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Living and Working Abroad Living and Working Abroad Clay Hubbs Interviews Jean-Marc Hachey Clay Hubbs: Before I get to my first question, please tell us how this project began and how you've been able to keep it going and growing: What was your own international experience? Why did you see a need for such a compilation of resources?
No matter what you call them – air host/hostess, steward/stewardess, flight attendant – this dream travel job has always been one of the most glamorous. But while many would love to become a flight attendant, the reality is that the jobs are few, and the perks, while good, often do not outweight some of the negatives of the job. The training required and the seniority of each employee can make life as a flight attendant pretty difficult for the first few years. How to Become a Flight Attendant How to Become a Flight Attendant
Treebones offers a unique lodging and dining experience on California’s breathtaking Big Sur coast. We overlook the Pacific Ocean with spectacular panoramic views in all directions. Become part of our coastal yurt community, even just for a night or two. You can touch the earth here! With our main lodging venue, the yurts, you have all the accessibility to nature of a tent with all the comforts of a cabin! Treebones Resort Treebones Resort
Farmhouse - Puy-de-Dôme - Holiday property in Auvergne
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I spent 2005 travelling around the world and writing about my experiences. I loved every minute of it (well, perhaps not contracting e-coli in Laos, but that's another story). So after 18 months back in 'The Office', it wasn't the toughest of decisions to hand in my resignation again - I'm getting pretty good at it now - and hit the road once more. Overland Tales | A wintry overland odyssey travelling through Europe and across Russia and beyond. Overland Tales | A wintry overland odyssey travelling through Europe and across Russia and beyond.
MicroAsso – Défiscalisation Réduisez vos impôts tout en faisant une bonne action, c’est possible avec le placement défiscalisé MicroAsso. Mis en place par le Fonds de Soutien Associatif, ce placement permet de réduire votre impôt sur le revenu tout en permettant le financement de l’économie sociale et solidaire en France. Pour plus d’informations, connectez vous sur : Pa Auk Forest Monastery, Myanmar Pa Auk Forest Monastery, Myanmar
A Greece Travel Guide: Matt Barrett's Guide to the Greek Islands, Athens and Mainland Greece A Greece Travel Guide: Matt Barrett's Guide to the Greek Islands, Athens and Mainland Greece For the latest on what is happening with me in Greece read my Greece Travel blog or else go to Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guides Group on Facebook for comments, photos and other fun stuff where you can interact with other travelers and people who live in Greece or go there regularly. But the answer to the question that many people are asking is "Yes people are traveling to Greece." The numbers for Americans traveling seem to be down but that has as much to do with the American economy as it does with Greece. Europeans, Australians, Indians, Chinese, Canadians, Brazilians and of course Greek-Americans continue to spend their summer holiday in the Greek islands and tourism is one of the bright spots in the Greek economy. New Economical Packages: Fantasy Travel has put together a number of packages that offer quality accomodation for economical prices.
Balkanology is a website about travel in the Balkan Peninsula. Since my first visit in 2002 I have travelled many times to this fascinating corner of Europe, and I hope this site will encourage other people to do the same. Southeast Europe is a great destination for independent travel, but I know that some prospective visitors find it difficult to track down the information they need - especially for the less touristed parts of the region. Balkanology :: Explore Southeast Europe Balkanology :: Explore Southeast Europe
Just for the record, the Balkanology Website is the creation of Alan (poster #6 above), a frequent contributor here. And, yes, it is an excellent resource. Regarding safety and Westernization, I don't sense that there's a huge difference in either of these things that you'll notice in either country. Both entered the EU at the same time, and the economic indicators I've seen show a mixed bag in terms of which economy is progressing faster. In terms of crime, both countries are relatively safe. In both countries, your biggest worry will be petty crime such as pickpockets. Bulgaria or Romania? - Lonely Planet travel forum Bulgaria or Romania? - Lonely Planet travel forum
By Zahara Heckscher Contributing Editor and Columnist on Volunteering Abroad for Transitions Abroad I understand the dilemma of the first time international job seeker: You can’t get a job overseas unless you have experience. But how do you get experience if you can’t get a job? In this article, I’ll share five proven strategies to break out of this Catch-22. Plus I’ll suggest some additional creative options to explore to get yourself overseas without breaking your piggy bank. Finding Your First Paid Job Abroad Finding Your First Paid Job Abroad
Skip to posts Tales from the Cheapest Places to Travel in the World 2/27/2011 2 comments Tales from the Cheapest Places to Travel in the World | Tales from the Cheapest Places to Travel in the World |
By Richard WebberUPDATED: 19:00 GMT, 2 March 2011 With no nearby mountains to entice the skiing fraternity and not one inch of sun-drenched coast, Hungary has kept a low profile among the holiday set. But this unassuming nation — sandwiched between seven countries, including Slovakia and Austria — has other delights to offer: friendly people, low crime rates, cheap living and even cheaper houses. Hungary boasts one of the most alluring capitals in the world, too. Nicknamed the Pearl of the Danube, Budapest’s elegant architecture, fine restaurants and apartment-dominated property market decorate the great river. Delightful: Budapest has many affordable properties - and they're even cheaper outside the capital Home in on Hungary: The living is easy, the housing is cheap and it¿s only a two hour flight from the UK ¿ Eastern Europe awaits
French gite - L'Aquitaine - Lonely Planet travel forum That´s an interesting idea, Artemis, the one about Clévacances being a competitor. I had heard of Clévacances but didn´t really understand its relationship with Gites de France. I found this on the web but it still doesn´t fully explain what that relationship is. Do you, or anyone else, know? Both organisations appear to have official recognition by the French state and so are quite different to companies like Owners Direct, Holiday Rentals, and so on.
contents: what is the golden ring • why go there • a map of the golden ring • the distances & times between the cities • the cities along the golden ring • suggested itinerary • how much it would cost WHAT IS THE GOLDEN RING: 'The Golden Ring' is one of the oldest Russian routes. It goes to the north-east of Moscow and forms a circle. There are many interesting ancient Russian cities and towns along the way, full of history and unique Russian architecture of the XII-XVII centuries. The 'classical' route (counter clockwise) starts from Moscow, goes through Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov Velikiy, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Sergiev Posad. All cities and towns are located relatively close to each other, the 'Golden Ring' forms a ring, so from one place you can reach to another and make a circle until you get back to the one you started with. The Golden Ring Trip Introduction
This article is about the country of Azerbaijan. There is also a region of Iran called Azerbaijan. Understand[edit] Azerbaijan regained its independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Azerbaijan travel guide
So we fly into New Delhi, deciding immediately to take the rest of the day off from travel, as the baby squirmed, fussed and whimpered the entire two hour flight. We used our trusty Lonely Planet India — a tome, which I only pull out when I’m day dreaming about where to go next — or like now, when I’m sitting at the New Delhi airport with a fussy baby, lugging all my belongings, with no backup plan. We shut the book, thwamp. I F*cking Love India |
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Cheap accommodation | Youth Hostel | Backpacker Hostel | 7 Reasons hostels rock | The Indie Travel Podcast | Travel magazine, travel info and free travel guides
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