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In Two Weeks in Cuba. 165 0Google +3 53 If you've got 2 weeks, you'll be able to hit all the highlights mentioned above, as well as some others, including Cuba's second city Santiago, a side trip to the gorgeous mogotes (limestone formations) and tobacco farms of the Viñales valley, and visits to Cienfuegos and Baracoa, two underappreciated Cuban cities.

In Two Weeks in Cuba

And, you get to do all this at a slightly more relaxed pace to boot. This itinerary starts off very similar to the 1-week version above, but soon diverges. Day 1: Arrive & Settle into Havana Arrive and settle in to your hotel. Day 2: Step Back in Time Start the morning off in La Habana Vieja. Day 3: The Viñales Valley by Day, Jazz at Night Sign on for an organized day tour of the Viñales valley. The Best Cuba Travel Itinerary for 2015: Part 1. Welcome to our Cuba travel itinerary!

The Best Cuba Travel Itinerary for 2015: Part 1

At this stage you’re either thinking about traveling to Cuba, or you’ve already booked! Either way, congratulations, you’ve come to the right spot! Cuba is a magical country, full of rich history and all the idealistic aspects of a country truly stuck in a time warp. But, things are beginning to change quickly, so now really is time to travel to Cuba! (If you’re an America and worried about getting how to travel to Cuba, we’ve got you covered for that as well in our Americans Traveling to Cuba Illegally Guide.)

One of the biggest questions we get about traveling to Cuba is “where should we go?” So with that being said, “how much time do you have?” 7 Days in Cuba Experiencing this incredible country within the week is a tight squeeze, but if you haven’t got a lot of time it’s definitely better than no time in Cuba. Honestly if we only had a week in Cuba we’d almost be tempted to just stay in Havana for the whole time.


Habana. Adresse, etc. Busplan. Some of the Best Casas with Rooms To Rent. VILLA SONADA. The large casa colonial of Armando ("Mandy"), a charming and attentive middle-aged bachelor boasts, in the back, a kind of mini-apartment in black & white tiles with air-conditioning, private shower and bath (a real one), toilet, table, fridge, sink and counter and two single beds on the ground floor, in the back near the stairs leading to the large rooftop terrace and the adjoining new suite as well as a new sunroof terrace above the new bedroom.


Large, well-decorated living room, excellent cuisine (Armando picks up ideas from his regular trips to Europe), musica and joie de vivre are all part of Armando's hospitality. On request, you can check your e-mail. The cozy and well-appointed rooftop terrace partially shaded boasts nice views of the city. Armando manages well in English and can get along in Goethe's mother tongue. Highly recommended. Rates : 25cuc per bedroom per night. Cienfuegos. WOWCuba, Turismo en Cuba, Hospedaje, Alquiler de autos y bicicletas. The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba is a fascinating country.

WOWCuba, Turismo en Cuba, Hospedaje, Alquiler de autos y bicicletas

With relatively little traffic, friendly and curious locals, an eternal summer, endless unspoiled coastline and a fascinating blend of cultures, it’s an ideal place to explore by bicycle. MacQueen’s Island Tours/WoWCuba has specialized in delivering high quality supported cycle tours to Cuba since 1994.

Insight and authenticity is ensured by our use of local guides on all group cycle tours. To ensure that services are delivered to the high standards our clients expect, on or behind the scenes, a member of the MacQueen family is there to ensure your holiday is everything you imagined it to be. Our Girl In Havana: Two Weeks In Cuba. “I’ve only got two weeks in Cuba; what should I see?”

Our Girl In Havana: Two Weeks In Cuba

This is a question I get asked from a lot of holidaymakers wanting a taste of the country on a limited time schedule. So I thought I would share a recent itinerary I devised for one such traveler, which incorporates city, culture and beach. Days 1-3: Havana Habana Vieja | Tyler Wetherall Base yourself in Centro so you can just as easily explore the stunning colonial architecture of the old town, as you can head into Vedado, where you will do the most fulfilling eating, drinking and playing. Spend at least a day getting lost in Habana Vieja, dodging bici taxis and cat calls to ogle the beautifully restored buildings of Calle Mercaderes and Plaza Vieja.

Castas y Tal | Tyler Wetherall Eat at any one of the many new paladares currently forging a contemporary Cuban culinary culture out of the previously dire dining scene. Trinidad | Tyler Wetherall Day 7-8 Santa Clara Casa Hostal Florida | Tyler Wetherall. Best Things to Do in Cuba. Bed Down Havana's grand hotels are a nod to Cuba's golden era, with jaw-dropping Art Deco and Spanish colonial architecture.

Best Things to Do in Cuba

At the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, the country's landmark property, entire rooms are decorated floor-to-ceiling with the portraits of famous gangsters (Lucky Luciano) and glamorous starlets (Ava Gardner) who once smoked Monte Cristos at the bar. Hotel Ambos Mundos is a coral-colored boutique downtown that Hemingway called home for seven years.