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RM Sotheby's - 1987 Ferrari F40 LM. In 1987, Ferrari celebrated their 40th anniversary, and to mark the occasion launched arguably their most uncompromising road car ever – the twin-turbocharged 471-bhp, 201-mph F40.

RM Sotheby's - 1987 Ferrari F40 LM

Borrowing heavily from technology developed for the still-born Group B 288 GTO Evoluzione programme, it was no surprise when the evocatively named F40 LM finally hit the track in 1989 – albeit at the behest of the French Ferrari importer Charles Pozzi rather than the factory itself. Developed by Michelotto, the F40 LM benefitted from enlarged twin IHI turbocharger/ intercooler units and advanced Weber-Marelli fuel injection, which increased power to over 700 bhp. A corresponding reduction in weight to just 1,050 kg resulted in predictably awesome performance, whilst the car also featured extensive chassis stiffening, race-specification transmission, uprated brakes and extensively modified bodywork.

This particular example – chassis no. 74045 – has a fascinating and illustrious history. Arthomobiles, carnets de voyages à la poursuite du cheval cabré (et des autres) Shop Manuals - Ferrari DIY, Classified, News & More. Ferrari workshop manuals. Ferrari - Forum du Cavallino. Ferrari. Drivers / Owners - Ferrari Collector David Lee. Ferrari colors. Home Page. Ferrari 360 Modena Wallpapers HD Download. The Most Gorgeous Ferraris Around Came Out For Austin's Ferrari Challenge Race. Ferrari_F430_Scuderia_DV-08_DAS_08.jpg Photo by ab9938. Ferrari "LaFerrari" - Site de photos-de-france ! REDSPID1's Bucket. 2014 - Montreux Grand-Prix - Forza Passione - La Galleria. Montreux Grand Prix celebrated its 80th anniversary this year, but so far there has not been 80 editions, far from it.

2014 - Montreux Grand-Prix - Forza Passione - La Galleria

In the history of auto racing, 1934 is the only one to come out with (already) a victory for Scuderia Ferrari who was then running Alfa Romeo cars. I'm not calling you out the history of this race. I just know that the 50th anniversary was celebrated in the presence of drivers like Fangio, Regazzoni or Etancelin who had the pole position in 1934 on Maserati. In 1990, Jean Alesi will come to show the cars of the Scuderia. Of course, this has already become an automotive event and not a race. So we're here for this anniversary edition. It's time to get serious. Not far away is a Formula 1 or rather a mock of M. I go back outside to enjoy a bright light, but continues on cars. Some modern begin to arrive, but considering the entry list I do not dwell too much on them, it was announced more interesting models (I mean most rare and exceptional).

A Rosso Fiorano 275 GTB/4: LaFerrari – Site officiel. De côté, la voiture est dotée d'un avant acéré et tombant, ainsi que d'un capot très bas qui met en valeur ses passages de roue musclés.

LaFerrari – Site officiel

Forum Ferrari. 142163 #30 Jean Todt >>> #38 Owen Kratz. Zero 2 Turbo: La Other Colours for LaFerrari. We have only seen LaFerrari in the launch Red, otherwise known as "Rosso Corsa" which looks fantastic but for those who are lucky enough to be invited to buy one can also be adventurous and make their new Ferrari Hypercar stand out even more!

Zero 2 Turbo: La Other Colours for LaFerrari

What do you think of the colours? Which would you choose and why? Ferrari Enzo, F50 and F40. 1991 Ferrari 348 Tb Base Coupe 2 - Door 3. 4l. Ferrari 348 history, photos on Better Parts LTD. The Ferrari 348 came in 1990 as a successor to the 328 on the market and was initially offered as a coupe 348 TB (Berlinetta) and as a Targa version 348 TS.

Ferrari 348 history, photos on Better Parts LTD

In 1993, Ferrari 348 Spider, the convertible version of the mid-engine sports cars on the market. With the launch of the Spider convertible, the two other Ferrari 348er models were technically modified and were designated 348 GTB and 348 GTS. The power of the 3.4-liter V8 mid-engine was increased from 295 to 320 hp, making the Ferrari 348 accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.4 seconds and reaches a top speed of about 280 km / h. End of 1995, the Ferrari 348 was replaced by his successor even more beautiful Ferrari 355th All who wish to purchase a new or used car should look at this website. Here you will find, among other Italian sports car or a new car of the year, as well as used cars in all varieties, whether as a coupe or convertible. L'histoire de la 348 - ferrari348. Toute une histoire !

L'histoire de la 348 - ferrari348

Afin de mieux comprendre l'histoire de la 348 , replongeons nous dans les années 80. Ferrari connait une crise suite aux deux chocs pétroliers 1974 et 1981 et s’interroge sur l'avenir car le marché des voitures de prestige est fortement en baisse et surtout chez Ferrari ou les ventes ne décollentpas à cette époque. Avec une 400i est vieillissante, une 512BB a remplacé et la fabuleuse 308, le best seller de la marque, est de plus en plus critiquée par la concurrence et concernant la petite dernière, la Mondial (1980), elle est très mal accueillie dans l'ensemble.

Ferrari 599 XX Karbon Sitz Schalensitz Sportsitz Racing Carbon Seat Large. J h min s jour heure.

Ferrari 599 XX Karbon Sitz Schalensitz Sportsitz Racing Carbon Seat Large