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Announcing the Public Preview of Azure Data Catalog - Machine Learning. This post is authored by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President of Information Management & Machine Learning at Microsoft.

Announcing the Public Preview of Azure Data Catalog - Machine Learning

As one more important step towards our commitment to deliver a world-class cloud analytics platform, I am thrilled to announce that the public preview of the Microsoft Azure Data Catalog – an enterprise metadata catalog / portal for the self-service discovery of data sources – becomes available on Monday next week, July 13, 2015. Azure Data Catalog is a fully managed service that stores, describes, indexes and provides information on how to access any registered data source. It closes the gap between those seeking information and those producing it. The video below gives you a quick overview of its key capabilities: Businesses of every size face the challenge of sifting through their myriad data sources and discovering the right ones for a given problem.

Rob Tiffany sur Twitter : "Getting Started with #Azure #IoT services: Event Hubs. Getting Started with Azure IoT services: Event Hubs. For your Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, you can think of Event Hubs as the loosely-coupled beginning of an event pipeline that sits between event publishers like sensors and event consumers like Azure Stream Analytics.

Getting Started with Azure IoT services: Event Hubs

With industry analysts predicting tens of billions of “Things” sending telemetry over the Internet in the coming years, most data ingestion solutions won’t be able to handle the onslaught of information. Event Hubs and Azure are designed for this very scenario. Unlike queues, Event Hubs implement partitions (shards) to support massive horizontal scale for the processing of a million events per second. Consumer Groups provide consuming applications an independent view of the Event Hub from which to read the telemetry streams that can lead to complex event processing, storage or other downstream services.

Go to your Azure Portal and click the Service Bus icon on the left side of the page as shown below: Click Create a New Event Hub. @robtiffany. I’m giving away MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft eBooks again! Including: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Office 2013, Office 365, SharePoint 2013, Dynamics CRM, PowerShell, Exchange Server, Lync 2013, System Center, Azure, Cloud, SQL Server, and. Who’s ready for even more FREE Microsoft eBooks???

I’m giving away MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft eBooks again! Including: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Office 2013, Office 365, SharePoint 2013, Dynamics CRM, PowerShell, Exchange Server, Lync 2013, System Center, Azure, Cloud, SQL Server, and

If you are, then I’m happy to let you know that once again, I am putting up my collection of FREE Microsoft eBooks, User Guides, Deployment Guides, Step-By-Steps, etc. and more here on the blog for all of you to take advantage of and download for FREE! As you may know, over the past few years I have been posting collections of FREE Microsoft eBooks (close to 500 total so far) on my blog for people around the world to use and these have been a HUGE success. In fact, two years ago, there were over 3.5 MILLION free eBooks downloaded throughout the year. SCCT sur Twitter : "Disaster Recovery for #VMware VMs & Physical Machines to #Azure using ASR just became GA! …

Announcing the GA of Disaster Recovery for VMware Virtual Machines and Physical Machines to Azure using ASR. I’m excited to announce the GA of an important functionality in Azure Site Recovery (ASR) that lets you enable replication and protection of your VMware workloads and physical machines to Azure.

Announcing the GA of Disaster Recovery for VMware Virtual Machines and Physical Machines to Azure using ASR

ASR, with its ability to protect Hyper-V or VMware virtual machines and physical machines, is a unified solution for workload-aware disaster recovery and protection of your heterogeneous and hybrid IT environments. The functionality has been in Preview since March this year, and has successfully passed the rigorous evaluation and validation goals of our early customers. With marquee customers already on board, and with their early feedback incorporated, ASR’s SLA-backed offering is now ready to replicate your on-premises workloads to Azure. ASR, as the replication technology behind Microsoft’s Availability on Demand (AoD) solutions, enable enterprises and service providers of all sizes, to use Microsoft Azure for DR, Cloud Migration, DevTest, and other enterprise scenarios.

Microsoft Business sur Twitter : "VIDEO: How @Microsoft protects customer data in the cloud... Microsoft Launches New Microsoft Azure VM Pricing Tool. The biggest challenge I see to Azure is pricing.

