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History of Olbrich

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Olbrich Botanical Gardens is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Named for its founder, Michael Olbrich, the gardens are owned and operated jointly by the City of Madison Parks and the non-profit Olbrich Botanical Society.

The gardens were established in 1952. Learn more about it's history via these resources. Timeline History - Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Detailed History Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Olbrich Botanical Gardens' History The beautiful gardens and conservatory buildings that now comprise the Olbrich Botanical Gardens are the result of the collective work of thousands of people who have labored unstintingly for more than fifty years to make them a reality.

Detailed History Olbrich Botanical Gardens

But neither the gardens nor the larger park that surrounds them would exist today if it had not been for the vision, the energy and the generosity of just one man, Madison attorney Michael B. Olbrich. No greater mistake can be made than the belief that taste and esthetic sense is a monopoly of the merely well-to-do or purely a product of formal schooling. Summary - Olbrich Botanical Gardens via American Public Gardens Association. Olbrich Botanical Gardens features 16 acres of outdoor display gardens and a year-round tropical conservatory.

Summary - Olbrich Botanical Gardens via American Public Gardens Association

The Sunken Garden features regional prairie style terraces, a mix of perennial plants, and an 80-foot reflecting pool. In the two and a half acre Perennial Garden, a meandering stream weaves through a colorful mix of perennial plants hardy to the upper Midwest. Visitors can experience the exquisite artisanship and exotic culture of Thailand in Olbrich's Thai Pavilion and Garden. Summary - Olbrich Botanical Gardens & Bolz Conservatory. Olbrich Botanical Gardens, winner of the national Garden of Excellence Award, features 16 acres of outdoor specialty gardens, including a sunken garden with an eighty-foot reflecting pool and a perennial garden with a meandering stream.

Summary - Olbrich Botanical Gardens & Bolz Conservatory

A two-acre rose garden with a two-story, stone rose tower highlights Midwest-hardy shrub roses. The exotic Thai Pavilion and Garden is the only one in the continental U.S. An accessible tram travels the gardens weekends spring and fall, and daily during summer, for people who need assistance getting around the gardens. The year-round tropical Bolz Conservatory, a sunny 50-foot-high glass pyramid, houses ferns, palms, and flowering plants along with a waterfall, birds, and fish.

FAQs - Bolz Conservatory Facts - Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Bolz Conservatory Facts History The tropical Bolz Conservatory opened its doors on November 1, 1991.

FAQs - Bolz Conservatory Facts - Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Approximately 1.5 million people have visited the Bolz Conservatory during the past 17 years. Olbrich Botanical Gardens - Madison Wisconsin.

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