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Sayra Immanuel

Hi, Im Sayra Immmanuel,technical manager of Plastics Manufacturing company Houston

Plastic Injection Molding Austin. Our 177,000 square foot manufacturing facility contains over 35 state-of-the-art injection molding presses that run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Plastic Injection Molding Austin

Our plastic injection molding machines are fully automated and are equipped with robots for part handling. Our facility is tailored to produce the highest quality, and most economical plastic injection molded components in the industry. Highly Automated Machines Our presses are all state of the art and have various degrees of automation features. Our machines range from 1100 ton to 85 ton, all of which are maintained and serviced regularly. Overhead Crane Our Facility features a 10-ton as well as a 20-ton over head crane for safe handling of our customers tooling and related equipment. Water Treatment Center Chemplast has its own water treatment center and its own cooling tower and chilled water station.

Centralized Material Handling All material is sorted and fed at a singular station, preventing lost time in excessive material handling. Plastic Manufacturing Houston TX. With You From Start to Finish Weather it is designing a new part or a concept with no drawing, Chemplast has to tools and experience to do the job.

Plastic Manufacturing Houston TX

Our design engineers and drafters can guide you through the process by creating a 3D/2D model and bring your idea to life. We have experience in optimizing the manufacturability of existing parts, as well as prototyping new ideas with those same concepts in mind. The Design Process Designing parts for injection molding is task that involves many factors. The Product design and development takes place in different stages. Compression Molding Houston. Posted on 15 Oct 2014 Plastic Injection molding is a commonly used process in manufacturing many of the plastic product in the market today.

Compression Molding Houston

Compression Molding process is perfect for high volume production runs, as many molds are multi-cavity that produce multiple parts per cycle. Plastic injection molding is advantageous when requiring a part that needs to be repeatable, high tolerance, can vary in material selection, and require low labor costs. The biggest obstacle to injection molding is the large up front tooling cost. The plastic part is when a plastic material is heated until it becomes soft enough to be injected into a closed mold. Plastic Tooling Houston. Plastics Machinery Safety Standard Updates This past week SPI has announced two new safety standard updates for safety requirements of plastics sheet production machinery and safety requirements for the integrations of robots within injection molding machinery.

Plastic Tooling Houston

The safety requirement updates for plastics sheet production machinery reaches broadly across manufacture, care and use of machinery to reduce hazard to those operating. The robot safety requirements seem to reach a greater group as it is complicated to encompass the great variety size for both machine and robot that are produced. The new requirements will reach the supplier, remanufacturer, modifier and user for robots. To see the entire article from SPI on the new safety requirements click here. - See more at: Plastics Manufacturing Houston. High Quality Tooling Chemplast provides the expertise to design and build molds that produce the desired product, but do it consistently over the life of the mold.

Plastics Manufacturing Houston

Chemplast molds are made of high quality materials, ensuring the mold will last longer and require minimal service for optimal production. Chemplast adheres to a zero defect policy when building precision tooling for our customers. Design Engineering. Plastic Manufacturers Houston. Plastic Injection Molding Houston. As a total manufacturing solution Chemplast also offers post injection molding operations and assembly.

Plastic Injection Molding Houston

With the capability to handle small and large volume runs, Chemplast’s secondary operations team takes pride in finishing the job right. Chemplast will also work with to customer to integrate the plastic part assembly into the total molded part process, to help customers cut down on costs. Plastic Mold Houston. Chemplast provides both standard and custom molding services of high performance engineering grade Plastics, Rubbers, and Fiber Glass Products.

Plastic Mold Houston

Chemplast serves a wide variety of industries including aerospace, medical, food and beverage, oil services, automotive and electronics as well as many others users of quality engineered plastic parts. Houston Injection Molding. From the concept stage to completion, Chemplast has all the necessary resources to reach your product goals.

Houston Injection Molding

Chemplast utilizes the most up-to-date design software package, can design and develop your tool with high quality materials and can manufactures your parts in our injection molding facility with quality control checks along the entire process. Below is a list of what Chemplast does best: Plastic Injection MoldingCompression MoldingVacuum FormingInsert MoldingMetal WorksScrew MachiningDesign and Development (Product and Tooling)PrototypingMold BuildingParts Assembly We serve a diverse group of industries including consumer products, Electronics, Bio-Medical, Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Imaging, and Automotive industries.

Houston Injection Molding. Injection Molding Houston. Chemplast specializes in producing high volume injection molded plastic parts.

Injection Molding Houston

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified processes are geared for high quality, low cost production runs of 500,000 and more. Chemplast has the capability to design, prototype, develop and build tooling, manufacture, and assemble parts. Proudly made in the USA, our quality is unmatched, and production costs are highly competitive on a global scale. What we do We focus on the long-term interest of our customers and work as a team to achieve sustainable success.

Plastic Manufacturing Austin. Plastic Molder Houston. Injection Mold Houston. Our Commitment to Manufacturing in the United States Chemplast is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturer of high performance engineering grade Plastics, Rubbers, and Metal Products.

Injection Mold Houston

Our 177,000 square foot facility located in Stafford, Texas is one of the largest family-owned and operated injection molding facilities in the United States. Making it at Chemplast Chemplast is a big proponent of bringing manufacturing back to the United States, and that is why a 100% of all injection molded parts are manufactured at our facility in Stafford, Texas. U.S. Chemplast eliminates the risks of overseas manufacturing by providing a quality, cost effective, customer centered manufacturing experience here in the USA. As a family business located in Stafford, Texas we are proud to be a part of the local community and support American manufacturing.

Chemplast are proud member’s of the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Houston Manufacturing Association. Plastic Injection Mold Houston. Plastic Injection Molding Houston. Plastic Mold Houston.