Microsoft Launches New Microsoft Azure VM Pricing Tool

Microsoft’s customers and partners need to know how much something costs because budgets dictate the green light for IT proposals, and businesses don’t have a great big bottomless IT budget that they can always dip into. Almost every day, one of my colleagues in the sales department will pass over a call to me, where a customer is asking how much a server costs in Azure.

I slowly count to 10, and then explain that Azure is a technical sale. News from UseR!2015 - the RHadoop tutorial. By Andrie de Vries Today is the first day of UseR!

News from UseR!2015 - the RHadoop tutorial

2015 conference in Aalborg in Northern Denmark. But yesterday was a day packed with 16 tutorials on a range of interesting topics. R at Microsoft. I was honoured to be the presenter at last night's meeting of SURF, the 11th largest R user group worldwide.

R at Microsoft

The topic of my presentation was "R at Microsoft", where I described how Microsoft has enthusiastically embraced R for internal use (such as for Azure capacity planning, and Xbox gaming improvements), and as a feature of its data platforms including Azure ML and (soon) SQL Server 2016. Not to mention of course the continued support for Revolution R Enterprise and our R-related open source projects including Revolution R Open. I've embedded the slides below. Many thanks to the SURF organizers and members for the warm welcome and the great conversations over pizza and (Australian!) Beer. Can I VPN to Azure using the Point-to-Site from a non-Windows machine?

Azure Service Bus – As I Understand It: Part II (Queues & Messages) — Continuing from my previous post about Azure Service Bus, in this post I will share my learning about Queues & Messages.

Azure Service Bus – As I Understand It: Part II (Queues & Messages) —

The focus of this post will be about some of the undocumented things I found as we implemented support for Queues and Messages in Cloud Portam. Queues As mentioned in my previous post, Queues is the simplest of the Azure Service Bus service and kind of compares with Azure Storage Queue Service in the sense that it provides a unidirectional messaging infrastructure where a publisher publishes a message and the message is received by a receiver. There can be many receivers ready to receive the messages however one receiver can only receive a message. No two receivers can receive a single message simultaneously.

Now some learning about Queues. Queue Name. Azure Key Vault Service Now Commercially Available. News Azure Key Vault Service Now Commercially Available Microsoft turned on its Azure Key Vault service this week for commercial use.

Azure Key Vault Service Now Commercially Available

Azure Key Vault is a means of managing the cryptographic keys and passwords (called "secrets" by Microsoft) that are associated with applications. It works by tapping hardware security module (HSM) appliances housed in Microsoft Azure datacenters where the keys are stored. The service is currently available in all regions except Australia, but the Australian service will be "coming soon," according to Microsoft's announcement. Skype for Business Apps with Azure Integration. If you are not familiar with Microsoft Azure or maybe still have no idea what “the cloud” means, hopefully this post will shed some light as well as introduce new capabilities enabled by the Skype for Business platform to host and integrate Microsoft UC applications in the cloud.

Skype for Business Apps with Azure Integration

For the past decade, my colleagues and I have been developing line of business or add-on feature applications to the Microsoft UC platform, starting with Live Communication Server to Office Communications Server to Lync and now for Skype for Business. One of the most difficult situations that we are always faced with has to do with delivery and consumption of the application by a customer with dependencies requiring on-premise infrastructure. Those days are thankfully nearly over with the promise of cloud-based services. From a Microsoft perspective, Azure promised ease in deployment of new cloud-based applications, which was very exciting to developers overall. Staten7 sur Twitter : "#Skype for Business Apps with #Azure Integration. > no physical or virtual server required. #Avanade...

Episode 82 - Containers, Microservices, Paas & Service Fabric. How Power & Utilities can unlock business insights through machine learning. Channel 9 Implements The Azure Machine Learning Recommendations API. You may have noticed a link to that appears next to any recommended entries or sessions: This is because we have implemented the Azure Machine Learning Recommendations API. Now, whenever you see recommended videos to watch (which appears at the end of each video as well as in a sidebar on each video's page) the recommendations are coming from a model built by this service, based on Channel 9 usage data back dated to July of 2014. MS Dev Show sur Twitter : ".@matvelloso tells us about his experience with #MachineLearning going #viral #AzureML. Machine Learning and Project Oxford - MS Dev Show Podcast. Sam De Wolf sur Twitter : "#Azure Application Gateway GA - layer 7 load balancer- persistency features and SSL Offloading.

