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Index des réalisations. 3 sous un parapluie: Une question de peinture. Brick House. The Eames Chair Restoration Projects main objective is to restore and re-mount six wide mount Eames side shell chairs to six black Eiffel bases.

Brick House

We have the technology. They will be better, stronger, faster. More stylish. I’m not the most patient DIY’er and find it difficult to stop and take pictures in the middle of working things out. I used the Chairfag restoration tutorial to help me through the process, and hope that this little DIY may help someone else. DIY: Outdoor seating « BE HAPPY… be me. Autumn is around the corner and it’s probably my favorite season.

DIY: Outdoor seating « BE HAPPY… be me

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit outdoors at twilight and just chill? I want to share this outdoor seating project my sister did in one weekend. It’s quite simple, plus it’s cute and functional! WHAT WAS USED: • Cushions: $120 for 4 (Target – “Outdoor Threshold Deep Seating Cushion”) • Pillows: approx. $50 for 5 (Target/Ikea) • Side pillows: (optional) $10 each… came from another chair • All-purpose construction glue: $5 (Home Depot) • 4×4 lumber (8′ long): approx. $30 for 3 (Home Depot) • Cinder blocks: $15 for 8 • Paint: $30, sister used 2 shades (optional, but adds a nice touch and makes the cinder blocks look less like cinder blocks)There really isn’t any construction.

Once you buy the materials, it’s basically assembling everything together. If you choose to paint the cinder blocks and lumber, do this first. The ends of your cinder blocks will be holding the 4x4s like this. The cushions used are fairly thick. Before and After: Ikea Table Becomes Katie's Chic New Desk. My gosh, where have I been lately?

Before and After: Ikea Table Becomes Katie's Chic New Desk

What month is it? June? We moved from Minnesota to Maryland last summer? Yes. we are in Ellicott City. I had to start the kids in one school in September, and then a few weeks later when we finally closed on a house, had to move them to another school. Then just before Thanksgiving, I lost a friend to cancer. DIY: Rolling Underbed Wood Storage Cart - Jenna Burger. I’ve been busy-busy on finishing up the details for my boys room makeover.

DIY: Rolling Underbed Wood Storage Cart - Jenna Burger

This room has taken quite the turn from it originally being a boy/girl, sister/brother shared bedroom, to a full-on boy hangout haven! Even though my little guy is only 7 (just shy of 8), I feel it’s a space he can grow with (until I get my hands on it for another makeover, hehe). So my latest and greatest DIY project in the room is something that holds stuff that I often refer to as the ‘bane of my existence’… TOYS. Specifically, the little, itty bitty toys like Legos and Kinex that somehow always end up under my feet giving me a great big ‘OW’.

Travel-Keepsake Kits. If after every vacation you have the best intentions of making a scrapbook but never get around to the sorting, designing, and gluing, try a wooden keepsake box instead.

Travel-Keepsake Kits

It can hold photos, ticket stubs, maps, and mementos -- and takes very little time to prepare. To make it, mix one part craft paint with two parts water; brush on one coat. Let dry, then stencil on your label: Apply adhesive stencil stickers, daub on the paint, let it dry, and peel away the stencils immediately (then clean them off with water).

Creating a Central Command Center - Jenna Burger. HomeMade Modern EP48 Hairpin Bench. How to Make a Yardstick Coat Rack. Tetris@office. Ideas Published on January 28th, 2014 | by Pedro I wanted a not-so-serious library with some space to hide my stuff and at the same time, to showcase other items.


I had enough space in front of it to have a big picture. In other way, it can be a little bit “massive”. I work teaching computer courses and it could be allegorical of it. Superposing Expedit modules created an array of cubes that is possible to color by using doors, drawers, boxes and any other stuff. Ikea Hack - Dining Room Table. Last week I performed a little Ikea hack on my dining room Ikea Jokkmokk table.

Ikea Hack - Dining Room Table

My initial idea was to remove the legs, replace them with hairpin legs, then sand and re-stain the top.I will admit, I often have grand diy ideas but my execution often doesn't pan out. I am happy to say that this time around, everything worked perfectly. My table turned out better than I could have imagined and I absolutely LOVE it. Plus the whole hack was SO simple....just a few easy steps.

Heju - blog deco, diy, lifestyle. Le Meilleur du DIY - Le meilleur du DIY c'est un DIY par jour ! Revenez chaque jour sur le blog du meilleur du Do it yourself ! par Magali Thiébaud. KNUFF Transformable Coffee Table. Materials: KNUFF Magazine file X 4 sets, rotating artist stool, shelf insert, liquid nail.

KNUFF Transformable Coffee Table

Description: I was looking for the perfect coffee table for my mini seating/TV area inside my room, and after weeks of analyzing every Ikea’s product, I finally came out with this hack. The size of this KNUFF coffee table is great for singles where you don’t need a huge coffee table, or to place it in your room where space is limited, and its just the perfect size for your cosy reading corner. And the best thing is all four sides can be used as drawer units for all your magazines, books, and controllers etc.

The KNUFF magazine file comes with 2 piece (one inside the other). You can use this feature to change the shape of the table anyhow you like. This is an easy hack for everyone with no heavy duty works involved. Thanks for your time and hope you all like it! ~ imchaser, Singapore The Author Jules IKEAHacker "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. 10 Tips to Create a Relaxing Home Library. Do you love to read and have a collection of books that can fit in a room by themselves?

10 Tips to Create a Relaxing Home Library

Are you an avid fan of relaxing in a quiet space, just to get away from the world and delve into a good piece of literature? Home libraries have always been a room in the home that was considered to be an extra, as opposed to the norm. Le bricolage avec Bricoleurdudimanche. DIY Différentes façons de faire des étagères balançoires. La balançoire, le symbole d’une génération d’extérieure, souvenir d’enfants qui ont passé leur après midi du mercredi dans le parc du quartier, ou qui ont attendu avec impatience que papa finisse de l’attacher aux grosses branches d’un vieux chêne dans le jardin de la maison des grands parents, ou simplement le bon vieux cliché de l’enfance, de l’innocence et de la rêverie.

DIY Différentes façons de faire des étagères balançoires

Pour beaucoup d’entre-nous La balançoire a laissé en nous une marque indélébile à la fois naïve et romantique et – bien que beaucoup d’entre nous n’ont pas l’espace suffisant pour en placer une – il serait judicieux de rappeler ce symbole dans la valeur affective (et esthétique) de notre déco. Construire une étagère de style escabeau - PLANS DE CONSTRUCTION. La fabrication d'une bibliothèque de A à Z. Comment fabriquer un tableau de marqueurs effaçables. L'étagère en situation : Fabriquer une étagère sur-mesure. Comment réaliser une table ? Partie 1 - Les tables basses et assimilées...

Pour cette 5ème leçon, examinons comment réaliser une petite table, très simplement … Fabriquer une table : c’est simple avec le gabarit kreg ! Pour cette 5ème leçon, je voudrai répondre à la demande de plusieurs lecteurs : comment réaliser soi-même, simplement, une petite table en bois ? La méthode que je vais décrire est simple à mettre en oeuvre mais ne s’applique que pour les « petites réalisations » : Table basse,Table de chevet,Tabouret,Banc … Réaliser un coffre à jouets en bois.