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Moodle. Save Hours Using Google Forms in the Classroom or Distance Learning. If I could go back to my first-year teacher self, I would try to stop myself from printing the hundreds of pages of color task cards I used to print, laminate, and organize like a madwoman.

Save Hours Using Google Forms in the Classroom or Distance Learning

I guess while I’m at it I should tell my second, third, and fourth-year teacher self that too. DROP. THE. SCISSORS. Am I right? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good set of task cards. 20 Halloween Writing Prompts! How to Use Slidesgo Templates for Daily Organization. How to Structure Learning Stations Online - Write on With Miss G. While learning stations are most magical in the brick-and-mortar classroom, they can be facilitated during remote learning with a few adjustments.

How to Structure Learning Stations Online - Write on With Miss G

You might not be able to replicate the human-to-human collaboration or kinesthetic learning, but you can still use learning stations as a way to scaffold and “chunk” content/skills into manageable, engaging parts. Thankfully, technology like Google Docs, Slides, Forms, and Classroom make organizing learning stations easy. I’ve been facilitating learning stations my entire teaching career and utilizing them in various digital environments for the past 4 years.

During this time, I’ve been able to experiment with different ways of structuring stations using Google docs, slides, forms, and more in conjunction with Google Classroom. This blog post is all about the structure + techie side of things, so if you’re looking for more information on how to create the actual content of learning stations, then head to this post first. Free School Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. Aloha Morning Meetings Let the parents of your students know about an important meeting at your middle school with this new free template.

Free School Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates

To make it unique, we’ve opted for illustrations of tribal masks and very tropical-looking backgrounds with many organic shapes. We’ve added layouts for including info such as a schedule, a... Space Digital Learning Slides Do you want something that makes learning science from home an entertaining process? Slidesgo: Free Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates.

This is a sponsored post by Freepik.

Slidesgo: Free Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates

All opinions are my own. Are you or your students looking to jazz up your Google Slides™ or PowerPoint presentations? Then I suggest checking out Slidesgo, a place where you can download presentation templates for free. It is a lot like Slides Carnival without all of the ads and even better design options. Slidesgo's attractive and clean design follows the latest graphic design trends and offers a variety of options for Education, Business, Marketing and even the Medical field. Slidesgo: Free Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates. 3 Supplements For Female Hormonal Imbalance (you probably don’t know) If you feel confused and frustrated about supplements for female hormonal imbalance, you’re not alone!

3 Supplements For Female Hormonal Imbalance (you probably don’t know)

After all, there are a gazillion supplements on the market, all promising to be the holy grail, right? And some really do work. But others…not so much. So, the question is “what supplements are good for hormone imbalance?” In order to reverse hormonal imbalance, it requires using supplements that support the digestive system (particularly, the liver), the gut, the nervous system and the reproductive system. In this post I’m going to simplify your search for hormone balance supplements by giving you the 3 foundational supplements you need to transform your health. With these supplements as your secret weapons, you can turn your health around without having a medicine cabinet that is overflowing with useless supplements.

A Google Slides™ Add-On All Teachers Need. The Index Card Every Kid Needs to Get Today. It was a chance for parents to get to know their child’s middle school teachers.

The Index Card Every Kid Needs to Get Today

We would spend ten minutes in each classroom listening to the teacher share his or her educational background, classroom procedures, and expectations. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything earth shattering that night, but I did. As soon as Mr. B began talking, I sensed I was in a very special place and there would be an important takeaway.

My hope is that my takeaway becomes yours too. As parents settled into their seats, Mr. But here is where I went from simply listening to actually feeling his words: Tops. Math warm up activities for 3rd grade — Blog — Mashup Math. Digital Guided Math for Distance Learning - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits. Ideas for Back to School 2020 Virtual Meet the Teacher Open House - Classroom Freebies. Place Value Classroom Display FREEBIE by Eugenia's Learning Tools. Blacklines of Place Value Street for the Math classroom display.

Place Value Classroom Display FREEBIE by Eugenia's Learning Tools

Math Stations: My Four Round Approach – Learning with Miss LaGrow. My students beg for math stations.

Math Stations: My Four Round Approach – Learning with Miss LaGrow

Seriously. And the best part? I am still able to sanely work with a small group and collect meaningful data from other stations! IT’S POSSIBLE. When I first began teaching fourth grade, I felt finding a meaningful student-led station system was difficult. My four station “areas” never really change–Seatwork, Work with Teacher, Activity, and Prodigy. Guided Math Set Up - Thrifty in Third Grade. How It Works — ClassTag. Free Guided Math Binder for Upper Elementary.

Organization is honestly not my strength as a teacher, but I still try every day to be better at it.

Free Guided Math Binder for Upper Elementary

One area that I do feel that I have pretty well-organized is my guided math binder. In the past, I have shared some of the forms that I use in my guided math binder on separate posts but I am finally compiling them (and a few others) into one post and one convenient (and free) download. Amazon affiliate links included if you wish to purchase the binder tabs mentioned on this post. Need a guided reading binder, too? Click here to check out that post. Making the Most of a 90-Minute Class. How to Make Your Kids Independent During Math Centers - Mr Elementary Math. Scheduling Your Guided Math Block - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.

PhET Interactive Simulations Review for Teachers. PhET Interactive Simulations is a huge collection of virtual science experiments, demonstrations, and visualizations for dozens of math and science topics (from kindergarten through graduate school).

PhET Interactive Simulations Review for Teachers

Each tool allows students to control a variety of parameters for each concept, tinkering and exploring and probing relationships all from the safety and comfort of a computer. The results are displayed in real time, often with relevant data to make the outcomes even more clear. All simulations are rendered in HTML5, Flash, or Java, and updates are ongoing to bring them up to modern specifications. There's also a paid app available (for iOS and Android) that includes a collection of HTML5 simulations. Every simulation is accompanied by a large cache of teacher- and expert-created classroom resources including lab guides, homework, and assessments. First Day of Third Grade: Lesson Plan and Resources. I've gotten many questions about what I do on the very first day of third grade. I believe the first day should be focused on just two things: relationship/community building and teaching routines and explaining expectations.

It is such a shock for our kids to go from the lazy, unstructured days of summer to a day in the classroom. Monday Made It - Math Poster! Today I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It! I started with the plain board (I plan on sprucing it up with some border once I get it to its permanent spot). First one to spot my mistake gets a virtual cookie. :) Next came the Answer & Question pages: Exit Slip & Math Questioning Poster Set by Keep Calm and Teach On Rachel. Exit Slip & Math Questioning Poster Set This is a set to help in creating an Exit Slip poster.

Linda Kamp Teaching Resources. 4 Things to Teach in Science at the Beginning of the Year - Around the Kampfire. Math Problem Solving Bulletin Board by The Creative Apple Teaching Resources. Analyzing Student Work in Math. Sometimes grading assessments can be frustrating, depressing, and a mystery or a combination of all of these. Whether we give quick assessments, exit slips, or lengthy tests, it is so important that we analyze the results and let that drive our instruction. But, that is easier said than done. On this post, I will share the steps I take and the printable I use when analyzing student work in math.

Overview There are five main areas I look at when analyzing student work and each area has it own section on the printable. Standard/Skill Being AssessedCriteria for Each Grading ScaleStudentsTrends, Patterns, and MisconceptionsAction Plan Now, let’s look at each section and an example analysis I completed using division. Skill Being Assessed What is the skill you are assessing? Example: Multi-Digit Division by 1-Digit Divisors Criteria for Each Grading Scale The grading scales will vary based on your needs, your students, and your report card scoring.