Introduction to Application Gateway. Microsoft Azure Application Gateway is an Azure-managed service similar to the Azure VPN Gateway. Application Gateway provides an Azure-managed HTTP load balancing solution based on IIS Application Request Routing (ARR). The application gateway service is highly available and metered. For the SLA and Pricing, please refer to the SLA and Pricing pages. Application Gateway currently supports layer 7 application delivery for the following: HTTP load balancing Cookie based session affinity SSL offload HTTP layer 7 load balancing. Named a Leader in Gartner’s Public Cloud Storage Services for Second Consecutive Year. Gartner research recently published their Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Storage Services and recognized Microsoft Azure as a leader for the second year in a row based on completeness of our vision and ability to execute.

This comes at the heel of recent independent research report by Nasuni where Azure Storage is recognized as the best performer in benchmark tests. Gartner’s report further substantiates Microsoft’s position as the only vendor named a leader across Gartner Magic Quadrants for IaaS, Application PaaS, and Cloud Storage. The amount of digital data produced each year is growing exponentially. According to IDC, by 2020 total digital data will be close to 40 Zetabytes (40,000,000PBs) and majority of it will be stored in cloud. Everything Microsoft sur Twitter : "Microsoft geared up to launch three 'hyper-scale' data centers in India by end of 2015...

Quick Script: List Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Assignments for Azure Resources via PowerShell - - Site Home - TechNet Blogs. Alex Simons sur Twitter : "#AzureAD Connect and Connect Health are both GA! Simplest way to connect AD to the cloud. Read about it on our blog : Microsoft Channel 9 sur Twitter : "Debunking Azure Myths: Azure Doesn't Scale up to large VMs...

Risual support blog - Office 365 ExpressRoute. Office 365 ExpressRoute Office 365 ExpressRoute is coming, according to the Office 365 public roadmap, in the third quarter of 2015. For people that may already be consuming Azure cloud services, may already be aware of ExpressRoute. For those who don’t, ExpressRoute offers a private connection directly into Azure which means that you are not using the traditional site to site VPN. This can mean a faster connection, lower latency and higher security than the site to site VPN.

ExpressRoute is a paid for service where there are no up front cost, no termination fees and you only pay for what you use. Event Hubs API App – fast and easy to do. Last evening I was working around a Logic Apps and I needed to send some messages to the EventHubs. We have two different options, we can use the API app HTTP Connector or we can decide to create and API app which able to do that, this is a good opportunity to understand the development productivity about API Apps. I would like to use a very simple approach and we can extend this sample as we want, using dynamic configurations, extended features and so on, I just want demonstrate how much is simple do that in some simple steps. Install the Windows Azure SDK for .NET – 2.5.

Create a new Visual Studio project, select Cloud and ASP.NET Web Application. Azure Redis Cache Updates for June 2015. Scaling (Preview) Linux, Java and container support coming for Microsoft's Azure microservice platform. Microsoft may have just launched the first developer preview for its Azure Service Fabric in April, but it has a lot more on its microservices platform roadmap.

Microsoft Channel 9 sur Twitter : "Hello Face API... Wes Miller sur Twitter : "Microsoft's Azure AD Sniffs Out Leaked User IDs and Passwords... Azure Active Directory Premium reporting now detects leaked credentials - Active Directory Blog. Hello Everyone! You deal with phishing attacks and malware every day, and the news is littered with articles on systems which are breached and have leaked username/password pairs.

In aggregate, 10s of millions of credentials are exposed every month. Bad actors collect, sell, and share large lists of user account credentials from these breaches. Because 3 out of 4 users re-use credentials across multiple sites, there's a good chance that your users' credentials are in those lists. Damir dobric sur Twitter : "Integrating IoT with LogicApps... Microsoft Asia sur Twitter : "FREE webinar: #DevOps on #Azure – Configuration Management. Register Now: via @OpenForBizAPAC. Free Webinar: DevOps on Azure – Configuration Management. Why is configuration management an important aspect of the Agile software development life cycle today?

