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S.C.H Tech is a leading technology solutions provider. We are a team of talented website and software developers that is energetic about software development and Web application development. To get it ideal for you today, tomorrow, and later on, we consistently study the most recent patterns, adjust to new arrangements and go through the most to date innovation accessible. We transform businesses with powerful and versatile digital solutions that fulfill the necessities of today and open the chances of tomorrow.

Software Developers in Warwickshire. Software Development Services in Leicestershire. Software Development Company in Northamptonshire. Broadcast Systems Engineering Services. Linux Systems Integration Service. Bespoke Workflow Software Solutions. Remote Systems Engineering Support. S.C.H Tech are comfortable with most of the popular OS platforms to include Unix, Linux & Windows and are confident we can work safely with your platforms and systems in order to assist our customers with their project requirements.

Remote Systems Engineering Support

We also have 15 years of Experience in working with Major broadcasters and on IT projects to include non linear platforms, OTT/VOD platforms and workflow solutions, Editing systems, DRM Packaging solutions, Archiving systems, Active directory systems plus systems and cloud architecture solutions.S.C.H Tech is comfortable with most of the popular OS platforms to include Unix, Linux & Windows and are confident we can work safely with your platforms and systems to assist our customers with their project requirements. Wordpress Web Development Company London. So you’ve quite recently introduced WordPress out of the blue and you couldn’t be progressively excited with the outcomes.

Wordpress Web Development Company London

Everything is basic, natural, and you’re distributing incredible substance all the time – all no sweat of a prepared website admin. Here I describe in brief about WordPress Maintenance Services. At that point sudden things begin occurring. At first, it’s only one module requesting an update. At that point another. Wordpress Web Development Company London. Are you looking for the best creative WordPress theme for your website?

Wordpress Web Development Company London

In this post, I’ll help you out on how to narrow down to the best Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme at a time where there are thousands of WordPress Themes for sale. Choosing the right theme is important and it must be beautiful, responsive across devices, Easy in Operation and, must be blazing fast in page loading speeds. This is where the real challenge begins in filtering those who don’t comply with your requirements. There are many Best responsive wordpress themes but before diving into the sea of WordPress themes and buying a theme, be sure to read the ‘must-have’ or let’s say the do’s and don’ts of selecting the perfect WordPress theme for your website. #1 Make a list of features you would want in your theme Before selecting a theme you must list down the features your theme must possess and then search for those themes bearing the required features. Bespoke Workflow software solutions. Bespoke Workflow software Solutions.

Wordpress Web Development Company in London. Bespoke Workflow Software Solutions. In today’s day and age if you do not get the paramount and do your best in everything, then you are sure to lag behind.

Bespoke Workflow Software Solutions

This goes for everything starting from your company website and the operation and execution of the business to the creation of a strong brand image and getting the right software. But how do you define the best? There are so many software and technologies available today that it becomes a challenge to make the right choice. If you ask friends and colleagues, each one would recommend differently. Bespoke Workflow Software Solutions. Bespoke Software Solutions for Virtual Office. A virtual office is precisely that an office that exists without really existing.

Bespoke Software Solutions for Virtual Office

Perfect for business visionaries who intend to work out of a home office however might in any case want to keep up an expert picture, virtual workplaces give an office deliver to correspondence and correspondence purposes, a secretary to deal with some work obligations while you’re not there, and a call taking care of administration that incorporates message taking. By and large, virtual office providers will incorporate extra livens, including complimentary utilization of a private office or meeting room. Wordpress Web Development Company in London. MSSQL Management Service. Two XML columns were required for checking so that the checksums stored in these xml files plus the stored db checksum value could be compared in order to detect those rows with mismatched data.

MSSQL Management Service

A Sample Adi file is shown here and from this it is easy to understand the Xpath values used in MSSQL in order to retrieve the correct data. The /* in the below XPath expression states we wish to ignore any namespace declarations in the xml.Asset[2] states we will navigate to the second asset declaration in the xml file, as often there are multiple for images and preview data.Finally we navigate into the metadata fields and look at the App_data nodes for a attribute called “Content_Checksum” in the following format: [@attribute_name=”Attribute_Value”].Finally to obtain the required value from the “Value” Attribute the sql calls the @Value attribute inside the App_Data node and takes the value [1]. /*** Check of #TempTable exists if it does drop it ***/ If(OBJECT_ID('tempdb.. Bespoke Workflow Software Solutions. MSSQL XPATH Xml Column Value Compare. Bespoke Software Solutions. Bespoke Software Solutions. Systems Integration Consultancy London.

Systems Integration Consultancy London. Video on Demand Engineering. Bespoke Software Solutions. Django Bespoke Web Applications. While working on a recent project a couple of requirements required the front page posting back to a django function while retaining data or triggering a function only if certain criteria are met.

Django Bespoke Web Applications

In order to do this we looked at standard Ajax post functions and found a better fit with navigator.sendBeacon, which was the first time we had actually utilised this function. Full details can be found here: navigator.sendBeacon First of all the project required a function to cleanup data if the user failed to submit data and navigated away from the page, so the best fit for this was navigator.sendBeacon inside the onunload event. 1: onunload Event: This onload script allowed us to detect if the page was being left and trigger a Django function if this event was detected. 2: Django Function:

Linux Systems Integration Service. Excellent IT Problem Solving Solution Company. Python Bespoke Software Solutions.