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OPDM (Online Presence Design and Marketing) specializes in providing effective and customized Design and Digital Marketing solutions to its clients. We help clients in fulfilling their Website Design, Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, Website Audit and Digital Strategy needs. Visit our website to know more about our services.

10 Modern Web Design Trends for 2020 - OPDM - Medium. In a world where digital products are an integral part of our lives, websites unavoidably are becoming a magnet for drawing a client’s attention.

10 Modern Web Design Trends for 2020 - OPDM - Medium

Web designing is changing the way how people used to communicate in the business world. Sit at your home with an innovative idea and host a website and earn a profit. Web designing is a new marketing strategy to survive in this world of competition. When we think about website designing, it’s not only about pictures and videos and how you display them. Google understands that clients want something trendy. Your website should keep it up to date. One such strategy to involve engage the audience to your site is inserting some good videos. Few Modern Web Designing Trend 2020 are - 1. Modern website designing is entering into a new world of minimization, just like print magazines. They make use of white space to identify the most important information on pages. 2. Another trending web design is Full-Page headers. Time To Rebuild Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19. The shamble created by COVID 2019 has created a pause and this unwanted pause is a disturbing business like anything.

Time To Rebuild Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

But the show must go on and many local businesses as well as digital businesses have revamped their marketing strategy and they are exploring more ways to sustain and expand. Discuss a digital marketing plan for your business and find out how this platform could help you in surviving in this hard time. The reason people are turning towards digital media for marketing and promotion is its budget. Unlike other conventional means that demand a huge amount of investment digital platforms give you a chance to work on your marketing and promotional strategy without putting a big amount. Since most of the businesses are facing downtime putting a big amount of money in promotion is not practically possible.

Be active on social media. It is a time to rebuild and re-brand you. Investing time and effort in local marketing can be the key to survives in this hard time. Reasons Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy - sbelly's soup. In today’s era, the growth of online businesses relies upon digital marketing strategies.

Reasons Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy - sbelly's soup

These strategies are required to increase your customer reach, upsurge ROI, allow your business to be found, and place your brand directly in front of customers. Every business owner is aware of the fact that without adapting these strategies business-enhancing efforts will get into vain. Here in this blog, we’ll be discussing some of the tips suggested to us by our expert on digital marketing in Auckland. The blog also illustrates the digital marketing strategy in 2020 which the online businesses should hold:- Helps To Build A Clear Roadmap Companies without a digital marketing strategy don’t have a clear-cut objective towards the online world. This is one of the Digital Marketing tips that help to enrich their mindset and develop neat and clean online business goals.

You Won’t Know Your Online Audience And Market Share Greatest ROI You’re Not Optimizing Competitors Will Gain Market Share. 8 Simple AdWords Tips That Will Make You More Money. Like the website is important for the existence of an eCommerce business, there is also equal importance for establishing presence of the business on social media.

8 Simple AdWords Tips That Will Make You More Money

The more effective ads will let you be highly referred to the customer segments through search results. To quickly increase the traffic, we often prefer pay per click. However, this increases the running cost of the business when the clicks driven only result in increased traffic than in increased sales. Make this PPC as more profit driven by following the simple tips given below. Apt Landing Page with ads replicated on them One should always know how to balance out having too many ads or promotions on the landing page versus the details about the business, like the mission, team, careers, roadmap. While you could increase traffic through PPC, since there is a cost associated with it, you should opt for the most powerful method to reduce the traffic through PPC.

Running AdWords yourself? You MUST learn these 3 tricks. 3 Things To Avoid On Your Website. Five Tips For Designing A Mobile-First Website - OPDM - Medium. The paradigm of technology advancements is the e-commerce apps being available on the mobile phones.

Five Tips For Designing A Mobile-First Website - OPDM - Medium

This increase in mobile usage has been predicted long back and adapting to the ever changing needs of the customers has been the drive of several companies. Especially, the mobile website design has gained immense attention from every business owner irrespective of size of the capital. Hence knowing some tips would always help you be part of the evolution that is happening in website design. What does this mean? Mobile friendly design tips proposed by an expert will include this as one important criterion. There are websites that do not let the users scroll easily though they operate from laptop because they don’t have the mouse for easy navigation.

Yes, right speed in rendering the screen is very important.