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13 Creepiest Anatomical Tattoos If you like this, there is a whole flickr set called Street Anatomy dedicated to anatomical tattoos. Female reproductive system tattoo. Baby fetus tattoo. Hand tattoo. Heart cancer tattoo designed by Leah Neuhauser. This tattoo represents a nice chunk of skin removed to reveal the anatomy below. 13 Creepiest Anatomical Tattoos
12 Coolest Practical Tattoos 12 Coolest Practical Tattoos This would be great for the ophthalmologists who work in the countryside, a portable eyesight checker. This woodworker-graphic designer uses a tape measure or ruler almost every day. He decided to have one tattooed so he would have a ruler always within his arm's reach. He uses it for his work, but also for playing. He measured some trout for length with it on a fishing trip to Mount Hood, for example.
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