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Roundabout for jQuery by Fred LeBlanc. It’s ready-to-go straight out of the box, but if you want to get crazy, Roundabout is highly-customizable with an extensive API that allows for some pretty amazing results.

Roundabout for jQuery by Fred LeBlanc

Roundabout requires jQuery (at least version 1.2, successfully tested through version 1.7.2). It works in all major modern browsers and even some of the older, not-so-modern ones. It’s open source and released under the BSD license, meaning that it’s free to use in your personal or commercial projects. See Roundabout In Action Add-Ons Roundabout is equipped to play nicely with a couple of other plugins if they’re made available. Roundabout Shapes by Fred LeBlanc Roundabout can move in more ways than just a turntable. But That’s Not All! The list above is only a list of the plugins that have support baked in, but Roundabout will play nicely with many other plugins.

Learn Support New in V2 The code is also a lot cleaner and better commented, which will hopefully allow you to get in there and tweak if you want to. Professor Cloud. Powerful, responsive, touch-enabled carousel for modern websites and devices, plus legacy browser support.

Professor Cloud

Killer Carousel meets the needs of professional developers who need a responsive, touch-enabled, versatile and visually impressive carousel. It uses the power of the latest browsers, but retains legacy support for the old ones too. No matter what target device screen size, Killer Carousel will adapt itself within parameters you specify to ensure your content is presented optimally to your site visitors. Moving Boxes. 25 Incredible jQuery Slider Tutorials and Plugins. To purchase WDF’s very own jQuery slider, click here.

25 Incredible jQuery Slider Tutorials and Plugins

Content sliders are a great way to show large amount of content or images on a smaller area in a website or blog. They are commonly used in portfolio sites, corporate sites or blogs. Embed wordpress Blog to your website {Code} « < Compact News Previewer with jQuery. Today we will create a news previewer that let’s you show your latest articles or news in a compact way.

Compact News Previewer with jQuery

The news previewer will show some list of articles on the left side and the preview of the article with a longer description on the right. Once a news on the left […] View demoDownload source. Compact News Reader with jQuery. Tutorial on how to create a gallery in polaroid style.

Compact News Reader with jQuery

Fancy News - jQuery plugin Preview. Features The great news slider for all devices.

Fancy News - jQuery plugin Preview

40 Exceptional jQuery Interface Techniques and Tutorials. With the advent of JavaScript/web application libraries and frameworks, it’s become much easier to build interactive components for a site.

40 Exceptional jQuery Interface Techniques and Tutorials

For the folks that are unfamiliar with jQuery – it’s a popular, high-performance and compact JavaScript library/framework. jQuery will allow you to reduce the amount of code you have to write for dealing with browser quirks, memory leaks, and repetitive code by providing you with a set of useful and highly-optimized and thoroughly-tested functions and methods. In this article, we explore the strengths of jQuery in letting web developers create impressive client-side-based user interface components. Whether you’re looking for a particular interface/interaction pattern built on Query (like module tabs or modal windows) or you simply want to learn the library by engaging in step-by-step tutorials – you should be able to find something here for you.

Modal Windows 1. Live Demo 2. Live Demo 3. 8 Responsive jQuery Slider Plugins. Whether you’re already a pro at creating responsive web sites or your just learning what it’s all about, it’s good to have some scripts handy that you can easily integrate into your site.

8 Responsive jQuery Slider Plugins

We all know how popular image and content sliders are now, and for good reason. So we decided to round up some jQuery slider plugins that are already responsive – meaning they will adapt to the size of their container. Flexslider. 10 New jQuery Plugins You Have to Know. I haven't done a roundup for jQuery plugins for quite a while, but I have noticed that there are quite a few of new jQuery plugins out there and they really caught my attention because of its design and application.

10 New jQuery Plugins You Have to Know

So, this is the 10 jQuery plugins that I have collected for last few weeks. I love "the most awesome image slider" and quicksand. What about you? TN3 Gallery TN3 Gallery is a full fledged HTML based customizable image gallery with slideshow, transitions and multiple album options. Compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers. Useful JavaScript and jQuery Tools, Libraries, Plugins. Advertisement Recently we’ve been receiving more requests for carefully selected, useful round-ups.

Useful JavaScript and jQuery Tools, Libraries, Plugins

We try to avoid round-ups on Smashing Magazine, but sometimes the format is useful and — if the resources are relevant — can be extremely helpful. Besides, we are glad to drive traffic to some obscure, yet useful resources and thus support the developers of these resources. In this round-up, you’ll find some of the useful JavaScript and jQuery tools, libraries and plugins that we have stumbled upon recently. Hopefully, you’ll find them valuable for your upcoming projects. Flowplayer - Flash Video Player for the Web. 20 Excellent jQuery Tools/Tricks for Developers. jQuery is an excellent Javascript library that simplifies HTML and can be used to create web effects easily with few lines of coding. It has become really popular on the internet these days as many well known websites are using jQuery tools and tutorials to add Javascript functionality to websites. It makes repetitive tasks really shorter and is really simple and easy to use.

Today, we have gathered a list few Useful jQuery Plugins which can help the developers. 1. Image Cross Fade Transition It is an excellent jQuery plugin which helps the developers merge one image into another image. Advertisement. 50 jQuery Tools for Awesome Websites. By now, everyone has heard of jQuery.

It’s a framework that makes JavaScript development much easier, and has become massively popular for adding JavaScript functionality to websites. In this post, we’ve picked out 50 of the best scripts we know of and talked about why they rock. They can help in just about any aspect of a website, so enjoy! Editors.