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ColorPicker.com : Quick Online Color Picker Tool. Web Design - Dynamic Color Picker. Color Theory, Color Wheel and Combining Colors, Colors on the Web. Sortable Color Table. The table shown below represents the named colors that form part of CSS Color Module Level 3, derived from the SVG 1.0 specification.

Sortable Color Table

Each color is depicted in a row, with a 1) color swatch, 2) its standardized name, 3) its hue, saturation, and lightness (according to the HSL color space), 4) its representation as an HSL-formatted CSS style property value, 5) its red, green, and blue channel levels (according to the sRGB color space), and 6) its hex formatted RGB value. What makes the table most compelling is that it is sortable by any one of the colors' properties, so you can get a sense of how properties such as hue, saturation, lightness, red level, etc. relate to different colors by sorting on those properties - in either ascending or descending order. Indicators alongside the column values also provide cues for visual reference. Click on one of the column headings to see. Webfarbentrainer.de – Webfarben und Webfarbensysteme verstehen!Webfarbentrainer.de. Color Combinations.

Web Color Codes. Online Color Scheme Generator. Veerle's Topp, Daily Color Scheme - Your every-day color resource, we bring you daily-fresh colorschemes. 0to255.

Color converter - HEX to RGB and rgb to hex color converter. Color Converter Convert hex color code to RGB and RGB to HEX (Hexadecimal) This free color converter gives you the hexadecimal values of your RGB colors and vice versa (RGB to HEX).

Color converter - HEX to RGB and rgb to hex color converter

Use it to convert your colors and prepare your graphics and HTML web pages. To use the converter, do not use the '#' symbol. (Ex: 3333CC converts to Red: 51 Green: 51 Blue: 204) CSS and colors ? CSS# color module by the W3c CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language for describing the rendering of HTML and XML documents on screen, on paper, in speech, etc. SVG color keywords The table below provides a list of the X11 colors [X11COLORS] supported by popular browsers with the addition of gray/grey variants from SVG 1.0. Check our other Free Tools. RGB-Hex-Decimal-CMYK Color Conversion Tool. RGB Color Codes and Names. Color Naming Conventions and Standards Only 16 of the color names are standardized (see the discussion of color in HTML at the W3C).

RGB Color Codes and Names

The other two hundred or so color names recognized by modern browsers are not standardized... but we find them useful anyway, at least by comparison to the hexadecimal color codes. Hence we offer this chart -- organized by hue -- in an attempt to approach such a standard. However, this is only a draft, not the final word. Here's how we developed it. Second, we charted the colors with Paint Shop Pro's palette editor and sorter. Thousands of color names have been invented yet there is no definitive list that we've been able to find. We hope you find it useful. Resources for Using Color on the Web Colortools.net offers good info about using color on the web: a cool flash matrix of web-safe colors, lots more. Write to us! RGB-Farben. RGB, Hex, HSL und Farbnamen für Webseiten. Farbkonverter: Konvertiert HTML Hexadezimal-Farbwerte in RGB Dezimal-Farbwerte und umgekeht.

RGB-Hex-Decimal-CMYK Color Conversion Tool. Color Trends + Palettes. 16,777,216 Possible options. What will yours be? - Hexday. Color Scheme Designer 3. Html Color Codes. HTML Farbencodes. MoreCrayons - Welcome to moreCrayons. Web Color. How computers display color Computer monitors (and television screens) display colors using the RGB color space. Red, green, and blue are the primary colors, and all other colors are created by combining the primaries. Colors are specified with three values, one each for red, green, and blue. The values specify the intensity of the colors, from 0 (none) to 255 (full intensity).

In RGB decimal notation, red is 255,0,0 (red at full intensity, no green or blue); green is 0,255,0 (green at full intensity, no red or blue); and blue is 0,0,255 (blue at full intensity, no red or green). RGB is an additive color system; white is the result of adding red, green, and blue at full intensity, and black is the absence of all three colors. Bit depth Bit depth, or color depth, refers to the number of colors a monitor can display. Specifying web colors Web colors are usually specified using hexadecimal notation. Note: Browser-safe colors are shaded in gray and are exact percentages. HTML Color Picker. CSS Colors. ColoRotate: Colors come to life in 3D. ColoRotate. RGB Color Wheel & Color Map. Color Scheme Generator.

Kuler. Kuler. Color Hex - ColorHexa.com. Color Wheel v1.2: JavaScript color scheme generator. Color-book.org - The color encyclopedia. HTML Color Spectrum Chart. RGB, Hex, HSL und Farbnamen für Webseiten. Color Scheme Designer. Farbcodes. Namen der Webfarben - mahopa.de. Webfarben. Colorizer - A color picker and converter (RGB HSL HSB/HSV CMYK HEX) FarbFinder - Farbtabellen für das Webdesign. Multimedia. Syntax and basic data types. 4.1 Syntax This section describes a grammar (and forward-compatible parsing rules) common to any level of CSS (including CSS 2.1).

