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POP. Postproduction. Elektronische Schönheit – Retouch Hamburg, Photo Postproduction, Retusche. RAY RATECARD BASE 17.02.17. Audi R8 — RAY. POP. Postproduction. Manu Agah. Analog/Digital. CGI - MMJ. A different studio.Our goal is to offer the best visual solution for your client's advertising campaign, with responsibility, professionalism, commitment, and quality product.MMJ Studio is recognized for producing timely, high quality images and complexity.We are different because we work daily to recover old values, such as trust.


We want to be more than a supplier, we want to be partners.Marcelo Jr, currently Owner/Director of MMJ Studio, served three years in the area of 3D Illustration of Seagulls Fly, known as one of the largest animation studios and 3D illustration of Brazil. After, he was invited to restructure the 3D area of Studio Icon, and accounted for the 3D illustration of that studio for two years. With the idea to build his own studio, he decided to work as a freelancer, serving diverse clients nationally and from other countries (India, England, New Zealand, Poland and Russia).

Portfolio by Boom for JSR Agency London. Portfolio of Creative Work. Featured Work - Taylor James. SALAMAGICA. Saddington Baynes Integrated Creative Production Studio. CGIArtists. Thomas Strogalski. Bildbearbeitung und Creative Retouching aus München. The Scope. » THE PROJECTS. Volkswagen – Polo WRC World Champion AUDI – Tron AUDI – Quattro folder 2013 Mercedes Benz – GLA CG Lab by Christian Stoll.


Motion — RAY. Retouch editorial - Retouching Photography. Home – RECOM ART. Explodierende Autos: Fotos von Fabian Oefner  Joe Hölzl CGI.