More so, why is it important for cloud scalability and elasticity? Automation, predictive reproducibility, change control, scale and cost are not the only drivers for increased adoption of DevOps in the IT Industry today. Developers and IT professionals also immensely benefit from platform agnostic tools, improved support, building on existing skill sets and use of a centralized repository while implementing configuration management. Join this session, to get a flavour of tools and platforms supported by Azure. We will talk about PowerShell, Vagrant, Puppet, Chef & Docker during this session and demonstrate how to set up an end to end configuration for your application.

Azure Adds Global Array of New Certifications, including US DoD DISA Level 2. Azure Service Bus – As I Understand It: Part I (Overview) — Auto-update your Azure Site Extension. Why this top cloud analyst moved to Microsoft. During the last six years at Forrester Research, I helped enterprise IT and technology leaders understand the cloud movement — what makes it different and how it could change your businesses and yourselves. It was an incredible opportunity to be at the forefront of a major market disruption, and the impact on enterprise IT organizations has thus far been just that – disruptive.

At the beginning of this year I decided to take our relationship to the next level. Rather than simply recommend and advise you on how you could best take advantage of cloud platforms, I decided to take a more active role in helping to drive the change, by joining Microsoft’s Cloud + Enterprise engineering team. Taking Application to Azure: Choose The Best Compute Hosting Option. If we talk about recent studies, there is a remarkable growth in Microsoft Azure’s revenue, making it the fastest growing cloud vendor, coming in second in size to the market leader. Is gaining ground in the cloud with global expansion. IDC recently reported that by the end of this decade the total amount of data on Earth will be around 40 zettabytes – a zettabyte is a ‘1’ followed by twenty-one ‘0’s.[1] The need for all this data and the cloud applications that utilize it, have caused the demand for infrastructure to grow exponentially, and spending on public cloud services is expected to sky rocket to an estimated $175 billion by 2020.[2]

Azure data services part 1: HDInsight. Azure AD Premium a visionary in Gartner IDaaS Magic Quadrant! - Active Directory Blog. Preview available: Cloud Foundry on Azure. Datacenter Extension Reference Architecture for Microsoft Azure. Web Vulnerability Scanning for Azure App Service powered by Tinfoil Security. Azure Storage Talks from Build & Ignite. Azure Service Bus 101 with Dan Rosanova. Azure Queues and Service Bus queues - compared and contrasted. Everything You Need to Know About Azure Service Bus Brokered Messaging (Part 1) Try Cloud Foundry on Azure Today! Thomas Maurer sur Twitter : "Microsoft How-Old website now available as a Windows Phone app - #Azure #WindowsPhone" - which datacentre is best for you? Report ranks Microsoft Azure storage above Amazon, Google options. PDF as a Service on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Introduction to Azure DocumentDB. Windows Azure Privacy Overview - White Paper. Full-Text Search is now available for preview in Azure SQL Database.

Creating an Oracle Database 12c virtual machine in Azure. New Architecture Blueprint: Large-Scale Computing – Financial Services. Microsoft Azure sur Twitter : "Happening at #MSIgnite: Building a Live Streaming Solution using #Azure Media Services. Redirecting... New Azure PaaS aims to make Microsoft the microservices maestro. Blogs. Java at Microsoft – A great selection of cloud options for Java developers. Announcing the availability of Azure App Service.

Microsoft India on Twitter: "Today, we kickstart Microsoft Azure Conference 2015 in Pune. Join the webcast at #Azure4Sure. Announcing Azure ExpressRoute connectivity to Office 365. Announces Azure IoT Suite. Microsoft India sur Twitter : "#OpenSource devs, port your apps on #Azure. Join us for a chat today: #MSOpenness #Azure4Sure. Microsoft Openness Hour. Microsoft Asia sur Twitter : ".@BLACKCAPS: tackling high-fan traffic ahead with seamless migration to #Azure. New Zealand Cricket bolsters website capability with Microsoft cloud for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Importance of Windows Azure Affinity Groups - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki. Microsoft Azure sur Twitter : "Simplifying #VirtualMachine Troubleshooting using #Azure Log Collector: Simplifying Virtual Machine Troubleshooting using Azure Log Collector. The Power of Office 365 and the Cloud. HDInsight Documentation. AI Takes to the Skies. WindowsAzure's Profile - GitHub.