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Router Firmware

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NSLU2-Linux - Main / HomePage browse. Free software downloads. Tomato Firmware. OpenWrt. FreeWRT: Willkommen. Freie Netzwerke, freies WLAN, freie Funknetze im deutschsprachigen Raum. X-Wrt. Gargoyle Router Management Utility. Sveasoft. Unleash Your Router. Unleash Your Router. Unleash Your Router. Hauptseite. Supported Devices. From DD-WRT Wiki [edit] Read Me First!

Supported Devices

[edit] About this list This page lists and compares all devices that are known to work with DD-WRT, some of them are not yet supported but are a work-in-progress (WIP). If you don't find your hardware below, then it is probably not yet supported and you risk breaking it. See Known incompatible devices for the black list, or refer to Router detection to determine whether or not support can be added in the future. If you are looking for a router to buy see Firmware FAQ#Which router should I buy? All devices have a minimum usable Build Version, you can use later versions for flashing as well. [edit] Broadcom and ADM FAQ Which version may I flash? 2MB flash The micro version of DD-WRT is the only version for routers with 2MB flash, it is a stripped-down firmware with only the basic features in order to make it fit in the limited flash space. 4MB flash With 4MB of flash you can run the standard build (Linux kernel 2.4) or the small build (Linux kernel 2.6).

Database: DD-WRT kompatible Router. "Unleash Your Router", zu deutsch "Entfessele deinen Router" - ist das Motto der alternativen Router-Firmware DD-WRT.

Database: DD-WRT kompatible Router

Sie kann den Funktionsumfang diverser Modelle deutlich erhöhen und Funktionen, die viele günstige Geräte von Haus aus nicht unterstützen, nachrüsten. Doch das freie Betriebssystem birgt auch Gefahren, sofern es auf nicht unterstützen Geräten angewandt wird. Eine Übersicht der kompatiblen Router finden Sie daher in der nachfolgenden Liste. Bei dieser bereinigten Auflistung handelt es sich um Router-Modelle, die derzeit im Handel erhältlich sind. DD-WRT (build 16562) - Info. Router Database. What is DD-WRT? What is DD-WRT? About EWRT - Enhanced Wireless Receiver / Transmitter. What is EWRT?

About EWRT - Enhanced Wireless Receiver / Transmitter

EWRT stands for Enhanced Wireless Receiver / Transmitter and is a Linux distribution for Linksys WRT54G & WRT54GS wireless routers. It’s original release was made by Irving Popovetsky and Brandon Psmythe but development has ceased on the project now for some time now. The goal of EWRT was to create a “stable and easy to use hotspot-in-a-box software distribution” that could be used in communities and commercial applications (apartment buildings, hotels, shopping centers, etc). While no longer in current development it can still be used and because the code is open source it can be modified to suit your particular needs. What You may want to know: EWRT provides an integrated captive portal which is based on the NOCatSplach-CVS.

NoCatSplash has been significantly modified so that it can work with the router’s embedded platform.