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Main Page - KVM Main Page - KVM From KVM Kernel Based Virtual Machine KVM (for Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a full virtualization solution for Linux on x86 hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or AMD-V).
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Server Choose from the most popular public clouds Want the power of Ubuntu Server in the public cloud? Ubuntu Cloud Guest offers all the goodness of Ubuntu Server, specially tailored for public cloud infrastructures and without any licence restrictions. We provide images for more public cloud providers than anyone else and we make sure they’re kept up-to-date. That means you can choose the very best software, hardware and services to meet your needs.
Log in / Register Virtual Machine Builder Registered 2008-09-02 by Soren Hansen Install virtual machines in a snap without ever actually booting a virtual machine! If you're interested in development of VMBuilder, join the vmbuilder team here on launchpad and subscribe to the mailing list! Virtual Machine Builder in Launchpad Virtual Machine Builder in Launchpad
Wichtiges Update für Collax Server Produkte sowie Collax V-Cube und Collax V-Cube+ Am 29. April released Firefox eine neue Version seines Internet-Browsers: Firefox 29. Mit diesem Update ist die GUI für alle Collax Server Produkte sowie den Collax V-Cube nicht mehr nutzbar. Deshalb gibt es ab sofort das Update 5.5.14 für die Collax Server Produkte (Collax Platform Server, Collax Groupware Suite, Collax Business Server und Collax Security Gateway) sowie das Update 6.1.10 für den Collax V-Cube. Collax Flexible IT for your business Collax Flexible IT for your business