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CSS Web Design Award Winners Gallery - CSSDA. Trial Themes - Part 2. Latest Version: 4.6.2 | Changelog X WordPress Theme – Overview Stacks – X includes multiple unique designs inside of one powerful theme, and we refer to these designs as “Stacks.”

Trial Themes - Part 2

There are currently four Stacks available in X, with more on the way. It’s like buying one theme and constantly getting access to new designs all the time! The links below take you to the main demo for each Stack, however we have created multiple unique demos for each Stack so be sure to check them all out. Extensions – Easily build upon the firm foundation X has already laid forth with our incredible new Extensions. Experts – X was built upon the input of industry-leading experts. Customizer – Being on the cutting edge of WordPress development is something we wanted to do from the start. Responsive – Let’s face it: we live in a mobile world. Page Builder – X customers can choose between Cornerstone, our incredible 100% front-end page builder or Visual Composer for use within X.

Member Area. The CSS website Awards. Design Inspiration + Visual Art Inspiration. 16 Best Web Design Galleries for Inspiration. Web design galleries offer designers and developers creative inspiration on their own designs.

16 Best Web Design Galleries for Inspiration

By aggregating the top web designs on the web, a gallery serves as a prime spot for getting those creative juices flowing. In this article you’ll find 16 of the best and most popular web design galleries ranked in order by the number of votes they garnered on a poll that was published earlier this month. On instances where there was a tie, the site with the higher Alexa rank received a higher ranking. 16. Web Creme Nearing almost 4 years of operation, Web Creme is one of the more matured website showcases on the web. FAVEUP is a design inspiration gallery that has a CSS Websites, Flash Websites, Business Cards, and Logo section. Created and administered by New-media designer John Mills, CSSREMIX is a thumbnail-style web design gallery featuring some of the best designs on the web. 13.

Design Shack currently features over 1,800 websites in their CSS Gallery. 12. 11. 10. 9. Premium Wordpress Themes - Best Professional Templates - PremiumWPthemes.Me. Head Up in the Clouds: Web Design that Uses Sky Elements - Web Design Blog – Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now It is always amazing to designer incorporating different element of nature in their designs.

Head Up in the Clouds: Web Design that Uses Sky Elements - Web Design Blog –

This time the inspiration is cloud, sky and blue palette colors. In this post we are featuring some really beautiful website that used sky, cloud images and illustrations in their design. Some of this website used stock images and some of them used vectors or combination of both. Nevertheless, the outcome is very professional and fun to see. Yodaa. Corporate Website Design: Creative and Beautiful Solutions - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement What do corporate websites have in common with other people’s children?

Corporate Website Design: Creative and Beautiful Solutions - Smashing Magazine

Three things: they have their charm, like finger-paintings on the refrigerator; they can be useful, if infrequently; they are usually admired only by the people who created them. While designers know that a user’s experience on a website has a large impact on the way that customer will interact with them, impressing that concept on the corporate establishment has taken a very long time. Trends in design are making their way into corporate web, albeit slowly; with patience and a little luck, businesses will soon start to consider carefully coded and appropriately functional design as important as their mission statement and recent sustainability reports. Below, we present some interesting corporate websites, although the insight they offer may not be immediately apparent.

Beautiful Corporate Websites Starbucks3 Gentle colors and careful hierarchy of elements aside, Starbucks’ strength is in the details. All sites – Graph Paper Press Showcase. Flash Components - Jumpeye - V3 Components for Flash CS3 and Flash 8. Web Design Gallery: Flash Web Site Design, Flash Websites Design Gallery Cool Website Templates and Examples.


FirstHandWeb. Creative 404 Error Pages With Characters. What if viewers come to your blog or site looking for something and it doesn’t exist. What would you like them to do? Would you like them to stay on your site? , of course you would like to engage them, here comes the 404 error pages. You can use the custom 404 error pages to communicate with your visitor and tell them what to do next. Here i have collected creative examples of 404 error pages in which you will find characters communicating with you in their own way.

Mundofox Huwshimi Catalyst Studios Abduzeedo CSS Remix Habrahabr Wulffmorgenthaler Henrik Hedegaard Daze of Our Lives. 42 Creative & Excellent Examples Of Illustrations In Web Design.


Mind Blowing Illustrations & Branding By Fully Illustrated. While browsing internet i came across a media company named ‘Fully Illustrated’ which offers creative services, from design and branding to illustration and 3D motion graphics.

Mind Blowing Illustrations & Branding By Fully Illustrated

This is what they say about themselves “Fully Illustrated is a true ‘new media company’ that provides creative services to companies across the globe, I’m not one to get carried away in trying to sound all big and corporate, so I prefer to talk in more of a one to one fashion, it just feels much more natural. So I hope you don’t mind the informal nature of my chatter across the site.” While going through their portoflio i saw eye-catching illustrations and brandings, which i am showcasing here for you. XHTML Chef » Our Portfolio. Web Design Inspiration. One.Twenty.Seven - Professional Design. - Foster Your Finesse!