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Why Intelligent People Use More Drugs. The human consumption of psychoactive drugs , such as marijuana , cocaine , and heroin, is of even more recent historical origin than the human consumption of alcohol or tobacco, so the Hypothesis would predict that more intelligent people use more drugs more frequently than less intelligent individuals. The use of opium dates back to about 5,000 years ago, and the earliest reference to the pharmacological use of cannabis is in a book written in 2737 BC by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. Opium and cannabis are the only “natural” (agricultural) psychoactive drugs. Other psychoactive drugs are “chemical” (pharmacological); they require modern chemistry to manufacture, and are therefore of much more recent origin. Morphine was isolated from opium in 1806, cocaine was first manufactured in 1860, and heroin was discovered in 1874.

The following graph shows a similar association between childhood intelligence and the latent factor for the consumption of psychoactive drugs among Americans. End the War on Pot. I dropped in on a marijuana shop here that proudly boasted that it sells “31 flavors.”

End the War on Pot

It also offered a loyalty program. For every 10 purchases of pot — supposedly for medical uses — you get one free packet. “There are five of these shops within a three-block radius,” explained the proprietor, Edward J. Kim. He brimmed with pride at his inventory and sounded like any small businessman as he complained about onerous government regulation. But those burdensome regulations are already evaporating in California, where anyone who can fake a headache already can buy pot. I hope so. First, it squanders billions of dollars that might be better used for education. Each year, some 750,000 Americans are arrested for possession of small amounts of marijuana. In contrast, legalizing and taxing marijuana would bring in substantial sums that could be used to pay for schools, libraries or early childhood education. The third problem with our drug policy is that it creates crime and empowers gangs. My son is gay « Nerdy Apple Bottom. In junior high school and elementary school, one of the worst things somebody can tell you is that you’re a nerd.

My son is gay « Nerdy Apple Bottom

In many cases, being labeled a nerd is the kiss of death. By being designated a nerd or a geek, your social circle instantly shrink. Your social prospects, as well as how people relate to you change overnight. The good news is that as socially limiting and potentially problematic being nerdy may be in elementary school, junior high school or even high school, the reality is that nerds run the world. If you want to get a good idea of nerds that shaped the world in profound ways, you only need to look at Bill Gates and the people that invented the internet. Nerds Aren’t Limited By Social Expectations. TuneLab Music - Everything Rock. Muse Refuse To Lip Sync Update 2/11/2013: Hi Reddit ;). I have real-time alerts on Google Analytics and got tipped off to the influx of traffic here. Please don’t melt our server! Anyhow, this is an old post that resurfaces from time to time from when we used to do rock music news. We don’t anymore, but if you click the logo to the home page you’ll see we focus on sharing good music we think people will enjoy.

Muse performed their new single “Uprising” on an Italian TV show recently and were told they had to lip sync the performance, so the band gave them what they wanted. Check out the hilarious performance above. "That's What She Said" Joke Made Every Time Archaeology Professor Refers to Bone - Campus Life. Epix gets 'Hilarious' - Entertainment News, TV News. Epix has acquired the rights to “Louis C.K.: Hilarious,” which premiered at Sundance in January as that film fest’s first stand-up concert film.

Epix gets 'Hilarious' - Entertainment News, TV News

“Hilarious” will premiere on Epix on Sept. 18 via its linear cable channel, video on demand service and website. Prior to that, the film will get a limited indie theatrical release. As part of the deal, Comedy Central will then get the basic cable run of “Louis C.K.: Hilarious” in 2011, when the stand-up movie will also get a DVD release via Comedy Central Home Entertainment. It’s been a busy year for Louis C.K., who stars in the FX comedy “Louie.” He also appeared in several episodes of “Parks and Recreation” last season.

Louis C.K. also earned an Emmy nomination last year for writing his TV special “Louis C.K.: Chewed Up.”