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Computer UPS - Best UPS for Desktop PC, UPS Online at Best Price. Get Best Smart Home Solution in 2021 - Wiser Smart Home. Only 10 years ago, controlling your home’s lights, thermostat and security system remotely and through voice commands may have seemed too farfetched.

Get Best Smart Home Solution in 2021 - Wiser Smart Home

Yet here we are today with home automation through IoT picking up pace and life already seems like a sci-fi movie. While the smart home trend began as a niche lineup of products, today, brands like Schneider Electric have made home automation accessible to every homeowner. Moreover, champions of home automation are slowly making the change happen in every category. So, in today’s post we analyze why 2021 is the year for you to make the jump and finally join the smart home bandwagon. Smart buildings are a thing Every technology takes some time to mature and become mainstream.

Rise in compatibility with existing systems One of the earlier bottlenecks of the home automation scene was that it needed a total revamp of your home’s utility and connectivity. Increased Connectivity Heavy on energy efficiency Customer experience has become a priority. Schneider Electric celebrates International Data Privacy Day. At Schneider Electric we promote a privacy culture across our organizations and geographies and support the fundamental rights to data privacy and protection as well as comply with related laws and regulations.

Schneider Electric celebrates International Data Privacy Day

That’s why, this year again, we celebrate the International Data Privacy Day in raising awareness on digitally trusted and secured data handling practices among our teams, consistent with our longstanding Principles of Responsibility. January 28 is an important date all around the world to take time to reflect upon how personal information is handled, promote the privacy dialogue, empower data handlers to take appropriate actions and contribute to a safer internet.

At a time when more products are connected and services digital, consumers’ attitude towards privacy evolves. A recent Ernst & Young survey shows that for 63% of consumers, knowing that their data is collected and stored securely is the most important factor when deciding to share their personal information. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 Most Common Electrical Hazards - Shop Schneider Electric. Our homes and offices are prone to various electrical hazards, and they pose great threats to our lives and household.

5 Most Common Electrical Hazards - Shop Schneider Electric

We can find effective solutions to various electrical hazards if we are aware of the various ones. The most common electrical hazards that are found in our homes and offices are: Outdated or Faulty Wiring: This is one of the leading causes of electrical fires and hazards at home and offices. Therefore, one should get the wiring of the house get checked at regular intervals and go for trusted brands in terms of installing electrical switches and sockets.Leaving the Appliances Plugged Near Water Sources: People in a hurry commits such mistakes, either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. If the connections get wet, do not try to unplug it. It’s important to understand your lighting requirements before you zero in on the installation, as sometimes, it may not be compatible with your smart lighting set-up.

5 Tips for Selecting the Modular Electrical Switches & Sockets. From furniture and furnishings to electrical and bath fittings, many things need your attention when you are setting up your new home or renovating your existing abode.

5 Tips for Selecting the Modular Electrical Switches & Sockets

A lot of these things are long term investments and therefore, getting the right products becomes quite essential. For example, a bad set of bath fittings or outdated, inconveniently placed electrical fittings can ruin the ‘home sweet home’ experience. At Schneider Electric, we have had decades of experience designing home electrical supplies, and we understand how important these little things are when setting up your dream home. So, today we are sharing the top five tips from our experts for picking up electrical switches and sockets for home. Switch and Socket Design When we think of a switch and sockets, the first thing that comes into mind is the functional-looking switchboard we have gotten used to in older homes. UPS and Stabilizers - Buy Schneider APC UPS & Stabilizers in India. Anti-Bacterial Switches for Home By Schneider Electric. In recent times, bacterial and viral diseases have grown in numbers and potency.

Anti-Bacterial Switches for Home By Schneider Electric

As seen with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, touch surfaces play a major role in transmission of these diseases. That’s why smart home brands like Schneider Electric have been investing heavily in creating home equipment that can counter these unseen microbial threats. Switches and sockets are among the most touched surfaces in your home. Visitors (e.g., house help, utility and service personnel, and guests) also operate these systems regularly. Thus, there is a greater chance of the bacterial or virus surviving on an electrical surface and transmitting to others. Also Read: 5 Tips for Selecting the Modular Electrical Switches & Sockets Anti-bacterial switches and sockets are made from specially treated plastics that inhibit the growth of microbes like bacteria, viruses and fungi. 5 reasons for buying anti-bacterial electrical products Need more reasons? Global Specialist In Energy Management.