of developing a number of diseases.

Conditions Associated With Diabetes - Scientific Animations

Here are some to watch out for: Hypertension This serious condition of high blood pressure often affects people with type 2 diabetes. High blood pressure is the second most important symptom to control in diabetes after blood sugar. The reason behind the significant correlation between the two diseases is a mystery, but it is widely assumed that a high-fat, high-sodium diet, and inactivity have led to a rise in both conditions. In healthy people, a B.P. reading of 140/90 is considered normal, but for type 2 diabetics, doctors recommend keeping readings lower, i.e., below 135/80.

You may also like - Not all exercises are equal when it comes to Hypertension Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke American Heart Association (AHA) designates diabetes mellitus as a major risk factor for CVD. You may also like - Transcatheter Heart Valves are Revolutionizing Valve Replacement Surgery Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Nerve Damage. Gastroenteritis Explained - Scientific Animations. Angiogenesis and The Mechanism of Wound Healing.

Everyone gets bruised, scratched or wounded at some point in their lives.

Angiogenesis and The Mechanism of Wound Healing

But all wounds eventually heal. The harmonious process of regenerating blood vessels, damaged tissues, and eventually skin is an almost ‘magical’ process’. The magic of biology. The human skin is the largest and the most exposed organ as it is made up of several layers to serve the purpose of protection. This also makes it the most vulnerable organ of the body. It is imperative for the skin to have a comprehensive action plan to heal itself. Guiding People With Asthma Towards Better Lives. The World Health Organization lists Asthma as the third most life-threatening disease affecting children.

Guiding People With Asthma Towards Better Lives

Already about 26 million people in the US suffer from asthma, one-third being children. 2, 6 Breathing difficulties and incessant coughing make daily life activities challenging for those with the disease. Although asthma is largely a hereditary disease, of late, asthma onset is occurring because of environmental factors.7 Learning natural therapeutic techniques can be useful for children to counteract environmental triggers. This would help them reduce the frequency of flare-ups, and depend less on medication. Disease definition, types and causes Asthma genes induce immune overreactions in children. Besides allergy-induced asthma, less common types also exist.

For allergy-induced asthma, common triggers are food additives, fog, dust, smoke, and pollen. 3 But more and more, asthma begins in adults due to hormonal changes, viral infections, and moisture.1, 4 Symptoms Diagnosis Therapy.