Syntax and basic data types

Future updates of CSS will adhere to this core syntax, although they may add additional syntactic constraints. These descriptions are normative. In this specification, the expressions "immediately before" or "immediately after" mean with no intervening white space or comments. 4.1.1 Tokenization All levels of CSS — level 1, level 2, and any future levels — use the same core syntax. At the lexical level, CSS style sheets consist of a sequence of tokens.

The macros in curly braces ({}) above are defined as follows: Example(s): For example, the rule of the longest match means that "red-->" is tokenized as the IDENT "red--" followed by the DELIM ">", rather than as an IDENT followed by a CDC. Below is the core syntax for CSS. The "unused" production is not used in CSS and will not be used by any future extension.

The token S in the grammar above stands for white space. Color-book.org - The color encyclopedia. Color Picker - HTML Color Code Picker. Use this Hex Color Picker to quickly select the desired hexadecimal (HEX) Color Codes for your web page.

Color Picker - HTML Color Code Picker

Pick the HTML Color by moving vertical slider and selecting the desired color from the color picker box. Use radio buttons to change the Hex Color Code selection scheme. This will help to you to choose the exact HTML color code for your website. Web Safe Colors If you want to use only web safe color codes for your HTML document, just click inside the below textbox and select desired html color from the popped-up color code box.

Click in textbox to select web safe Color Code: # HTML Colors - about color codes There are three primary colors in HTML - Red, Green and Blue (RGB). The primary colors are blended with each other in varying amount to build millions of colors. In HTML, the most common method to define colors is Hexadecimal system i.e. with three pairs of two alpha-numeric characters starting with '#. Let's now create a few color codes! Defining Colors in web pages. Color Hunter. Check My Colours - Analyse the color contrast of your web pages.

Color — Method of Action. List of colors. The following is a list of colors.

List of colors

A number of the color swatches below are taken from domain-specific naming schemes such as X11 or HTML4. RGB values are given for each swatch because such standards are defined in terms of the sRGB color space. It is not possible to accurately convert many of these swatches to CMYK values because of the differing gamuts of the two spaces, but the color management systems built into operating systems and image editing software attempt such conversions as accurately as possible. The HSV (hue, saturation, value) color space values, also known as HSB (hue, saturation, brightness), and the hex triplets (for HTML web colors) are also given in the following table. Colors that appear on the web-safe color palette—which includes the sixteen named colors—are noted.[1] (Those four named colors corresponding to the neutral grays have no hue value, which is effectively ignored—i.e., left blank.)

Colors in alphabetical order A-F[edit] Colors by shade[edit] White[edit] Farbtabelle - Farbtafel - Farbcodes. Farbe / Color. Webmaster's Color Lab. The RGB Color Calculator / Web Page Color Choosing Tool / HTML Color Code Generator. Tutorial: Farben im Webdesign. Webfarbe. VGA-Farben. Web colors. Web colors are colors used in displaying web pages, and the methods for describing and specifying those colors.

Web colors

Colors may be specified as an RGB triplet or in hexadecimal format (a hex triplet). They may also be specified according to their common English names in some cases. Often a color tool or other graphics software is used to generate color values. In some uses, hexadecimal color codes are specified with notation using a leading number sign (#).[1][2] A color is specified according to the intensity of its red, green and blue components, each represented by eight bits.

Thus, there are 24 bits used to specify a web color, and 16,777,216 colors that may be so specified. Hex triplet[edit] A hex triplet is a six-digit, three-byte hexadecimal number used in HTML, CSS, SVG, and other computing applications, to represent colors. Byte 1: red value (color type red) Byte 2: green value (color type green) Byte 3: blue value (color type blue) Shorthand hexadecimal form[edit] HTML color names[edit] Nach Farbe suchen. Computers: Graphics: Web: Colors. W3C-Farben. CSS Color Module Level 3. Abstract CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language for describing the rendering of HTML and XML documents on screen, on paper, in speech, etc.

CSS Color Module Level 3

It uses color-related properties and values to color the text, backgrounds, borders, and other parts of elements in a document. This specification describes color values and properties for foreground color and group opacity. These include properties and values from CSS level 2 and new values. Status of this document This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. The (archived) public mailing list www-style@w3.org (see instructions) is preferred for discussion of this specification. This document was produced by the CSS Working Group (part of the Style Activity). A separate implementation report contains a test suite and shows that each test in the test suite was passed by at least two independent implementations.

A complete list of changes to this document is available. Table of Contents 1. 2. 3. 3.1. Example(s):