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Unlocking the Memories in 8mm Tapes. Nothing beats the thrill of discovery — especially if that discovery involves a long-lost tape of your 80s era wedding, for example.

Unlocking the Memories in 8mm Tapes

You may have photographs of the beautiful venue, the ruffled bridal dress, the white balloon arches… but a video can make your memories of that day come alive in a whole new way. Now you can be grateful that someone, in the gathering of friends and family, had the presence of mind to shoot some film on a handheld camera they had recently acquired. But as exciting as such a find can be more than thirty years after the event, it’s likely to be tempered by the realization that you don’t have the right equipment to play it.

Old Photo Restoration - Six Wonderful Examples. Here’s some advice: if you just have an hour and are looking for an activity to fill it, don’t pull out a box of old family photos.

Old Photo Restoration - Six Wonderful Examples

Why? Because photos have a way of sucking us into a world from which it’s hard to return quickly. A Case for Digitizing Your Old VHS Tapes. There is an entire generation of memories currently trapped in VHS and unless we act to rescue them, these may continue to languish there.

A Case for Digitizing Your Old VHS Tapes

Years of video footage are stuck in these old tape formats that are usually relegated to a bookshelf somewhere in the house or stored in a box in the basement. They remain largely forgotten until moving time or a major spring cleaning operation. There’s a problem with this neglect, however. Snapshots of a Family in the Sixties. After this ScanCafe customer recently converted hundreds of family photographs and 8mm movies to digital, he was moved enough to share some of the pictures, along with a few details.

Snapshots of a Family in the Sixties

Here is his story – a simple but engaging account of life in the 1960s by the mountains: Although the photo digitization project had been on my mind for a long time, it always lagged on the “back burner” as time went on. But when my beautiful mother, the matriarch of our family and our extended families passed away this past April, I felt the need to recapture some of our family history. I am sorry I did not do this sooner so that she could enjoy the results too. Two Stirring Photo Projects Inspired by Childhood. “Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days.” – Flannery O’Connor, Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose Most people remember the places and objects of their childhood fairly vividly.

Two Stirring Photo Projects Inspired by Childhood

Old Photos Bring Back Memories and More. For ScanCafe customer, Kathryn (“Kitty”), getting her old photos scanned was more than just an organizing project.

Old Photos Bring Back Memories and More

It was a labor of love spurred by deep family bonds. In this moving account, she walks us through a few precious images from the past and tells us why these and other old family photos mean so much to her. My dad, W. Noyes Kinder, loved taking photos. He took his camera everywhere with him and constantly took photos. My dad took all these photos here except for the one he is in, of course. This photo was taken in Ohio at my Uncle Eddie’s home. This photo was taken in Charleston, West Virginia in the early 1960s – during the Sternwheel Regatta, I think. 5 Cloud Storage Havens for Your Photos. You have finally done it!

5 Cloud Storage Havens for Your Photos

Digitized your entire analog image collection – possibly with some help from your favorite film and photo scanning service. This essentially means that you have insured years of precious memories from being lost, damaged or destroyed. You should feel good about the achievement. But you are not really done until you have backed them up properly. An external hard drive is a good place to start but you need something more to keep your memories safe. Storing your images on a cloud platform such as Google’s or Amazon’s is now widely accepted as sound backup practice. The Story of an Apron. Most people want to get their old photos and slides digitized so that they can go back and look at the people and places in them.

The Story of an Apron

But we don’t always realize the power of physical objects to spark nostalgia and connect us to the past. For this ScanCafe customer, an old apron stirred up vivid childhood memories of time spent with a grandparent on her North Carolina farm. It is amazing how a plain old apron can stir up so many memories and emotions. This apron is not fancy. Three Photo Collections to Learn About Ourselves & Our World. By itself, a photo is simply a snapshot of a moment, captured and frozen in time.

