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YOUR TOP ALBUMS OF 2013Our monkeys worked long hours through the weekend to tally your votes, and the results show that Beyoncé’s album came out just in time. Here are the top 50 albums of 2013, as selected by you.Graphic courtesy of ilovecharts.GIFs by Matthias Brown, wtf-albumcover, kinobeans, rxvi, palmplazathelover, hkcovers, beautifulalbumcovers, thesockcovers, pitchfork and shinmens.1. Arctic Monkeys – AM2. Beyoncé – Beyoncé3. I Love Charts

I Love Charts

Not Always Right

Not Always Right (People call us to set up appointments at counseling clinics. One of our affiliated clinics’ entire staff speaks English, Arabic, and Chaldean, so we get a lot of Arabic callers seeking appointments who may need an interpreter. I know a little bit of Arabic, but not enough to have an entire phone conversation.)
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Badass of the Week

Badass of the Week

You are looking at the second complete redesign of Badass of the Week, and the first that doesn't involve me sitting around hand-coding Notepad files using the same bullshit HTML tags I was using when I made "Ben's Home Page" on Geocities in 1994. It might take a second to get used to the new layout, but take deep breaths and we'll all get through this together. I do want to draw your attention to two new things – first, I've started a comic strip called Badass Con Carne, drawn by my friend Manny Vega, that will be updated every Wednesday. It's basically a webcomic about Andrew Jackson, Nikola Tesla, and Vlad the Impaler living in an apartment together and working at the mall.
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Chatroulette is a place where you can interact with new people over text-chat, webcam and mic. In order to use it, you need to have latest Flash Player installed. If you are having any problems with Flash Player installation, please post about it on Adobe Flash Player forum. Preview of Chatroulette: Features: Ability to quickly find a conversational partner from all around the world.
Omegle The Internet is full of people; Omegle lets you meet them. When you use Omegle, we pick someone else at random and let you have a one-on-one chat. You're kept anonymous unless you tell someone personal info (not suggested—safety is important), and you can stop a chat at any time. If you prefer, you can add your interests, and Omegle will look for someone who's into some of the same things as you, instead of someone completely random.


You Park Like an Asshole You Park Like an Asshole *NOTE: does not support making the notices provided into stickers in the intent to adhere said notices onto offending assholes.**

People of WalMart

People of WalMart August 10th, 2012 Facebook Contest! Entries must be in by Monday at noon EST.
My Life Is Average

My Life Is Average

Today, I went to do my laundry in the basement of my dorms. There were no empty washers so I sat next to one with 10 minutes left. A guy said he was taking that one so I sat my clothes on the washer beside it which had 12 minutes left.

Awkward Family Photos

Scenic Stop January 16th, 2014 A perfect place to rest and take in the view. (submitted by Rhonda) Awkward Family Photos