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LEFT HAND FINGER DEXTERITY EXERCISES for the ukulele by Ukulele Mike Lynch. I recently published 2 videos on You Tube and VIMEO offering 2 simple exercises to increase strength, power, independence and flexibility of the fingers of the left hand.

LEFT HAND FINGER DEXTERITY EXERCISES for the ukulele by Ukulele Mike Lynch

Our fingers seem to have minds of their own and these exercises are intended to help us achieve more control. There is another peripheral skill developed from these exercises and that is to develop left hand and right hand coordination. As we move from string to string the right hand needs to receive a communication from our brains to make a change in position to match the string that the left hand is playing. This seems like a no brainer but think about it. . . When you are only playing static chords with strumming patterns our hand rarely if ever have to have this degree of coordination.

Below is a video of DEXTERITY EXERCISE #1 with music staff notation below that. Below is a video of DEXTERITY EXERCISE #2 with music staff notation below that. Like this: JAZZ UKULELE - LESSON #1 - Taught by "UKULELE MIKE" Épinglé par Michael Lynch (UKULELE MIKE) sur UKULELE WORLDWIDE - Host… Play Ukulele By Ear - Beyond D DU UDU : Favorite ‘Go-To’ Strums from 5 Ukulele Bloggers. Everyone seems to know the unofficial international ukulele strum, D DU UDU, but there is so much more you can do with the right hand. 5 ukulele bloggers weigh-in on their favorite ‘go to’ strums . . .

Beyond D DU UDU : Favorite ‘Go-To’ Strums from 5 Ukulele Bloggers

Modified Clawhammer Strum One of my favorite strums goes like this: Thumb plucks “c” string.Down strum all four strings.Index finger pluck “a” string.Thumb plucks “g” string.Down strum all four strings. A variation of this pattern (and a song tutorial) can be found here: ~Daniel Hulbert of Daniel will be teaching at this years Utah Uke Fest. SKA Patterns This video will (hopefully) supply you the foundation you need to start jamming with some ska tunes. Before I had a family and a real job, I spent my days touring with a couple different ska bands. This style of music is all about timing – your strumming hand and fretting hand really have to be in sync and know what each other is doing. ~Miles Ramsay of The ‘Easy’ Split Stroke Dt uD tu DuDtu Dtu Du. How to Play Ukulele by Jake Shimabukuro. Chord Finder. Tiki King's Ukulele School. Liste de chansons.


Ukela Ukulélé: C'est Le Blog Ukulélé! Category » Ukulele lessons « @ C.O.U.L.E. Ezfolk. If you’re a beginner, the best place to start is with our Basic Ukulele Video Course.


The 31 videos are designed to teach you the basics of ukulele playing and will provide you with a great foundation for learning more advanced techniques. It’s completely FREE and will teach you the 5 most common keys for playing on the uke (C, F, G, A, and D) and more than 20 of the most common basic chords using 19 well-known folk songs. The best place to start is at the beginning but feel free to watch any that look interesting to you... Ukuke - accords. C Regular Tuning Chord Chart.

ukuke - accords

It is in JPEG format so either save it to your computer or print it out C Regular Tuning Chord Chart Plus (PDF Forma) It cover two pages (landscape) and has the additional m9th and m7b5th chords that are useful for playing jazz and 1940/50 music. Back to back and laminated it makes a very useful tool. DOWNLOAD Moveable Chord forms with fretboard A very useful tool mostly designed by M-Ace and re-jigged by me. Downloadable Chord boxes (C tuning). Common Chords by Keys (PDF format) It is not going to give you absolutely every chord that you will need when playing in the keys of C,G,D,A,F,Bb and Eb but you will find most of them DOWNLOAD Chord Options Booklet (.doc format when unzipped) for keys C, D, F, G, and A. in C tuning.

Méthode de Ukulélé Wiki MDHF - Wiki Ukulele MDHF. Un article de Wiki Ukulele MDHF.

Méthode de Ukulélé Wiki MDHF - Wiki Ukulele MDHF

Le Wiki My Dog Has Flea est une méthode d'ukulélé gratuite en ligne en cours de développement. Il s'agit d'une oeuvre communautaire développée en étroite collaboration avec le Forum MDHF. A travers ses différentes rubriques, ce Wiki se propose d'accompagner le jeune musicien dans son parcours musical. En prenant l'ukulélé comme instrument d'étude, il permet au débutant d'acquérir des notions musicales générales. Ces notions seront susceptibles de l'aider pour apprendre à jouer plus tard d'un autre instrument, en particulier les instruments proches de l'ukulélé tels que la guitare, le banjo ou encore la mandoline.

Ralph Shaw, Vancouver - Learn to Play The Ukulele. Essential Strums for the Ukulele - DVD Can't wait for shipping?

Ralph Shaw, Vancouver - Learn to Play The Ukulele

Use your computer (but NOT mobile devices such as ipads) to Download this DVD now by clicking the icon below for only $19.95: (includes chord chart and song booklet) In this, his second DVD in the "Complete Ukulele Course" Series, Ralph Shaw demonstrates 12 different and distinct playing styles including; Blues, Bossa Nova, Bo Diddley, Clawhammer, Waltz, Samba, March, Swing, George Formby Split Stroke, Rolls, Triplets and more... After teaching each strum Ralph then shows you how to play a song using that strum.This 90 minute DVD has a different teaching style to the original Complete Ukulele Course (shown above) and although there is some overlap in the techniques shown you will benefit greatly by owning and working with both dvds.More info: Essential Strums for the Ukulele learning DVD.

Articles pour débutants au ukulélé.