Three Photo Collections to Learn About Ourselves & Our World

But when it’s part of a thoughtful collection, it takes on layers that tell us something about ourselves and the world around us. The three collections described here were all compiled in different ways. Fishing With Dad and Other Sweet Memories. Last month ScanCafe customer Sharon shared some pictures and a moving Memorial Day tribute to her father – a Korean war veteran – and others who served.

Fishing With Dad and Other Sweet Memories

In her eulogy for him at his memorial service in 2016, she remembered the loving dad and husband that he was. Here’s an excerpt… We enjoyed a beautiful home and yard and cabin on the Rogue River (in Southern Oregon), and life was rich with laughter, lessons, projects, tradition, animals, and friends. Interesting Trivia About Panoramic Photography. Over the last century, panoramic images have gone from being a photographic labor of love to something anybody can produce. There’s a reason why people have always loved this format. Personal and public photographic archives would be less rich if they didn’t contain some of those wide angle shots that take our breath away. Sweeping views of a rocky canyon, glittering cityscapes, a rolling meadow – regular formats just cannot do justice to such expansive scenes. Technically, the definition of what constitutes panoramic photography can vary a bit.

The term is sometimes used interchangeably with wide-angle photography but there is a difference, as Wikipedia explains: While there is no formal division between “wide-angle” and “panoramic” photography, “wide-angle” normally refers to a type of lens, but using this lens type does not necessarily make an image a panorama. Our Top Picks for Graduation Photo Gifts. As June rolls in every year, we gear up for graduation ceremonies and the official start of summer. This makes it one of the most anticipated months of the year. If you have a young person in your life – particularly a child or grandchild – ready to graduate from high school or college, it’s an exciting time for both them and you. As Dr Seuss said (in the way that only he can): “You’re off to Great Places! Memories of Growing Up in a Large Family - ScanCafe. ScanCafe customer Connie recently digitized a set of old slides that she chanced upon in her parents’ home.

In this week’s story, she pays tribute to them and the childhood she shared with her siblings. Between my siblings and me, there were seven of us in the house. And we were just eight and a half years apart from top to bottom! My dad was in the Air Force and so we moved around quite a bit. The photos here are from some slides that we retrieved from my parents’ home. We were a large family with very little money to splurge on anything. The fourth photo is of my two older sisters. Professional Photo Retouching: Bringing out the Best in Your Photos. Photo retouching is a great way to give an old photo a facelift.

Using special editing software, you can work on a digital version of an old image and manipulate its color, brightness, and contrast in order to enhance its appearance. How to Preserve Your VHS Tapes for Posterity. VHS and the home movie revolution When the VHS craze started in the 1980’s, it was the first time people could easily film a home video, pull out the recording format, and watch it immediately on a TV. This revolutionized home movie-making. Prior to this, filming home movies involved recording on a film reel and then having the entire thing developed. Dedicated to Dad and to Those Who Have Served. ScanCafe customer Sharon shares this beautiful tribute to honor the memory of her father, Robert (Bob) Boyd Stuart, a Korean War veteran who passed away in 2016 at the age of 84.

These are some words I use to describe Dad: caring, kind, loving, honest…humorous and a tease, charming and tender, brilliant, creative and clever, a teacher and a student. Stories Worth Sharing This Memorial Day. In between the road trips, barbecues and pool parties that we have come to associate with Memorial Day, many people do pause to reflect on what the day personally means for them. Photos and Stories of Mom. We get messages every week from people who’ve had their photos scanned through us. 3 Adventure Photographers Who'll Inspire You to Push Your Boundaries. How to Preserve and Store Old Photographs. ScanCafe - Photo Scanning Services, Negative & Slide Scanning - ScanCafe. History of Portrait Photography - How Portrait Photography Has Evolved Over Time.

If you were a wealthy individual in the early 1800s, you might have been able to commission an artist to paint a portrait of you. This was not likely to have been a pain-free process, however, even if it meant that you got a framed likeness of yourself at the end. Four Ways to Keep Your Photo Memories Safe. Five Great Ways to Display Your Travel Photos - ScanCafe.