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Smashing Magazine — For Professional Web Designers and Developers. HTML5 Boilerplate: The web's most popular front-end template. Web Design Blog - Webdesigner Depot. Open Source Web Design - Download free web design templates. Learn Web Design, Web Development, and iOS Development - Treehouse. Six Revisions - Web Design Articles, News, Tutorials. Tutorials-Web Development. Web design inspiration. Free Web Templates, Resources & Tools. Website Templates.

50 fantastic tools for responsive web design. In-depth tutorials and articles on web design. Wufoo · Online Form Builder! The Lost Principles of Design. In the instant age that design has evolved into recently many of us often stray away from the basics.

The Lost Principles of Design

If you had a professor in college who taught you the fundamentals of design these may be engrained into your head. For the self-taught, you may have a book on your desk with these very principles. However, the more and more people that flood the internet for design content need to learn the basics before trying to make a stellar gradient in Photoshop. While this is cool and amazing right now, there will come a point where this style is strayed away from and a new style is made. In history, this lesson has repeated itself with movements like the Bauhaus and Swiss Modernism and will soon come label our current trends as part of history. Balance Arranging parts to achieve a state of equilibrium between forces of influences. Examples: Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Radial Contrast Interaction of contradictory elements.

Emphasis & Subordination Directional Forces Proportion Scale Repetition & Rhythm. The Top 10 Web Design Skills You WILL Need! Here are my top 10 web design skills that you WILL need to master to become an effective web designer.

The Top 10 Web Design Skills You WILL Need!

If you’re serious about mastering web design and marketing, check out the Pro Web Design Alliance. See how Jordan benefited from the course forum and Google hangout sessions to make his and his clients’ sites better. Look at Jordan’s site and the testimonials from his clients here.  The personal interaction with Ben and fellow students while  working on live sites makes the learn by doing course philosophy start generating money for you while you are still in the course. Your priorities may be different (and my priorities may be different a few months down the line).

And I’d add that you don’t need all these skills in any particular measure to make it in web design. . #1. I’m convinced the #1 most important skill for a web designer is the ability to use words effectively. Effective wording is of singular importance in several highly important factors in the success of web pages: EntheosWeb - Web & Graphic Design Solutions.

10 Excellent Feedback Tools for Web Designers. It’s easy to get caught up doing your own thing and even easier to stick to what you know already know.

10 Excellent Feedback Tools for Web Designers

However, whether you’re a developer or a designer, seeking out constructive, third-party feedback can bring your projects to a new level. You may also know that finding objective, qualified sources of feedback can be near impossible (your relatives and roommates only cut it for so long). That’s why I’m bringing you 10 fresh, useful and fun ways to get an outside perspective on your work. So no more excuses, it’s time to break out of your rut and start getting the feedback you need to learn, improve, and grow as a professional. Free web-based feedback communities 1. Concept Feedback is a brand new community for designers, developers and marketers. 2. The name explains it all. 3. This cool venture from OnWired allows designers to solicit feedback from a panel of industry veterans, including your very own Jacob Gube of Six Revisions. Color Cop. Free Web Templates Resource - Free Templates Online.

Web Design Search. WEBSITE TEMPLATES FREE STOCK PHOTOS ONLINE PHOTO EDIT WEBMASTER - Generative drawing tool. Free Website Templates, iPhone App Web Template, Mac Apps Web Template, iPad Apps Web Template, Icons, Web Button, By Iconnice. Webdesign Resources And Tutorials.

Tim Holman: Portfolio and playground., Production house for films, short films, video shoots, TV commercials, music videos and animation. Grid-Based Web Design, Simplified - Design Informer. Advertisement A grid at its barest is nothing more than a series of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines spaced at regular intervals, but its innate propensity for creating order out of chaos makes it one of the most powerful tools at a designer’s disposal.

Grid-Based Web Design, Simplified - Design Informer

If you want to reap their benefits of grids on your next project but are unsure of the specifics, this article is for you. Introduction Grids are everywhere in our society, and have been for centuries, as this city plan for Washington, DC drawn in 1792 by Charles L’Enfant demonstrates. If you’re even vaguely acquainted with the fundamentals of graphic design, you’ve probably worked on some kind of a grid or at the very least seen examples of grid-based layouts. Instead, this article will attempt to explain how to put the theory of grid-based design into practice, taking into account the typical workflow of a Web design project. The status quo, as it were Times are changing, however. So where to begin? Getting started. Tutorials, Web-Templates, Homepagevorlagen, Online-Generatoren, Webmaster -

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