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// Balmain Pre Fall // _College Style_ The Cover of the Style Manual Don't forget the Steamer Trunk and your Pipe Rack!

_College Style_

Some of the guys in the "Joe College" fraternity next to mine actually did wear plaid pants!!! When I was a Freshman, I actually went to a football gameand carried a pennant I bought my date a Chrysanthemum What a dork! (below) Here is a group of all-white, non-ethnic College Men displaying their sweaters. From a historical perspective, I'm amazed that only one of them is smoking! _ Lindy Hop and Swing Dance Week in Review_


Travelling. Movie Hairstyles - Greta Garbo. The It Girls - Louise Brooks vs Clara Bow. Louise Brooks and Clara Bow, possibly the two greatest female screen icons of 1920′s beauty style.

The It Girls - Louise Brooks vs Clara Bow

Their individual beauty helped define the flapper look and the jazz age of the roaring twenties.This film celebrates them both. If you should ever need a definitive tutorial or just some tips on 1920′s, fashion, dress, bob hairstyles, clothing and the makeup look of the flapper, these two glamorous women and beauty icons epitomize it all . Sit back and be mesmerized. The 1920′s Make-up & Beauty Guide. To get the authentic 1920s woman’s make-up look – visit Vintage Make-up Guides !


Bags. Makeup. Hair. Silk. Vintage 1970s Love Story Cobalt and Caramel by RaleighVintage. Was $68.00 This dress has all the elements of mid-1970s day-time fashion: a slight reserve with hints of funky!

Vintage 1970s Love Story Cobalt and Caramel by RaleighVintage

Medium weight wool jersey in cobalt blue and caramel brown.Has the appearance of a sweater and skirt but is actually a dress.Top has contrasting decorative buttons down one sleeve and a contrasting braided tie belt.Skirt has great movement that is enhanced by a ruffled lining.Back zipper.Fully lined. Condition: excellentLabel: noneBest fits: M/L (see measurements)Circa: very late 1960s/1970sCondition: excellent Measurements:Shoulders: approx. 17”Bust: 38”Waist: 33” (waist can be cinched in with the belt)Hips: 38”Arm length (shoulder-hem): approx. 19”Length (back of neck-hem): 40”


Style Secrets From The Countess Of Glamour. Advanced Style: Tziporah Salamon. Costume. Modern Maid Marion Wedge. /productshots/0051/0838/8033dc01cf654a5552aed4603691df27.jpg?

Modern Maid Marion Wedge

1285935685/productshots/0051/0852/85e1b0244c3d3403b84c49c3bbc5bf4a.jpg? 1288121463/productshots/0051/0865/6348429c2fbc0f025b8cbe1e80d2f294.jpg? 1285935686/productshots/0051/0879/b4136082e71318f00d419e700e706210.jpg? Mod Retro Vintage Wedges. /productshots/0062/7535/e06b27c00332d59d01c554dddbd0d157.jpg?

Mod Retro Vintage Wedges

1297099151/productshots/0062/7541/906d26177d5c977c042c3b163d470a31.jpg? 1297099152/productshots/0062/7547/9e4f11cadff0cfc9bf557d8fde789160.jpg? 1297099153/productshots/0062/7553/e3368959b47179ca1fabc8a27c556ed7.jpg? 1297099153/productshots/0062/7559/9aa432beb0a695be2075aced23df8dee.jpg? Mod Retro Vintage Solid Dresses. /productshots/0055/5065/282c0e1f279c297a9dcdeb2e01b6a24b.jpg?

Mod Retro Vintage Solid Dresses

1292278486/productshots/0055/5071/1130aa52afaecd52cb95bc7f9ac0c9a7.jpg? 1289921701/productshots/0055/5084/a8a3c5ca24886d579a59c0e748bc0a1d.jpg? 1292278486/productshots/0055/5107/f6e322880c4f54adf1e1b3f7a2a744b8.jpg? 1300891241.  Gateway printed silk and cotton-blend dress  Style Crush: Elizabeth Taylor: Lucky Right Now : Total Hair Gorgeousness: Rodarte! And Aveda!!!!!: Lucky Right Now : I'm a total sucker for braids of any ilk, but this look is just--perfection.

Total Hair Gorgeousness: Rodarte! And Aveda!!!!!: Lucky Right Now :

Rodarte come to life in a different medium. And Aveda lead stylist Odile Gilbert tells you how right here: 1. Apply Aveda PhomollientStyling Foam to damp hair for weightless volume. The Sartorialist. The Sartorialist.