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SBase services are adaptable to meet future needs and we have an expertise in cloud-computing strategies, managing services, virtualization, Microsoft Office 365, Cloud Transformation, and Cloud Infrastructure.

Microsoft Cloud Computing. SBase Collaborate – IT Services – Office 365 services. We follow a step-by-step approach for each type of service.

SBase Collaborate – IT Services – Office 365 services

To deploy Office 365 service successfully, it is quite necessary to set the objectives and timelines. How Microsoft Office 365 Solution helps SMBs Improve Collaboration? - Collaboration is highly important for any business to run successfully in today’s modern world.

How Microsoft Office 365 Solution helps SMBs Improve Collaboration? -

As we grow global, the need for collaboration also grows and it is the only tool for any business to get a competitive advantage. In today’s fast-paced modern business, collaboration is an esteemed means to an end. Build Custom Business Applications without a Software Expertise. 20 Jan The Codeless Business Application Technology (CBAT) is creating a buzz in the IT industry as it offers business domain experts to customize applications quickly and precisely to meet business requirements without any assistance or need of hiring an expensive consultant or software expertise.

Build Custom Business Applications without a Software Expertise

Custom Business Applications Technology makes it possible to allow for deeper and more specific customizations as well as integrations that can be done by someone with merely basic training. This doesn’t mean that there is not a scope for local development or consultants with these applications. Preferably, consultants were used for customizations that are extremely advanced. With the extremely advanced CBAT systems users are allowed to create different business functions and can seamlessly integrate with other systems. Nowadays, CBAT has grown beyond limitations and mostly depends on metadata. CBAT Tools: Generally, tools are broken down into two categories, namely low-level and high-level. Why Microsoft Azure Is the Most Desirable for Enterprises? - Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud computing platform that helps enterprises to build, deploy and manage applications promptly through Microsoft manager/partnered data centers.

Why Microsoft Azure Is the Most Desirable for Enterprises? -

Because these centers have the capability to integrate the public cloud applications with the current IT environment and helps to build applications using any language, framework or tools. In other words, Azure is currently the most excellent cloud platform for not only platform-as-a-service (PaaS) but also infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). In the modern temporary world, many IT professionals as well as organizations are adapting the Azure technology to overcome on-premise server capabilities as it is one of the most cloud platforms with scalability and flexibility. Sbase office 365 Specializations. Service Industries – Office365. Service Industries Health care SBase has a special package for Health care Industry and a team devoted to address the health care system requirements.

Service Industries – Office365

We are well-equipped with the essentials necessary in delivering unsurpassed cloud services to a health care client. SBase can also help you in migrating the existing set up to Office 365 with zero stress. Streamline all the complex operations of health care system by transforming the conventional health care infrastructure into the Microsoft 365 cloud infrastructure. Our health care Office 365 package provides the world-class back-end infrastructure powered with redundant network connections, best in class security and absolute virtual environment.

Financial. SBase Office 365 disaster recovery support – Backup services. Video conference, voice call and instant messaging is the new way of operating the business and communicating with the clients, customers and colleagues.

SBase Office 365 disaster recovery support – Backup services

Skype for business is an ideal yet comprehensive feature from Microsoft that enables the organization make low-cost voice, video and web conference calls. Skype for business with Office 365 is the great means of maintaining the collaboration in the organization at a minimal cost. It simply wraps your distributed business into a single entity despite the miles of distance and unifies different tools of communication the organization used to transform the business data. SBase has expertise in handling large-scale implementation of this platform for both small and enterprise businesses. SBase Microsoft office 365 cloud services – company solutions. Virtualization support – VDI solutions – Tech support. SBase Technologies assists companies in drastically reducing the need for physical space by recommending right product based needs.

Virtualization support – VDI solutions – Tech support

Our team considers existing infrastructure, technical requirements and disaster recovery needs to regulate optimal results for the clients. 1.Application Virtualization Application Virtualization renders many benefits for an organization. SBase helps its clients to enhance quality of IT services and improve efficiency and reduce cost over provisioning. You can have complete access over Office 365 to deliver, migrate and manage mobile and desktop environments easily. 2.VDI Solutions Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) helps to virtualize desktops. Cloud IT Services. SBase Technologies is committed to offer best cloud-based solutions for various industries.

Cloud IT Services

Our expertise in Cloud IT allows us to deliver quality solutions that companies can rely on. Cloud IT has become standard in the IT Industry now. Flexibility – Cloud based solutions. Microsoft Identity Management – SBase Tech. SBase is a reliable Microsoft identity management implementation service provider in the market.

Microsoft Identity Management – SBase Tech

Our consulting team on Microsoft identity management platform includes highly skilled architects, developers and technicians who can easily plan efficient identity management implementation strategies for small, medium and enterprise businesses of any size. We help in analyzing, identifying and understanding the unique requirements of storing the digital information of the organization.

We help you plan strategic approach to implement the Microsoft identity management service as per the needs of the organization. We can synchronize the digital identities, credentials and other associated sensitive data of an employee with the active directory and manage the entire data throughout the membership of an employee within the organization. Microsoft CRM support – CRM dynamic support.

Microsoft office 365 services – Azure services. Leverage office365 and cloud services for your business.