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Sue Schlembach

Educational Studies Graduate student at University of Cincinnati


Music. Visible Learning. Visible Learningplus is a professional development program for teachers that explores how evidence can be used to create innovation in the learning environment.

Visible Learning

Our work is focused on John Hattie’s research and the principles of Visible Learning and visible teaching. This outstanding research involved millions of students and represents the largest ever evidence-based research into what actually works best in schools to improve learning. The team have been facilitating Visible Learningplusseminars across Australia for educational organisations and state Ministry of Education departments since early 2009. We currently work in partnership with several international companies to educate and share the Visible Learning model across the globe. Cognition Education has formed Visible Learningplus to provide professional development courses in assessment and evaluation.

Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn. Hattie and Yates – Visible Learning and The Science of How we Learn. Section 1 Review. Diet for Kidney Stone Prevention. As of September 22, 2014, the NIDDK Clearinghouses Publication Catalog and Image Library sites will be unavailable until further notice.

Diet for Kidney Stone Prevention

Although you will not be able to order publications, you can view, download, and print them by using the links below. For urgent matters, please send an email to Infographics. UDL Playground 2013. National Center On Universal Design for Learning.


Playgrounds. Nature and Play. Nature. Outdoor Learning. Play. La Union Spanish School Antigua Guatemala. What Works Clearhinghouse. Articles--Teachers; Assessment; Evaluation. Fred Rogers Center. Gender & Diversity. Higher Ed info. Flipped Classrooms. Fulbright. Top 10 Curriculum Vitae (CV) Writing Tips. Writing a CV can be more complicated than writing a resume, because the format changes depending on what type of position you are applying for, where you are located, and what you need to include in your CV.

Top 10 Curriculum Vitae (CV) Writing Tips

Here's advice on using a curriculum vitae template, writing covering letters for curriculum vitae, formatting your CV, what to include in a CV, and more CV writing tips and examples. What to Include in Your Curriculum Vitae. Writing the Curriculum Vitae. Summary: This handout provides an overview of strategies for writing an effective curriculum vitae.

Writing the Curriculum Vitae

First Time on the Market? Cut Your Meeting Time by 90% Poster Session Tips. A poster session is a good opportunity to present yourself and your research in a favorable light, make contacts, and get useful feedback.

Poster Session Tips

There will be considerable competition for the audience's time; you'll need to capture their attention and communicate your message quickly and succinctly. A successful poster presents you and your work clearly and professionally; it encourages the audience to stop to discuss your work with you and gives them the opportunity to take any detailed information that you've prepared as a handout.

When you are accepted as a participant in a poster session, you'll be given a set of Guidelines for Presenters. Creating Effective Poster Presentations.

Careers in Non-Profit

Physics. Astronomy. Ed/Social Sciences. Parenting/Teens. Alice Dreger: Is anatomy destiny? Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability. Philosophical Thoughts. C. G. P. Grey. Photovoice Research. ASD-Autism Spectrum Disorders. Libraries for the 21st Century. Neuroscience and Learning. ECE Resources. National/International ECE Organizations. ACEI. NAREA - North American Reggio Emilia Alliance. Project Zero. Un Buen Comienzo. Un Buen Comienzo (UBC), “A Good Start,” is a collaborative project in Santiago, Chile, to improve early childhood education through teacher professional development.

Un Buen Comienzo

2014 Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children - Event Summary. Register by Friday, April 25th and your delegate pass could be on us!

2014 Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children - Event Summary

Are you planning on attending the Global Summit and haven't registered yet? Register by April 25th, you'll be entered into a draw to win a full delegate registration. The Next Stage of Global Development Goals Must Include a Focus on Early Childhood Development. By Hirokazu Yoshikawa & Todd Grindal In the coming months, leaders from across the world will agree on a new set of global development goals that will set the agenda for United Nations (U.N) member countries through 2030.

The Next Stage of Global Development Goals Must Include a Focus on Early Childhood Development

To achieve the long term benefits envisioned by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, these goals must include a focus on early childhood development. The global community has made major progress towards improving the lives of children over the last two decades. The draft education report issued last month by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UNSDSN), the research and technical advisory network set up at the request of the U.N Secretary-General, provides important data on this front.

Global Children's Initiative. In an explicit effort to build an integrated international approach to child survival, health, and development in the earliest years of life, the Center on the Developing Child has launched the Global Children’s Initiative as the centerpiece of its global child health and development agenda.

Global Children's Initiative

Global Children's Initiative Fact Sheet: Mission & Activities (PDF) >> The Center’s commitment to global work represents both an acknowledgement of moral responsibility to meet the needs of all children and a critical investment in the roots of economic productivity, positive health outcomes, and strong civil society in all nations, from the poorest to the most affluent. One essential, cross-cutting aspect of the Center’s approach is its commitment to work collaboratively across disciplines and institutions, drawing together the best and most creative expertise available to achieve the Initiative’s goals. early childhood development; child mental health; andchildren in crisis and conflict situations. World Summit for Children 1990. A promise to children On 29-30 September 1990 the largest gathering of world leaders in history assembled at the United Nations to attend the World Summit for Children.

World Summit for Children 1990

World Summit for Children 1990. World Declaration on the Survival, Protection and Development of Children The challenge The opportunity The task The commitment The next steps. Global Summit on Childhood - Collaborating Organizations: The Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) is pleased to have the collaboration of some wonderful organizations for the 2014 Global Summit on Childhood. Each of these organizations was selected by ACEI because of its strong commitment to children's rights and well-being. The collaborating organizations are highlighted below. ICCP Home. EECERA 23rd Conference. EECERA is an independent, self-governing, international association which promotes and disseminates multi-disciplinary research on early childhood and its applications to policy and practice.

EECERA is a non-profit organisation, wholly-owned and subscribed to by its substantial and influential world-wide membership. It generates its own revenue, receives no external funding and thus ensures its independence, radical attitude and innovative openness. EECERA 23rd Conference. Conference participants are invited to send proposals that correspond to the conference theme and strands. A proposal can be submitted for: Individual paper presentation: 30 minutes including discussion. Individual papers will be grouped into larger symposia by theme. Self-organised symposium: groups may propose to organize 3 papers and a moderator around a common theme as a full session of 90 minutes including discussion. Resources for Infant Educarers. History.

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ECE Resources. ECE Articles-Math/Prof. Dev. Education videos. Recordings & Slides. Every session in the Early Childhood Investigations Webinar Series is recorded. All presenters provide additional resources that may include handouts, links, and other materials. The materials are posted 24 hours prior to the session when available. Recordings are posted within 24 to 48 hours after the session concludes. Common Sense Media. ECE and Technology. Speakers - Tech for the Early Years Conference, October 17-18, 2013 - Erikson Institute. Second Annual Tech for the Early Years Conference October 17-18, 2013 • 8:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m. Electronic Media. ECE Articles. Social & Cognitive Theories of Development.

A. Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS-R) Find Lesson Plans.