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CRAZY G (FIRST SECTION) for the UKULELE - UKULELE LESSON / TUTORIAL by "UKULELE MIKE" CRAZY G for the UKULELE - UKULELE LESSON / TUTORIAL by "UKULELE MIKE" CRAZY G" 'Ukulele Tabs. ‘Ukulele tabs are a great way to learn songs.

'Ukulele Tabs

They are easy to use and don’t require any special music knowledge to read. All you need to be familiar with is the tune of the song, since rhythm isn’t something a tab can convey. This page features several different tab formats: monospace font text document, the old-school way to achieve string lines and fret numbers with text characters; Powertab, an old freeware program that outputs tab along with the treble clef; and, finally, the program Guitar Pro, which creates high quality tabs with a variety of display options – my favorite.

Following are two sections of ‘ukulele tabs. The first features songs that you might hear in the islands – Hawaiian, Jawaiian, and Contemporary genres. >Looking for the chords to a song? ‘Ukulele Tabs for Hawaiian Songs: Ain’t No Way by Malino Aloha ‘Oe - Queen Lili’uokalani ‘Ama ‘ama by Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole (Instrumental version) Beachwalk by Herb Ohta Jr. Country Road by Paula Fuga and Jack Johnson M*A*S*H Theme. Happy-Birthday.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt) Crazy_g_live.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt) Chord Magic page 1. Chord Magic We're going to teach you how to play all of the chords (major, minor, 7th, diminshed, ...) in all of the keys (A, Bb, B, C, ...) in all of the positions (up and down the fretboard).

Chord Magic page 1

The magic in "Chord Magic" is that you can do this without a lot of memorization. Let me show you what I mean. Think about the 7th chords for example. You can play an A7 chord at four different positions on the fretboard of a soprano ukulele (trust me on this for now – I'll show you how in a minute). Same for every other chord: to play all 72 major chords, you only need to learn four more patterns.

Don't be intimidated by the length of this writeup. The ideas here are simple, and you'll pick them up pretty quickly. If you're already an advanced player, or if you've already got an understanding of some of these concepts, you can skim through this document: read the "Important Points" and the "Tips", and study the summary Fig. 21: How To Play All Of The Chords In All Of The Keys. Scales page 1. Scales Let's look at how to play scales on the ukulele.

Scales page 1

Why? Well... The easy answer is that, like eating your vegetables, it's good for you. But there are also more substantial reasons. We're assuming some basic level of understanding of music theory here (not very much though, so don't run away yet!) We're not going to go into more exotic modes (if you don't know what a mode is, don't worry – we're not going there in this tutorial), we're just going to show you how to play major scales, with a brief paragraph at the end to talk a little about minor scales.

The first scale to learn is the C major scale. Here are the notes of the C scale on a piano keyboard. Now, there are many ways to play a scale on the ukulele. Here's the most practical way to play the C scale on a ukulele. Now you may have noticed that the fifth note ("So", a G) is played on the E string third fret rather than the open G string. Ukulele instruction topics. Chord theory. Crazy G. Crazy G Here's a really fun song to learn.

Crazy G

It's fast and showy, and audiences love it. It takes a little practice to play it well, but it's not as difficult as it sounds -- easily within the reach of any intermediate ukulele player. The first step is to download the tab notation for this song. It's a .pdf file, so you'll need an Adobe reader (it's free) to display and print it. Download the tab for Crazy G Here are a few pointers to help you master this song: The key is to keep your right hand moving in a very steady up-and-down strum.

You'll notice that the rhythm is the same pattern repeated over and over again every two measures (the only exceptions are the last two measures of Lick #2 and the third measure of Lick #3). Another right-hand tip: Don't move your whole arm. You'll hear lots of variations of this song. Crazy G.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt) Tablatures et grilles d'accords - UKULELE.FR - ukulélé club de France. Alligator Boogaloo presents UKULELE BOOGALOO!